Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Got An Award

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Well check this out. My blog is in the top 50 Disney Blogs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Rae's Place is moving. Yes that's right this blog is moving. Time to change.

Here is where I am moving to Rae's Place

With that….

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well did I ever mess up big. Nothing new. =(

Wine And Dine Half Marathon

This is what I get for listening to others. =( Distraction.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Numbers

I finally found the charger to my body bug. I do not have numbers for the last couple days on that end.
I have weighed in this morning and I am down another 1.9 lbs. YAY!!! I am on track by the WII and the body bug. So my total so far is 4.1 lbs. My mileage for this week is 11.39. I didn't count today since I won't do that till later this evening.

I got some sleep last night!!! I feel pretty good today. Got some running around to do then I will be back on the Wii. On the Wii I have been doing the yoga,strength, and Aerobics. On the free run I have found that I can get a pace going on the treadmill. The WII can read it!!! I have to much fun.

E is down a 1.5 lbs and a total of 6 lbs. Guys you can drop it way faster!! Grrr....

Since I know alot of us have the Wii,we should trade Wii numbers so we can possibility do a Wii challenge?? =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night was fun. I do not know why Matt did think of having Skype meets earlier. It just helped.
I haven't crunch numbers yet. It's just late and I want to sleep.

I am looking into sending Sgt. a box of Goodies from Team Voice, so if you would like to add anything please let me know. I would like to get it out in 2 weeks.

I did a 4 miler tonight. Took me an hour. My lungs just hate me. I need to go get some claritin. I breathe better on it.

I like having a buddy. I think this is going to work. =)

Oh yeah, I am thinking about doing the sprint duathlon this weekend. Not sure if I am ready. Still having back flash backs from the swim. Yeah the triathlon messes with me and my duathlons too. I do plan on getting back out there and get that sprint under my belt. I have too. I know once I do it I am good. Ironman is still calling me. No yelling at me!!! I will get it.

Have a good night!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Day Of My Work Week

Sitting here at work, bored.
This is what I did last night.

Incline running and sprints
5 minute warm up on incline 5 speed 3.2 . So I did it none stop, .26
10 min. Light jog incline 0.
None stop @ 4.0,distance .92
3min. Light jog same pace incline 4, did it distance now 1.10
3min. Light jog incline 6,speed 3.6,distance 1.40
3 min. Light jog slower pace incline 8, speed was 3.2 distance now 1.59
10 min. Sprints incline 8 fast as you can, 30 sec on,30 off, speed 4.0, distance 2.37
Last light jog no incline, speed 4.0,last minute 4.1
Final distance 3.01

Got to get the lungs condition better.

Yesterday's numbers
Burn: 2240
In: 1610
Not as good as the day before. But the burn was close. I know today will not be a high burn day since I am doing one on one today at work.

Alright this is going to be a long 12 hour shift.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Weigh day: 2.2

Finally!! Actual loss!!

calorie burn Friday: 2775


calorie intake: 1625

I am on it!! The last 2 days have been these numbers. Now if I can keep this going I may see new results!!

Ok I am registered for The Winw and Dine Half, I have the time off and everything!! I am so excited!!!

I ran, really ran 3.02 miles last night. {44:35 and my avg. pace was 14:43, getting faster.}It was like a hot sauna last night. E rode his bike with me. I looked like I jumped in a pool. I had to take 3 walk breaks my lungs were on fire I worked through it. I did like 3 hours of Wii yesterday. It is so much fun for exercise!!

Today I am running sprints and doing some more Wii. I have been working on my upper body and balance. I like the run on the Wii too. I did a short run that was 1.5 miles it was funny if I got ahead of the Mii I was suppose to follow I would fall down. haha

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Am Zero

I am blogging from my IPhone this morning. Yesterday we went and picked up this little number.(Wii)
I was sceptic on it's accuracy. It is darn close. So close it was dead on.
The body bug and the Wii are almost right on with each other in numbers. So I went back and adjusted by body bug a little.
It ask you questions, does this balance test. I knew my balance has been off,I can tell when I ride my bike. I favor my right leg.
So here are the numbers that my Wii gave me yesterday. My BMI is 31.25. That's great! Yes it's still obese for me, but looking back I had started out at a BMI of 38.3 and the gym did a measurements last year, my BMI was 32.1.
My weight is by the Wii is 199. That means I am -1. SWEET!!
I have been working really hard on the body bug program and my goal is a pound a week.
I stayed on the Wii for an hour yesterday. I will be back on it here shortly. It told me I need to burn calories with aerobic, and work on my balance, and something else.
I have only ran 2.0 miles this week. I know!!! I know!! I am going to get out the door and do 4 miler today no matter how hot it is, or how long it's going to take.
I have some new found steam and reason to get out the door. What is it Rae?? First I am doing this for me. I love running. Why?? I am not quite sure why, I may have that answer later. I like the way I feel after I am done. I do not care what I look like to other people. I am out there doing it. I am going to sweat like crazy, smell like a wookie, maybe sore and tried but I DID IT. And no one on this planet E-arth will ever be able to take that away from me.
I was able to speak to a couple Team Voicers last night. It was great! Thanks so much Matt and Jeff. Jeff pop on first and then Matt.
It fueled the fire to keep going. It gave me some strength to want to keep going. And I realized after talking with them why I push so hard to keep Team Voice alive. Why? Because we all love Disney. Our main number one common ground, "get it" friends. Second we all together choose to do these races,no matter what our level of running or walking is, share our highs and lows. Specially those days when you get mad and training went wrong from the moment you started and you get in and go "why am I doing this?" "I am going to throw in the towel I am done"," I quit". We all have done it. I have I know I did earlier this year. Then you get a text or an e mail and it's one of your online virtual team mates asking," How are you?"" How did today go? "
That is the point you realize other people are also counting on you no matter how bad your training run/walk was. Your teammates want to know you did it no matter how long it took, and they help you see what, where things went wrong and learn from it.

So I am back starting at Zero going to do this and do it right so maybe I can inspire you to come and be apart of the best virtual running Team/ Club.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Number Crunching..Get My Burn On

During the last few days I have been crunching numbers. My calorie numbers and my calorie burn numbers.

I have to figure out how to get my to complete burn on a daily basis. My daily burn is 2650. While at work for 12 hours and I do sit alot. In turn I am running around. If I have to run to the lab, or blood bank, I take the stairs. I take the long way, no short cuts. Then there are days I can not leave the desk.
My daily burn on work days has been 2337. With 5145 steps. Goal steps 10,000. This is without exercise. When I am not working my burn is 1800-2000 .Steps 2000-3000 with exercise. That's with a run, and one half of exercise or 2 hours. With out exercise I am lucky to get to 1600 burn for the day. That's a lazy day. Holy Cats!!

SO as much as I am not a early morning person, I am going to try to do my little 2 miler in the early morning hours, if I do not fall sleep in the evening after work do my workout. See if that helps. In the mean time I am going to visit my Doctor, do labs and stuff. I am going to take her the numbers and go from there. And find out what to do with the female part too.

Gee No wonder I am not getting the weight loss,{never mind the female parts are not helping}

And looking at my calorie in take. Not as good as I thought. I have been all over the place. 1160, 1650,1882, 2375, 900. My intake is 1625. With a allowance of 50 over. That way I keep my balance. I also noticed that I am not eating enough veggies again. SO this part I will take to my nutritionist and try to find a happy medium.

No matter how many races I train for, or run. I need to get my numbers right to get the burn on.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Saturday

Here it is the weekend again. I am working all weekend. Sitting here.
Calorie count on target. Weigh in this am and no change.
Teen got a Wii, and it came with resort sports and sports. We were boxing, and man are my arms sore today. It was fun.
Tonight last night of week one sprints. Then week 2 .
I started over with the sprints, noticing that the body didn't forget. Feels good to feel that. Instead of feeling sore and wore out all the time.
I will miss the duathlon tomorrow. I hope everyone has fun tomorrow.
Have a great Saturday.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Here and Gone

Busy weekend. I know I am suppose to post a little something everyday. Saturday work and by the time I got home I was so exhausted I fell asleep.
Sunday was meal plan day. Planned, shop, and prep.
Then back to TM training. Back to basics.

