Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was a nice quiet day.Nothing new.Thank you for the concern for my son.He is doing much better and will be home on Friday as long as his behavior is good.

The love bugs have calm down alot.They are here but not were the front of a vehicle will turn black.
Everyone here is excited about meeting everyone in October.It will be nice to put faces to you.

B; smoothie
L; pbj on wheat
D; Pasta {organic wheat} with sausage.
S;pop ice
h2o today but not all 8 glasses.

Bike: random hills lvl7,20 min.,6.50
ab machine:35 lbs 3@30 reps
Ab curl: 120 lbs 3@35 reps
bi curl: 25 lbs 3@20
tri ext: 30 lbs 3@20
tri press"55lbs 3@15
TM: walked .95mile in 15 min.
3 minutes of the 15 I ran.

Yes today was the first day I tried to run since I injured myself.I am proud of my three minutes.I am starting over,but it is a start!!! :)

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
The Boston Marathon is a year away.Think you can get there?

I tried to upload some pictures this time it is blogger not up loading!!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

Sweet running again - wicked! take it easy and make sure the knee stays good.


Anonymous said...

Great that you started running again.

Thanks for the bug update.

Yes, please go slowly. We want you to be up and running for TOT 13K. :-]

Anonymous said...


We're all so proud of you!

And hopefully today your son comes home, and everything will be in place!