Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Long Long Long Time Ago.....

In a Galaxy far far away....

Well here we are in a new month.I have not done any time in running yet for the Junathon. We have been making the final plans on our trip to Disney this coming week.We are going to be leaving out on Thursday to go and meet up with Eric's parents in Boca Grande on the west coast.Then leave there Friday early morning and meet his sister and some more in laws for the day at Disney MK. WE are making breakfast reservations for 9!! I saw on Kate's blog about the gatherings breakfast and I thought to call about that before we made it final.We are wearing all matching outfits from the Disney store.I will post pictures later. Then on Saturday after breakfast with the in Laws we will be going to go to Star Wars weekend.I missed 06.This one will be Eric's first. Can't wait!!!

Friday was my off day from training.
Today we are going shortly to the gym since it has been pouring here for 2 days straight!!!

For TOT in October We plan on arriving on 10/26 in the evening,and do the NSSHP that evening I believe and then the run on Saturday evening,and pick a park on Sunday.And we are waiting to set reservations for the on site room cause we are going to be looking in to one of the suites.The weekend of 6/30-7/1, we are going back to the kingdom for my daughter's birthday,and she doesn't know that her grandparents are meeting us there.And her Grandpa{my dad} has never been in the MK!!!!!!NEVER!!!!! I haven't been able to get him to go,but when she asks,he just steps up and wants to surprise her.That's going to be fun!!!!!
We are having shirts made and all. :)

Oh yeah, in Dec. during Mouse fest,if you want to meet let me know what the dates are .I have to in for the dates starting in July.The holidays are busy in the hospital and everyone wants off.In Jan.we will be running the family fun run in the AK in 08.

May the force be with you.....

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-Ya 08-09!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. All those trips sound great.

I love Star Wars Weekend. Hope Eric likes it too. The parade is one of my picks.

Sounds like you have good plans for October. I don't see how a GG would work. But I hope it works for your b'fast. That would be fun. :)

Joggerblogger said...

The Star Wars weekend looks like fun. Looks like you have a busy year ahead in the parks ;-) lucky you... see ya in October :-D

erock said...

Have a great time at Star Wars Weekends. I have never been and am dying to go.