My dog Mr. Boogie was wanting to walk too!
10 min. No incline, light jog,@3.7
then another 10 min. at incline 3 same speed.
No incline, speed 6.0 30 on 30 off
Then light jog for 10 minutes @ 3.7
1.76 miles. No calorie burn update or steps. Update later today.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Training Report #1 The Wine

Real quick.
2.0 mile wog. Here is the map and elevation from my run keeper for iphone. Then we did shred level 1.{ yes i did say we}=)
Weigh in tomorrow.
Back to work.
I haven't figured out how to download it to blogger not enough time to.

It looks like we are going to be pass holders with this new FL. resident pass holder easy pay!!!!!

Have a great Saturday.
BTW... I have been back on the boards and over on Disney trivia. Alot of things going on .


Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

I just got done watching The World of Color. Awesome!!! And I guess we are going to have to plan to go to Disneyland in 2012. When all the new stuff will be opening. Holy Cats!!!

I was listening to AATM and catching up. What is going on with the show?? You guys are worrying me!!!! Shaking head

I think we have found a source to some of the teen drama. Waiting on some medical reports from unday. The day people at work that are spreading rumors that I took off for me not because of my kid. Grrr...

Hitting the calorie counting hard again. And not eating after 8p again. Back at the 20 minute circuit video, and starting tomorrow hill training. Starting back at day one, and moving forward. I will post my My stuff the best I can. Even if it is just a couple lines.

I need my Team Voice back. My Disney friends, I miss and need your support. Well the best we can do for October is Friday to Monday. I do not know if we will make it in the parks that trip. Cause I am saving up for Jan.2011(I want to be there a week) Weather my Mom knows it or not, I am going to put in for her to do the 5k. She wants to go real bad.She has done a 5k before, but not at Disney,and go to MNSSHP. She has never been. So If I have to miss the parks that weekend it will be well worth it to me. ;) (Not a pass holder till 2011)

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Nice Day

Last Saturday was a blast.
I had alot of fun with E and my Mom. I forgot that my Mom hasn't seen Monsters Inc and Stitch and alot of the changes! She smiled from the moment she woke up to the moment we made back to our room. We went to see the Magical Electric Lights Parade. The weather kept that from happening. It rained from 7p when we got in at the Crystal Palace for dinner till 11:15p when they did so the fire works. We stood out in the rain, with our ponchos, and had fun.
They have moved Pooh's playful spot over right next to the ride. I mean right next to it.

And the walls are up. The walls have the pictures of what is going in. You have to ride Dumbo to see over them. =){hint} I will have to download later, blogger says I can't download any more pics for today.

While we were there, I started to remember why I was running and walking so much. The memories standing on Main Street, and all the smells. This past Jan. while riding on the bus we past where mile 21 was. That was our first encounter with the sweepers.Just thinking in a few short months there will be a 5k just in the MK. Am I ready?? Holy Cats no way!!! I have to dust off the dreadmill and the gym card.

I have also been working on bringing back Team Voice. I have updated Team Voice on facebook, which I need some officers to help keep it up. I created a twitter account for the Team. @theteamvoice. Team Voice was taken. We are going to need some challenges,virtual events. I have Jeff with one eye putting up the twitter link on Team Voice event page,and a Paypal up so we can all get together and get new shirts, maybe a new logo???

So what does everyone say??

Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess Where I AM Going?

Today we are going to travel to North Fl. Meeting up with E's family to drop off the kid. They will be in the Orlando area tomorrow afternoon. So.... This is much closer than driving all the way back out to the west coast.

Gee, then it will be just E and I.{how to act without a kid} In Orlando, with a one day hopper pass burning a hole in my pocket. =0) So We have to find out if the day is still good, if sooo WOOOHOOOO!!!! I am going to Disney World!!! And I know I have to work Sunday, but I will stay and see the Electric Lights parade. I haven't seen that since I was a little kid!!!
So if it is still good I will post pics and tweets, and stuff!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! And I will have to see what new Disney dollars there are!!!! SO much to do in such little time..But I will wear my walking shoes so I can get it all in!!!!! And I was told they started the construction in the magic kingdom!! So fingers crossed the day is still good.{what a way to recharge my batteries} Maybe I will run into my motivation there. =0)

Not sure were we are staying. Gonna wing it I guess =0)

Well until later..... I can't stand waiting.... clocking moving soooooo slow.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Moving Forward..

Well I changed up the blog a little. Not sure if I like it. Different.

Well we went away for the weekend. It was nice. I did a 2.5 mile run, and did some pool running and lunges. The only thing I didn't do was my circuit video , I forgot to bring it with me.
Come back and deal with obligations that can not be changed. Which By the end of this month will be done and over with and I can have my life back!!!! =) 2.5 years of this mess and it will be finally over.
Well It looks like I am going to have to start registering for these races at Disney I want to do. Got an appt. with the doctor for the new labs, and have to set up the appt. for the VO2 Max.

Have you ever heard that exercising and running are bad for the heart?? Really?? Only if you have an under lining aliment that you do not know about.

The heat here is just...YUCK!!! With the feel like temp. we have been 100-105 degrees. SO if your not up early to get any type of exercise done, wait till early evening to get it done. If the thunder storms are not in full rain mode.

Well not a tons of things to say at the moment.
Train hard, Have fun, Stay injury free!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Starting Over

I have decided that I am not going to do the Siesta Key race. I took in and accounted for that I have to work Friday, and Then I don't get home till 8-8:30 ish and then we would have to pack the car, and drive 3 hours to the hotel. Then turn around and get up and be out the door by 5a. The kids would complain the entire time. =( also I do not feel that I am ready to run in the sand. SO this month I do not think I will be doing any kind of racing. {work related}

So looking at the bright side of this, it gives me the entire month to prepare for July, and gain control on my breathing. Maybe just maybe get a handle on my female issues that are keeping me from doing these things I love to do. {the -2 for May are back do to bloating}

October races, E and I were talking about them last night. E is having issues with his left foot. The doctor had gave him stretching exercises. Well they are not helping. We are waiting on a call back, and see if the doctor is going to send him to PT, or another doctor. At the moment he will not be doing the half marathon. E is having a hard time with that. But he plans on even walking the 5k just so he can get his not so scary ticket. =) My daughter is doing the 5k too. She wants to go to NSSHP!!! YAY!!! Training for the long distance again I will be alone, or he will ride his bike with me.
That means I will have to do the Goofy challenge without him. E wasn't going to do that, but he was going to the half but at the moment he's not running anything.

The wine and dine is 50% full, the half marathon in Jan. 2011 is 50% full too.

I am submitting my time for October when I go to work tomorrow. That way they can't say I didn't turn it in in a timely manner,I spoke with my co worker who I share the desk with, she said she isn't going any where in October. This should not be a problem!!! Like in May and all the dumb excuses why they would not give it to me.

Yesterday evening I hit the TM and did 30 minutes of hill incline 6.5. Today I am going to do my 30 minute shred, and walk it. Then I will be headed out to the pool. I have to over come this water thing!!!

I have to confess. I have not been doing much with the Team Voice, Club 8{ i haven't lost a thing to donate}, or listening to the podcast. I am so behind it sucks. At least in the new car I can listen to all of it now!!! I am not going to dwell on the stuff I have not done. Just keep moving forward. =)

Friday, June 4, 2010

I Have Been Busy, You?

It's been a while since I have posted. Life just seems to come flying at me from all directions. Some days I am having a hard time to deal with the issues. Motivation.Where do you get yours from? Where did my go?? Where was I getting mine from?? I wish it would come back.

It will be 2 weeks since my first duathlon. The duathlon was ok. It was on the beach side in Palm Beach, but the part of town was less than tasteful. The hotel we stayed at was... there's just no word for it. While checking in a drug deal is going on next to the car and the kids we freaking out. The rooms all smelled. Any way.....
We drove the bike route the night before and noticed some construction up and the roads are nasty. Choppy. Close to riding in a bad dirt road. And the flat bridge was the only smooth part. This is an open course.

I picked up my packet race morning put my bike in transition real early, kids volunteering. We started late. The wind was blowing. I mean blowing. I was slow in the 1.25 run, my lungs just hate me anymore. Rounded the corner and their was the girls screaming their heads off and they made me laugh. Got into transition and out in a minute twenty. The bike part was awful. The wind would gust and push me left and sand blasted from the beach. This 15 miler was going to take me forever to do . The roads are just nasty. So I was slower than my normal and the traffic was relentless. The local Pd was out but they didn't do the cyclist any good. The y were in the way. I had a car pace me, and the driver was texting !! I screamed at him and then he finally drove on. Come up on the turn around. On coming traffic didn't care thee PD didn't make them stop or slow down. Then my right ankle started to hurt. So I stretched it out and it kinda went away and I just kept going. Coming up on the second turn around, Nearly wrecked and another rider shoved me.
Back into the wind. I saw a fire truck in the middle of the road, ok no big deal, then they stopped us so they could back in the fire truck to the fire house. Really!! That took up 5 minutes. It took me an hour to ride 15.5 miles. It normally takes me 45 minutes. At this point my right ankle is in pain like pain from a sprained ankle. I had to limp in to T2, and I looked down and it was a size of t tennis ball. I was slow coming out of T2 2 minutes!! I walked most of the the last run. I hobbled some, as much as my ankle would allow and I rounded that corner saw the finish line and I took off running. 1:52 . Hey I kept it under 2 hours. I did not carry enough fuel on me. I was feeling it. Note to self carry more fuel. ;) The girls were at the finish line and the were just screaming and having fun!! =) It was nice to see them.

I found E and found some shade. E put some ice on my ankle and it was throbbing pain now. Made up my recovery drink. I was in my division again. Athena since I am not ready to take on the women in my age group. I came in second. Second ?? I thought I was the only one in Athena. I wasn't. Later the kid found a large slice on my tire. Not my tube my tire. Those roads were bad!!

Took me a week to recover from the ankle.

So now I have my new work schedule. It is all messed up. No races this month. Unless I do the one way out of town on the west coast next weekend. Siesta Key. The runs are on the beach in the sand!! I have not done any kind of running on a beach in the sand!!! Nothing! 12 miler on the island. More wind?? I have been asking around about the race. Nothing back as of yet. I want to do it since it will be the only one I will get to do this entire month!!

Plus I only will get in 3 out of 8 training session with the group. Gee seems to be very unfair. I fussed about it but it did me no good. Seems that they{work} have an excuse for everything.

I have been counting calories again and doing my weekly training schedule. The best I can do with work and all. I got to the pool again. One out of 2 for the week. My breathing is going to be my problem. Still have not been in the pool with my coach. We will probably have to set up a time. HI Coach!!! But I am back in the pool swimming once a week is better than none. It's progress.

So by my scale for last week I lost 2 pounds. FINALLY!! I did it. Lots of hard work. 2 is better than Nothing that I have been looking at for months!!!!!

Already planning for October. Gonna book a value resort. Maybe Thursday Sept. 30 thru Tuesday October 5 maybe to Thursday the 7th. Putting in for the time here towrads the end of the month.
What are you guys doing for October??

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Weekend

Well things are slowing down FINALLY!!!

This weekend is the duathlon. Tomorrow early am is training. So I will be headed out to go do that. And it includes open water swimming, I cannot wait!! =0)
Take the rental back after that.

The kid is doing way better. =)

We got the transportation figure out. I got a brand new car. =0) And I got the one I wanted. So I can mark that off of my to do list. My first ever.

At work, my floor closed till after the holiday. That's ok. makes life easy for me.

I can't wait to get this weekend started!! What are you doing this weekend??

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ups And Downs..

This weekend was good. It had it's ups and downs for me.

Up: I was at Disney. I didn't get to go in the parks.{I was wanting to go} Just being there was great. I miss going, going to plan an nice trip to go.
UP:I was super excited to be apart of the Ironman. The atmosphere was awesome. Let me say, the way they did there packet pick up out shines the way Disney does it for their races. I thought I was going to be in line for hours and I wasn't maybe 10 minutes, in and out. =)
Down: I was kicking myself for not bringing my bike. {I stood in line crying}
My race number. Holy cats! This number meant I was suppose to race. {Again with the emotions}{bday and year}
Kicking self for not bringing bike

Then Natalie found a way in while I was in Packet pick up and she was telling me ,"it's ok Mom Next year is your Ironman."

So Now I have all my stuff and headed through the store part. I picked up a Ironman shirt. Just plain white and it says Ironman. And a pair of running shorts, that's says Ironman 70.3 Florida on the leg. Why did you gr t this?? Because now the reminder is in my face everyday for the next 365 days. Of why I must over come this swim BS.

Down: the shorts do not fit. I was again in tears. {reminder u gain weight in the last month}
Kicking self for not bringing bike.

I saw my coach at the expo. We got to speak to her and the kids met her. =)

Down: I work everyday this week during training sessions.
Kicking self for not bringing my bike.

The transition area for the bike was huge! When we came in, not so many bikes, when we left lots of bikes!

Ft. Wilderness is a pretty place. This was all held there, outside. Awesome. It was hot little windy, but it was manageable. I so wanted to be back in the morning to see the race. But everyone else did not. =(

I found out that Hector P. The other local here who does the races was in Ironman Florida. Hector is the man with no arms! I tracked him, he finished with a 7:59:40!!!!!! Congratulations to Hector, you are an Ironman, not a quitter.

Kicking self for not bringing my bike.

Oh yes, I have been fighting the blues over this now for a month. I have only been in the pool once since April. Why?? I do not know. I now have a DNF on my USAT record x2. Who tries to go to Kona on that?? That now seems to be so far away. plus the drama here. It doesn't help.
I have to renew my USAT this month, crazy as it sounds, I don't care if I do. Yep that's how I feel.

How do I stop this?? As much as I want to keep moving forward and do this for me, I just can't get moving. I feel like I am missing out and I do not care if I Do.

So knowing I am not sure how I will get to the next duathlon, I signed up anyway. Maybe I need to get back out there and fight this off. Even if I came in last, at least I finished? Which is next Sunday, in N. Palm Beach, meaning we would have to go up Saturday and spend the night. To get there I need a car. The rental goes back the day before the race.{on my Anniversary}

Kicking my self for not taking my bike!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Get Away

Headed out today to head up to Orlando. Going to go to the Half Ironman expo tomorrow. I will post pictures from it. I can't wait to go. We are staying off site closer to my cousin. Can't wait to see the kids. It's been a year since we saw them. The little one has been walking and running around.

My car is now officially a dud. E open it up and found a piston twisted and broke. I am keeping that one. We may have found a motor. We will go check it out when we get back. =)

My bike is fixed and the gear shift wire is fixed, shouldn't have any problems for a while. The next race is next weekend. 15 mile bike ride and we would have to stay over night so we wouldn't have to travel so far to it in the morning. I haven't registered yet only because I do not know how as of yet are we getting there. The day before is the last day of the kool aide machine. =( Gee not sure if we are going to rent again or what.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My 5.0 Is Gone Forever

My 5.0 mustang is gone forever. It was not a pretty site. Bent push rods, pistons side ways in the motor. Not pretty at all.

Shaking my head.

Now I face what am I gonna do for transportation. The rental goes back on the 22 and then what? That's the day before the race.

Now I have to get the heads checked to see if they are any good.

It seems this is the year for challenges for me.

So when income tax rolls in I am going to try to buy the 2011 new 6 cyl. Mustang. In the grabber blue. I fell in love with that car.

So I will try to figure out what to do about a ride til then.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

One More Week....Updated

Happy Saturday!!!

Today FJ turns 18!! Yes indeed. What a mile stone!!!

Also today was my first group ride. It was suppose to be hour and a half but bearly made it an hour. Why?? My Derailer is acting up again. So as soon as the shop opens in it goes so it will be ready for next time and the race. It is different riding with a group than alone, or just spinning on the trainer. I was feeling a bit unsafe to scale the causeway today because I could not get the gears to go back to a lower one so I could control coming off the causeway. I came back in and E and I messed with it. I do not know the mileage we ran for 20 minutes. Everyone else did it in the allotted time .Me it took me 25:26. I am going to burn and and disappear in this heat. I will be headed back down later today for the pool session. Here we will make the decision when I should try another triathlon sprint distance. Magui will be the one to let me know she is the coach. Hi Magui!! {waving}
I think this is what I needed to get my motivation back. I lost it some time ago and I was wondering if it was ever going to come back to me.

Things have gotten busy here again. FJ is just having such a hard time. I think it has alot to do with the fact today he is 18. But I do not know. So when he gets home then we will celebrate his birthday.

Well next weekend is the race. As far as I know we are going and I will be getting my stuff and watching the race on Sunday and coming home.

I see that some of the other Team Voice members are getting back on track. I am so happy to see this. That means this October is going to be awesome!! I can't wait!! It will be great to see you all again and see those we have not seen in a year and meet the new little addition ! Should we get things together and do some virtual events?? Input please!!

Have a wonderful and Happy Mother's Day!!!! I am going to grab a nap!!!

Well I made it back in the water. For some weird reason it was hard. I have never done that or been through anything like this. I mean I know what it feels like to hit the wall, but man this is different. I got in the water floated, did a couple small things. I will leave it at that. I did I got back in maybe this is what I needed. I feel pretty good right now. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May Already!!

Well here we are another Sunday. The band thing is behind us now. It was fun. Now Next Saturday is FJ's big 18!! So we have planed to take him to chee burger And see if he can eat the 20 ounce burger and all it's fixings. Then maybe to see Ironman 2. Hang out with a couple of his friends.

Then right behind that is Ironman FL. Going to go up pick up my stuff and watch the race. All the volunteer slots are full. While up there go see some of my family, and friends I haven't seen in forever!!

And then the next duathlon is right after that. I have three weeks to get my ass in gear. I got to stop fooling around.

Can not believe it is May already. That means here comes the start of the really hot weather. :( I hope everyone had a great week like I did!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little of This and That

It's really great to read how everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Me, well I do not know why I can not. Or just don't want to. Trying to figure it out.

I found a triathlon training group in Miami. For beginners they start on May 8.{my sons 18th} I can afford it and it is 2 days a week. Plus help with diet and everything. Other than that every other day I have been doing a circuit training video with my daughter and interval running. She is faster then me. I haven't been on the bike or anything. I am in a runt and I can't get out.

I know in the back of my head I have to train and get back up to the longer miles. Training for the Goofy here. Yes I am going to try it. And I want to run the entire half in October. But sitting around isn't cutting it. The weather here has been awesome.

E finally went to the doctor about his foot. She has him doing stretches 3 times a day for 3 weeks. And if that doesn't help then send him to a specialist. Oh great. E is wanting to get out the door and stuff, me ehh ok.

And the vo2 max is in. As soon as the staff is finished with training she wants me in there. That's what she told E. And I am due for my 3 month lab redraw.

My car is coming along, E said we can pull it out, and finish taking it apart to see if there is any damage to the head . I will post pics. The fan saved my radiator from getting stuff stuck in to it. Thank goodness. The fan works great still. The only thing that wasn't mentioned on the build sheet for my car was the cam. I can't wait to see what kind it is, and maybe get a different one. :)

Other than that, things have been rolling along smooth, no drama.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Poor Mustang...

Those who all know me,know I love my car.

Well last Friday, my 5.0 fox decided it was going to throw a money wrench into the mix.
Man did it ever.

How about a big hole in the front of my motor!? And on I95.

Yep. my beautiful 5.0 motor is now resting in peace. See that hole???

We believe the crank broke when I was going to pass on the interstate and 65 in third gear, and BAM!!!!! And oil went blowing out the back of the car. E has a Mustang convertible of the same style of mine, but it is acting up and so we now have no transportation.
This motor is already to come out and we are going to replace the bottom end as long as there is no damage to the top. The bottom is still all stock.

So we went to rent a car for 2 weeks. And we thought we were going to end up with a little foreign tin can. Saturday it was like I had lost my dog. I felt aweful. Anyway... Our favorite place we rent from and not naming any names, offers this for the 2 weeks.....

HOLY CATS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! The new 2010 with only 4800 miles on it, mustang convertible!!! It's the 6 not the 8 cylinder. I started to cry.
Is all I can say. What a sweet ride it has been. Grabber Blue. I call it my kool aide machine. :) I fell in love with this mustang. Do not get me wrong I love my fox body mustang as seen in white above,but this one is just WOW!!!!

So now I have to save some money and later go see if I can get me one of these.

See doesn't it look like it belongs in my driveway? {big grin}

So as we take the motor out I will post pictures of what it looks like. I think it's coming out today. :) Not sure yet.

As for the duathlon this weekend, I am not doing it. I am going to sit this one out, but the kids are still going to volunteer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Another week.
My legs are sore as you know what. My upper body is getting use to the 30 minute workout. Time to move up to the next level.

I was looking at the registration for the dualthlon. Well there is no sprint distance. Only Olympic. Great. So that means I got to get my butt in the saddle and get down there and ride the causeway. So later today, I am going to run a 6 miler and maybe work in some time to go ride.

I want to tell Richard good luck this weekend. He is going to be doing the Long Horn 70.3. I will be watching, via internet.

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slowing Down

Today I am at work. Doing one on one. I am not doing desk work. I am wondering if I have been put back on the floor and removed from the desk.

Fj is home. He is doing much better than before. Still has to work on things, but better. Tomorrow he goes back to school. We will see how it goes.

I did 2.0 mile intervals yesterday morning. Faster than my normal and my lungs didn't like it. I have been pushing to get faster. So I did it in 28:41. The night before I did it in 29:44.i also did the 30 day shred, and walk a mile, and walk 2 miles. I made my calorie burn and my steps!
Now I have decided to go back to the duathlons. I was going to do the Olympic distance coming up in May but I think I should just do the sprint distance. I do not believe I could clear the rickenbacker 4 times. I haven't been doing any hills lately. And I haven't been working out like I was last year. I got a new mask for swimming and I plan on being back in the pool on Monday. Full face mask are legal.

In the middle of all the mess last week, my gyn calls me and told me I need to come by the office and pick up script to control my cycle better. Plus with my labs off if I didn't want to do that she was going to put me in the hospital til my labs were normal. So i agreed to the hormone therapy.
Holy Cats!
The last two days I have felt pretty good. I do get a sour stomach alot, it is suppose to pass after about a week. We will see. :)

I thank everyone for the support, it means alot to me. Have a great Sunday!!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up date to It Isn't Pretty

Well found today that most of the residential help centers are full and have waiting list. So with that FJ will most likely be coming home tomorrow. Really? Or is it the fact he is nearly 18 and they don't want to start him on a program and then stop cause of his birthday coming up? I feel he is getting the but end here and I do not know what to do other than take it one day at a time.

I feel we will be back in the hospital before the end of next week. Really. And the Doctor hasn't called me back. That is not settling with me either.

It Isn't Pretty

As of lately FJ{my son} has been having alot of really hard times. It really started in Jan. this year when he finally got to meet up with his Biological father who the kids have not seen in 10 years. While we were up for Marathon weekend we all were preoccupied with this going on. And this was part of the reason why we missed the meets and gatherings.

And the girlfriend was giving FJ a hard time, after her coming back from her vacation. So this caused alot of drama. Specially when FJ does not comprehend things as you or I do. Fj looks totally fine, but he is not on the inside. Mental illness. And comprehension level of 10-12 years old. Adhd, manic depressive with psychosis. {yes I have my hands full with him}{I am being butt ugly truthful here}

Nov.08 FJ was in an altercation. I am at a lost what to do, I thought he needed to learn a life lesson that you can not go around treating people the way he does, and violence isn't the answer. So I had him charged. Dec.08 the court house closed down for a water main broke and flooded records and stuff, so this was dragged out. Then he was tested to see if he was competent to understand what was going on. And three different times he was found not to be. So finally this year, one of the doctors found him to be. I was surprised to hear him answer all the questions the way he did as well. So here we are,community service hours almost done, anger management almost done.Spring break is coming up and FJ is getting excited cause he's going to spend a week with his Bio. father. 3 days before spring break he is sitting on the couch complaining her can't go cause of the adult issues going on with bio. father and his girlfriends family. And they didn't want FJ coming and the drama they were dealing with they didn't want him to deal with. BUT FJ does not see it this way. FJ sees it as he is being rejected and ignored and now he is going into a manic low.Let me tell you that is no fun. So his sister calls the Bio father and she is raising hell, and this causes alot of drama but it all was the truth except for them putting the bio. father girlfriend in the middle. Again this is how they see it.

And the now FJ's ex girlfriend is and has been pushing his buttons. Fj stopped taking his meds, walking around with a huge chip on his shoulder.
All the long nights of him not understanding what she was and is doing and FJ taking it out on us.

Last Friday, I am off of work. I get a phone call. I could not get to the phone fast enough. I didn't think nothing of it right away. I listened to the message. It was FJ's school calling. He got into an altercation with another student who has been a problem for over 2 years now,but the ex girlfriend used this kid to get FJ angry. It worked. They told me they got him to calm down and redirect. Then all the sudden FJ started to pound on his own has, screaming and yelling how he is going to kill himself,when he gets home today.{in great detail} FJ never made it home. He was baker acted. We did not get to see him till 8p that night in the hospital. He look terrible. And he just asked us to keep talking to drown out the voice in his head telling him to kill himself.

Today he is in a hospital. In no shape to come home. I had to take today off to go get his school work, take this form to his Doctor to fill out so I can have days off on days I work so it won't count against me. The Doctor can't fill it out till tomorrow when he is in office and the office staff is telling me it can't be filled out till next week. HOLY CATS!!! I need it now. I have had this job for 6 years. My longest job ever.Yes longest ever when you have a child with special needs there isn't many people to advocate for them and I have been through many jobs cause of that.
So the doctor is talking of a long term facility to get him real stable so he knows what it feel like to be stable. It is in the hands of my insurance company right now. Scary thought. If I remember right they will only cover 28 days for mental illness inpatient. Doctor is talking 90 days! We will see. I guess I will be going into debt to get him the help he needs.

I am stressed out to the max, I have my job to worry about too. So I try to keep running. That's all I can do.

FJ wants to go into the Army I don't think they will take him. And I know he will go into a depression again. Oh yeah we have to deal with the fact he is in violation of probation. He will not survive 21 days in JDC. To me it seems that bio father is not taking me serious about this. Either he has to step and be in his life or step out. The kid can't handle being left out on a balancing act.

It has been so quiet here in our home. There is a calm here. Never felt that in our home.

So right now I am running and riding my bike. Got to get back to work. Maybe I will go to my Doctor and get her to get me some time off. I don't know yet.

So there it is. It isn't pretty.

Just keep running...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Of This A Little Of That..

I am off today. I am soooo glad to be off. Why?? They are converting to a new system and that requires down time. Have you ever sat at a desk in a hospital and had to do orders w/o a computer? Holy Cats it is tough.

I got all my test results back. All are normal. YAY!!!!! SO what does this mean? Well in May I go for my 3 month lab draw for a check up to see if I have leveled out my numbers. Find out if the Doctor's office have the VO2 max machine in and get an apt. for that thing. Line up with the nutritionist.

I have been making my calorie burn, steps and activity per my body bugg. I have been tracking my food better. And my scale holds true to 194. And it is a new SCALE!!!! SO I will have to figure out what numbers the Doctors are going to follow.

Sunday my daughter has joined me in running. She wants to run the 5k in October.{really she wants to go to NSSHP}She wants to try to do the half too. She runs faster than I do. So she set the pace and I had to keep up. My lungs were in not happy and it made it real hard. We did just 2.0 miles. She wouldn't go to 3, but she did 2.! And she joined me in my 30 minute workout.

Today I need to get in 6 miles. On the swimming front, well not much. Unforeseen things have been happening here. And when I get the details today on what is going on I will tell all. It's not pretty.

Train hard, Have fun ,Stay injury free. Team Voice !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling Better

Since my last post, I have been doing an upper free weight workout 3 days a week, with core. Started back to running. Last night was only a 2 miler, but it felt great, lungs were a little off but that is due to being sick. I have Uverse and they have been offering on exercise tv free workouts. So twice a week I have started doing that. So this will end week one of all of that.

My rear tire again is loosing air. I am going to put in my last spare tube, re tape the inside of the rim, I am wondering if my rim is bent. I have to take my bike in for a tune up.

We have decided to go up for the Ironman weekend, and get my stuff and maybe volunteer for the race. Friday- Monday. Now I will be able to see the race, know what will be expected of me, and prepare, and be ready for next year. ;) Besides my job has not approved my time off. Which I have made a big issue out of. I do not ask for time off except for certain dates every year, and they are the same time every year. I will not let it go either.

Other than this my world has been crazy busy. Drama,and my youngest past the drivers permit test. And is ready to learn. Oh boy! All we have is manual drive cars!! And next month FJ will be 18!! WOW!!!

What ever you do this weekend enjoy it. Keep moving forward!

Have a great weekend!

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter. I hope you had a nice one. We did, grilled and just the 5 of us.

Today I worked on my upper body.
Wood chop 50 per side
bent over row 3 sets of 25
bicep curl 3 sets 25
three others I do not know the names for. Then 100 ball crunches
chest ext. resistance 50

I feel like I am trying to catch a cold. I have had this stuff for nearly 10 days now. At least I sound better.I still can't smell.

I go this week for another test. May I go for a redraw of all my blood levels. I am slowly feeling better. :)

Going to hit the pool this week. Start working on my 1 mile sprint. May 2 race got the ole causeway to tackle. Going to have to make time and go down there and ride my bike, and walk it.
Do hills on the bike in the gym. My rear tire is having issues with keeping air in it. This is not the first time this has happen. I will put a new tube in it, re tape the rims and go from there. I am thinking the rim could be bent.

I guess I am going to have to start going to the beach and swim out to the buoy and back. Out of all the swimming I do, the only thing really different is I normally wear a full face mask. Really?! Could this have been apart of the panic? Who knows. All I know I am not going to allow this to kick my butt. I am going to learn from Saturdays race and fix it. Grrr.. I had no bad vibes Saturday, I could see myself finishing, and I planned out how I was going to swim it. And I practiced in the pool. I am not beating myself up over it, I just can't believe it happen to me.
Later in the season, I plan on swimming and finishing the swim even if I am the last one out of the water, I am a beast on the bike!!!! I will probably forget about the rest of the race jump for joy when I finish the swim!!! haha

And for October my goal for the Wine and Dine is to run the entire race. I am sick of walking the damn thing. I want to run it. Even if the run is slow I want to run. Lighter the faster I will get.

And Since I will not be in the Half Ironman in Disney, E said we should go for the weekend packet pick up, and watch the race or volunteer so I know what to do. Otherwise I will not get anything back out of it. And I can see what I Plan on doing in the future. Maybe I will do the duathlon Miami Man down south in Nov. That way I can get most of the distance, unless I can get past the swimming. I see a goal coming on....hint..hint..

Have a good Monday...

Oh yeah before I forget. I am going to put in writing here and now for Jan.2011 marathon weekend. Hold me to it, and bug me to register I have not done that as of yet.. Add me to the Goofy list. I am going to try it. :) Maybe even be dopey.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Tried....

Today's race day. Could not have ask for better weather. Calm winds, cool not cold. 72.9 temp for the water.

Got there early enough to set up in transition without having to rush was really nice. The wee one went to go volunteer. She was at the finish line, and she was excited about that because she was going to see me cross the finish line and give me my water.

My cap was green. I had to wear my cap to wear the green one. It was a rubber cap. SO I had my goggles around my neck so they wouldn't be on the cap then the next thing you know my face swells up. I got in the water like you are suppose to before a race. It was chilly. I didn't wear my wet suit since I would have been the only one wearing one. Once the body adjusted to the water temp it was nice.

It's race time. Each group went off without a glitch. The elite pro guy was out of the water in 15 minutes! Orange caps were in front of mine. Then I hear my name being called. I look back and it was Louis telling not to forget to breathe. :) Then they called green caps to line up. We did. Crossed the mats so the chips would check in. 90 seconds. I am fumbling with my garmin the stop watch didn't want to start. So I fumbled with it some more. 10 seconds, I just left it alone walked up behind a couple ladies and he said go we went. I tried to set my garmin one last time and it just wouldn't go. I got in the water and started. I made 2 strokes and then all the sudden shear terror and panic came over me. I tried to plant my feet on the ground and I was already far enough out I could not touch and then I just freak out. I couldn't catch my breath the buoy looked real far away and I couldn't see the life guards. I turned over on to my back and headed back to shore.
E came the the shore side and saw I was panicking. They tried to get me to go back in the water. I couldn't I was shaking and I was scared. E gave me my shoes and I started to cry. My fear of the water took over and won. We walked to the car I put on a dry shirt, and grab my towel and we headed over to transition and the food area. There's Nat in her Team Voice shirt. "Mommy I saw you get in the water, I didn't see you get out"Then she hugged me. "Mom, you tried. You tried to over come it, and that's ok next time" She made me cry . When did she get so smart?
So for the rest of the race we stayed with Nat and I rang the cow bell while she and this other guy gave out water.
SO it was like I forgot how to do anything. All those hours of drills in the pool, and just swimming back and forth. Just went out the window. :( I don't quit that easy. But there is no way in hell I will be able to swim the 1.2 miles, if I can't even do a 1/4 mile. :( So yes I am quitting the Half Ironman in Orlando. As much as it pains me to say that but after this morning I am not ready.
I am going to have to go back to the basics and get swim lessons. Or go with the couple of friends I did make and go off and do more open water swimming. I mean really, I snorkel in the ocean with sharks and stuff. Never had that problem.
The only difference was I had on a full face mask. Well I have already started thinking about going and getting a new mask, and getting swim lessons. I want to do this really bad. I want to over come this.
So Ironman is going to have to wait another year or 2. I am not quitting, I am going to conquer this fear and do it. I know what to do, and I know what I have to do to get through it.

So the next 2 May Races I will be duathlon, and doing the Olympic sprint,and the sprint.

With that Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Under the Weather,Bugg Reset

Today is a better day. The itching is slowing down. My back did break out, that is all that did. My face is still a little sore.

Well it is to late to transfer out of this race that is tomorrow. So with that, I will go pick up my packet and I will still do the race. I am still worried about the swim. I mean it is going to 67 for air temp tomorrow morning at 0700. SO far they are saying the water is going to be 72. So I will wear my wetsuit. I will be wearing the one I have. I am hoping I do not bottom out, I have not been training like I was in Dec. When I get feeling better I have to train like mad. My cap color is going to be green and my wave will start at 0717. E will be posting updates on twitter, and it will post over on facebook too. I will find out how water proof my garmin is tomorrow too. The kids are volunteering today to help set up and tomorrow during the race. I am proud of them for doing that.

We will be staying at All Stars Music in May. I got the rooms reserved. It's set. Except work with my time off.

I have reset all my numbers with the body bugg. Going with the doctors numbers.
So here they are:
current weight:200.00
current body fat: 32%
current LBM: 136.0
Goal date: July 14, 2010
weight loss rate:1.937 lb per week
fat loss rate:2.0 lb per week
muscle gain rate 0.063 lb per week
Goal weight:169.12
body fat goal: 19%
daily calorie burn: 2650
daily caloric deficit:1000 calories
daily steps: 10,000
daily physical activity: 30 minutes
The doctor likes this, so hopefully so will the nutritionist.

So have a great weekend, and I will post pictures later.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Me??

Today has been a little off. I am having a reaction to the meds. I had to stop taking them. I am itchy all over. Its a burning feeling too. I was going to go back to work tomorrow but I have decided not to.
The doctor gave me a different one to take, but I am a little leery to take it but I need it my head is getting stuff again. She said also if my eye swell up I need to go to the er. So far so good. But man the itching is driving me crazy!!

So I am not sure what I am going to do about the race Saturday. Maybe I will see if I can get it transfer to May 2. This is going to be a long night .

Have a good week! At least itch free. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Feel Like I Am In a Fish Bowl

Here we are ending another month. Just seems like 2010 just got started.

This week has been awful for me. I have been sick since last Saturday. I went to the Doctor on Monday, missed work, he said I have pharyngitis. Not just the tonsils, this includes the back of the throat. OOOHHH great. What about doing the triathlon Saturday. He said judge it on how I feel. As of now I feel like crap. Stuffy, and watery eyes, I sound like well yucky, and I am coughing my brains out. At least my lungs do not sound junky. That's the only thing good. We will see how I feel by Thursday. I am suppose to go back to work then, but the doctor office wrote a note that covers the week. We will see.

All I have been doing is sleeping with the meds and all. So since I feel well enough to sit here long enough to do this while my eyes run the the hoover dam.

No results on the other testing from the other doctors yet. Still waiting. I had to reschedule today's visit,to next week. And I will be seeing a nutritionist next week as well. With all the different doctors visits,all of the scales say I weigh 200 lbs. Mine still holds true to 195. SO I guess I will make the adjustments and change all the numbers to 200 and start from there. I do not feel like I have gained 5 pounds. My clothes do not say it either. Oh well. They will go by their numbers. I even took my scale with me! So I have to tack on another 5 pounds.

Got to go lay down, my head is starting to hurt, this is how I know the meds. are wearing off. haha :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring IS Here

A week from today around this time I should be done with my first sprint triathlon. I woke up yesterday with a head cold. Great.:( Figures...

I got my sunglasses yesterday from my Rudy Project Sponsor. I like them a lot. As you can see in the picture they match the Team Voice running shirt quite well.

And my other pair match my tri top nicely.

I am impressed with the customer service of Rudy and the timely manner the order was delivered. My favorite part is that you can change the color of the lenses, the nose piece and the arms on the frames. I rate them with a grade A. I have used other name brand ones as well but I like these alot. I am working on getting the logo up on my side bar to link the web site. If you would like a pair let me know. ;)

I am trying to get myself together to get out the door, maybe even go swim a little bit too. Depends on how I feel.

The weather here is awesome. You can't help but want to be outside. The down side to this is that this means the summer is coming. Not looking forward to that. I am enjoying it right now.
Have a great weekend !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This and That

I have my wet suit problem worked out. I can wear one like I have. Since I am not allergic to it. I have a week to go . I can not wait. Today I will be setting up my transition area and figure out how I am going to get out of the wetsuit, rise my feet put on my shoes, then my helmet, and put my gel bottles in my shirt pockets, grab my bike and get out of transition in under 2 minutes. I only get a total of 5 minutes for T1 and T2, in Ironman.
Speaking of Ironman, I got my official race instructions,and how to pull out of the race. I am not. I am supper excited. I just realized I missed my deadline on my room. So I have to get the quote ran again. Grrrr... It will be at one of the value resorts.

Work still has not approved my time off. I get a run around about it. There are plenty of people to work. It will be slower then too.

I got 2 new pairs of Newton's. I love them. so I will not wear one pair right out. 441 miles.

E has been getting back out the door with me on running. E had to get refitted to shoes and get them ordered. E is wanting to do the 5k and Wine and Dine with me now in October! He wants to train to run the 5k at his pace which is great!!!

Back to the health check up. I have seen my GYN. I like her alot. So I have to go back next week for a couple more test. Maybe then she can tell me if I had past my other check up too. Depending on the results she is thinking like my primary that I may have some sort of metabolism issues going on. Means more lab work. I do not like getting stuck. But I need to make me right. In all of this my bottom BP number is running high for me. I am normally 120/68, lately I have been 120/85. What?! Why?! Stress?? I am never that high. Work, I like what I do, home is more stressful than work. Teens. My fear right now is that both of the doctors are going to pull my running card. Specially now!! Holy Cats!!

All I can do is wait and see. That's stressful.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Wetsuit For Me!

Well I went shopping for a wetsuit today. I fit in one just fine, but after I took it off and wondered around the store some, I broke out and the itching began. Yep the rubber in the suit I can not do. My regular shorty, doesn't have that. I can get in and out of that without help. But it is a little big now. I called my local dive shop and told them my dilemma, they said they have a 1m suits that are more for surfing. I told them I have a shorty just to big now and it doesn't bother me. They put the smooth rubber on it to glide through the water better. So I do not know what to do. Should I get a new shorty, or suffer through with the one I have?? Suggestions please!

I ran 3.1 miles on the dreadmill. Why does it seem slower on that than outside?

I have some sunglasses coming from one of my sponsors. The cool part is that one pair, the frames are the same color as our Team Voice shirts. I have my tri top from another sponsor. It's neat. I will have to post a picture soon.

All I need to do now is get a second pair of runners, goggles x2, and tire and co2. I am not big on running without socks. We will see.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Sink Or Swim?

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. :)
Today I found out what my labs are looking like .Well they all are running low. One of the first questions she ask me was are you eating? I asked why? My numbers reflect as if I were not eating. I was very surprised. The next step is I have to go to my GYN. Well that doctor retired and I had to get a new one. So I will see that Doctor next Tuesday. In 3-4 weeks my doctor is getting the VO2 max. It measures your metabolism burn, and my other things. She is looking more towards I have may a metabolism problem.{thyroid good} Since I can not dump the weight. At least I know why I have been so sluggish and having such a hard time. Plus I have to make the apt with the Nutritionist.

Now the Egg Hunt Triathlon Sprint distance.

Here is the map of the course. I know this area well. It is only 4.25 miles from my home. :) I am going to go buy a wet suit for triathlons on Saturday. A full suit. My shortie doesn't fit anymore. And the water temp is going to be chilly. I am doing this race under the Athena group. Trail and error race this one is. I will either sink or swim. hahaha
The south east corner of the bike ride is on a really dangerous intersection. I am hoping they have at least one lane blocked for us. I should be able to do the bike part now under 30 minutes. Maybe even 25 min. This is flat. I train in this park alot. I know the run too. My goal is to keep it in 30 minute range.39 minutes count!! And the swim. I do not know how long that is going to take me. I am worried about getting out of the wet suit. They all zip up in the back!! I told E I was going to carry a pair of scissors in my transition bag to cut it off!! haha We have a quite a run from the water to transition. So I am hoping to have it unzipped and the upper half off by the time I get to my bike. I will be practicing. :)

Have a great weekend. I only get Saturday,then back to the grind on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking Back On This Day

Last year this time I just came back from doing the Princess half. I was freaking out cause I signed up for my first full marathon.

I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago. I have advanced in my job as far as I can go without heading back to school. Not sure if I want to do that.

I have helped my kids grow, even if they choose to the wrong things to do. I have made friends from all this Disney running, lasting friendships. I never thought would be possible.

I have learned alot about myself in the few years. Doing things I thought I couldn't do, well I was told I could NEVER do. Man did that spark light a flame. It turned into a raging fire and now I am going to be doing an Ironman. Who knew!! lol

Today starts a new year from me. The last year of this decade for me. I am going to make it the best one yet. End it all with the hope of going to Kona in 2011. So this will be the year to go down in my life history, and then next year to start a new one. Who knows what will be next year this time. Maybe I will be waiting nervously for the lottery to Kona to be announce in April 2011. Maybe in May I will in some weird way make it in roll down and go to Clearwater, Fl. Shoot just cross that finish line and hear Rae you are an Iron man!!!! I may fall down and start crying who knows, I will find out soon enough.

I look back and I see a boring dull person who wished they could do all those things. Fast forward, here I am doing all those things. Why?? Because I want to live life as if tomorrow isn't coming. And look back and smile and say yes that was me. Maybe one day, I will make to DL. I am working on that one hard, even if I have to go alone,but yet I won't be alone.
Who knows...

The story of life is the greatest thing! Can only live it one day at a time. Each day is a new chapter.
I won't know how things will go till it happens, and I can't wait for the story to unfold, and to be apart of it.

Happy Birthday to me!! I am going to make this a year to remember in my life history!

Happy Birthday

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Triathlon Season Starts Today

I have 2 weeks to the day for my first triathlon sprint. I am so freaking nervous. I still have nothing to wear. I do not know if I need a wet suit. I will find out today. Right after I put in a 6 miler in the sun.
I am looking for a bright yellow towel to lay out in front of my bike in transition, I need a larger bike pump, some CO2 to carry on me a spare tube, tire, gels,water bottle to rise feet,goggles that are tinted x 2 and a few other things. Holy Cats!! I can do the duathlons hands down, but the swim. I hate water. I have to remember that I am in control in the water that way I do not freak out and get pulled. Holy cats!!! And no matter how much I swim I can't seem to gain any speed. I am venting here. Holy cats. I mean HOLY CATS!! IT'S HERE!!! E will be twittering. It will be a dry run so he will be ready for Ironman. E keeps telling for the Ironman just swim, and if you make the cut off, woohooo and on to race part 2, and then if you make it through the bike woohoo. He is telling look at it as individual races not a over all whole. E also keeps telling be prepared to get kicked in the face, even pushed under water,but be in control so I do not freak out.
I have been using my breathing tool to get my lungs open and get in more air. I have been freaking out!!! I am excited, nervous ,scared,and happy. All the normal race pre jitters. I want to prepay for my races, but I am worried I will not like the triathlon then I am stuck doing them, if I prepay them. Once I get past the swim I am good. Oh yeah got to get the feet use to no socks.

Got to go.. Must put in a 6 miler today.Then a 30 mile bike, or at least spin some hills.
I just want to scream!!!! LMAO

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning The Clutter

This is the office/hot wheels room before we painted it.

This is after we painted.

It's been awhile. Alot has been going on . We have put new paint on the walls,moved furniture, and we are decluttering the house.Getting ready for our new floor and kitchen. While doing all of this, work has not slown down, and Ironman is coming. I have been putting off booking my room. In three weeks is my first sprint triathlon. My bike store is having a huge sale tomorrow and I have to work. I was going to register for the triathlon series, but I have decided to wait and see how I do with the first one on April 3. I still do not have anything to swim in and training is hard to manage with everything going on.

This is the contrasting wall. Dark blue.

I have not received any of my results from my doctor. So next week I will be calling about that.
I still have not decided anything on the Goofy. But I am doing the Wine and Dine and the 5k. Other than the Ironman. We will not be doing anything Disney related then those times. So no pass holder again this year. That's fine cause I know Disney will be there.
I finally got my desk top back up and running.Picked up a new monitor. It is sweet. 22' Lg flat.It is awesome. I can't get to use it since I am having to work tomorrow. :(
Oh well.

Nothing new here, I didn't even think I had any thing to talk about.

Congrats to Mike F. and his wife for their new bundle of joy!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After my last post, I swam 450 yds, walked a 2 miler, and then I got sick. Yep. Started with a sore throat, that faded a little then the running eyes and nose. Then today. I have been in the bathroom most of the damn day. The gurgling starts and next thing ya know running to bathroom. So I called out for tomorrow, I know they are going to be mad, but I just can't chance on making a mess. Plus we are busy.Really busy.

Well I like this body bug. It is a easy to use item. Now if I could remember how to share the graph I would post it.

My mileage for Feb. not so hot. Weight loss for Feb.-4 I lost 4 last week. Weird. I will take it!! NO news as of yet on my labs.

Still haven't booked a room.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ironing Things Out

Work is pants!! As my good friend JB would say. But I made it, yesterday was crazy!
I woke up and guess what, my knee and the muscles round it were just fine. Weird.

Yesterday I tested out my body bugg. I got it Tuesday evening set it up answered all the questions. Answered them truefully. My daily calorie burn goal is 2950. I am suppose to take 10000 steps a day. I wore it to work. I actually wore it from 5:30a till 10p at night. I didn't workout yesterday, it was pouring down rain. So my total burn yesterday was 2718, and I took 5704 steps, one hour and seven minutes of moderate activity. That was my work day burn. So I am very interested in seeing what my burn is with exercise. I can't put it in water. It can handle sweating, but no shower. and no sleeping in it. I can't tell I have it on. Everyone at work noticed it. I told them that my doctor is wanting to see my numbers and this is the best way to provide them. The nutritionist will want to see it too. I can print it all out and I can post here and I can put it on Twitter and FB.

I will upload it to night for the last 2 days and I will post it tomorrow. I was lazy to day and laid round till 11:30a. Now I am ready to go swim. It is a chilly 58 here. I know to the rest of you that's not cold but for me it is. Then tomorrow will be 38. Cold run tomorrow for me.

I am in limbo, of not doing the Ironman. I have not had enough training. And I now it's paid for but I am worried I will be setting myself up to be swept. I am worried about the swim. I bet I will be in the last wave, and I will only have 1:20 to swim a mile. I do not know what to wear. I know how to set up transition, and the rest. That would not look good for lottery this year. Then I could just pound the hell out of myself and just do it. I feel lost. {my feelings, not beating self up}

And I have my triathlon season breathing down my neck.Most of this is out of town and I do not know if I can do them like last year. Now do I want to add the Goofy to this?? Yes... No... Yes...idk... oh the dilemma.

I decided to stay with my bike, and hope for the best.I may change out the handle bars to a full triathlon set up and it will lighten up my bike. And I am looking for a race rear tire. I want a solid tire. Lighter and no maintenance. I will be getting my triathlon race top from That Butt Stuff. It depends on how it feels, and if it bright enough. The cycle shirt is a tad heavy and gray and black. Otherwise I will be spending Saturday down south trying on stuff to wear. I will also be getting my Rudy sunglasses soon. {my other sponsor}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wish I was there right now. Me and E are in the last row.

I have been absent for the last little bit. I have been working like a you know what. Only one day off last week. This week I just had to say no to the overtime.

No training since the 7th? I was having some knee pain last week. Well You know me brush it off and keep going. Well now I have to wear my knee brace, or I can not walk. HOLY CATS!! I am taking it easy today. Elevating the leg, waiting for a phone apt to call so I can go to the pool. If this does not clear up by Thursday, I will be heading over to the Ortho Doctor. I haven't seen him in almost 2.5 years. I have lots of medals to show him. It does not feel like my knee joint but the muscle around the top part of the joint. I have not done any heavy training for nearly a month now.
I have the Ironman catching up to me really fast too. I have been doing upper body work out. Working on the arms and the motion with resistance for swimming. Other than that nothing.

No weight loss. Speaking of I went to my doctor's today. She did my lab work. Included allergies, and added bunch of other stuff. I will now in a week what they are. Plus she is referring me to a nutritionist. And possible in a weight program that her office does. We will know more next week. She wants me to go back and see my gyn. doctor. There maybe things going on there that could be road blocks too. {oh great} So till then we wait. My doctor's scale said 202. Mine 195. My mother's 195. Allergy testing to see what all I am allergic too. Since I am taking the Claritin for breathing while running and stuff. I told my doctor the only thing I haven't recorded is my calorie burn. I have ordered the Body Bugg, and we will get to see my calorie burn soon. She said that will be very interesting to see.
I will not be finishing the Team Voice challenge for this month. And I just all around suck this month. I am over worked and tired as H E double hockey sticks.

And stress haha... can get rid of it. I think I am a magnet for it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Venting..From the Mind of Rae

I have found out what has been making me sick now for the last three weeks. Couple of my favorite supplements that are suppose to be vegan, are not. :( So After the last bout of nausea, and sour stomach and sitting on the toilet. I read the ingredients again. The probiotics, which are really good for the gut, are made out of dairy. Red flag. This company does not even give you a allergy warning on the label like the others if there are such things in them. So I e-mailed them all about it. I am waiting for a response. I feel better today. I wasn't yesterday. And I had to work. But I made it.
And lately again the support from home has not been the greatest here. :( I have not done anything as of lately. Since I have been sick, not knowing why till now. But there is a lack of support from home. I do not know how to survive this part. I had a training buddy for the last 3 years now I do not. it's hard to get through this. Now I feel like I am setting myself up to fail. No matter how much the drive is to do the Ironman, I can not get past this. :( It's like I hit the mental wall. And I can not get through. I am off today knowing damn well I need to go swim, do hills on the bike there and I can not get myself up to go.
Why not?? I really do not know why. I feel like I am being made to do something I just do not want to do{can't believe i said that} I can not find anything I want to wear in the races, wondering if I should be looking for a wetsuit? Or should I even bother? I haven't even signed up for this race season. And paying for the entire season is way cheaper than paying per race. Less than the Goofy for the whole season.
I as well have not dropped any more weight. I am going to set up a doctor's apt.{apt time 2/23 8a} I know as hard as I work, I should be weighing less, I am not. I have my diet under control, it's the rest. I plan on taking in my food journal workout journals, my supplements. Everything.

And work has not got back to me about the time off!!!! HOLY CATS!!!!! That is so stressful. Disney had tons of great deals on the rooms, and now I can not find any. I will need 2 rooms. My Mother is going to come this time. So the kids and the adults can have there own rooms.

And teen drama as at its all time high. I mean if you are not focus on the one kid, you will be and drained from all of this. I do not remember all this crap drama from when I was a teen. What the fruit??

Do all people training for this stuff go through this?? Or is it just me?{holding back the tears} Am I really going to cross that finish line?? IS my job going to come through the time off?? I wish my damn kid would behave. What is going on with E?? I am so worried. GET up and go swim! It's only water.
What the fruit is wrong with me??

Friday, February 12, 2010

Note of Hi

Just a quick hello and update.
This week I have been working like crazy. I have put in almost 60 miles on the bike and no swimming. I know... I got to get in the pool.

The stress with family members here have been stopping me alot, and I get stressed over that. In turn it is showing up at work that I am very stress. I have to find a happy medium and stick to it. I keep being told to take some time off. I can't right now.

Eric is going to visiting his doctor about his feet. He is not doing any kind of running, until his gets seen. I am fearing its planters and he may have to stop totally. :(

So with that.. I am solo. He rides his bike out there with me.

The weather is has been nasty. Windy, rainy, more wind. ugh...I mean it's not snow, but come on, I have to get outside !!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

IronRae 99 Days and counting.. {Long}

Well, it's seems Goofy keeps knocking on my door, bugging me about next year. I told Goofy again I need to get my Ironman set in stone first and then I will Decide on if I hang out with Goofy, or Mickey ,Or maybe even Dopey. BE patient I have to. As much as I want to jump right in, I have to get everything in order. Ohh, and Donald you are my favorite, since you my first long distance race.

I was thinking about the Princess, and I have decided not to, then I thought about doing the local A1A Half marathon, Maybe if they do not mess with my schedule at work. I am putting in for Ironman tomorrow at work. May 10-May 17. That will give me a week to hit the pavement on the bike and on foot. As much as I would love to stay right there in FT. Wilderness, I just can not swing it. So I am going to stay at one of the value resorts and ride my bike everyday over to bike Course and Run it. I can Swim in the pool everyday at the resort, or go to my gym not so far away.{can't swim in Bay Lake till the race} I will be a pass holder by then!! Thank goodness I miss my pass. Plus it will be me with out anyone to worry about for a entire week!!! Sweet!!! E and the kids will ride the train up on Friday, or Saturday early, not sure on that yet.
Now I will have a chance to do 2 sprint triathlons before the Ironman. I get 2 chances to figure out what is going to work and not work. April 3rd,And again on May 2. The May 2 triathlon is the only Olympic distance this year. Which is .93 mile swim, 26 mile bike I think, and then 6.1 mile run. And the one in MAy is also down south in Miami with the huge Rickenbacker causeway. That one is the one I can do 32 mph going down it. That is sooo cool, but scary. I know I can climb that one. So if I can do that Disney should be a breeze , right?? Nervously asking.

This is me climbing the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Now what am I doing for training?? Something clicked in my head, and my Switch is on,and I am going to train like a maniac. SO I turned my training calendar back over . BRING IT ON!!! I AM GOING TO BE SOO SORE!!! It will be well worth it. :)

I am reading a book about training. And I am learning that it is possibility that my hormones maybe imbalanced and that is why I can not shed that last 35-40. So I am going to to set an apt. with an endocrinologist.And get it balanced!!!

I am shopping for a set of tires. I want the Zipp solid tires. I am finding them on ebay way cheaper than at the bike shop. I still do not have my bike set up right. But in the training book it says it takes time to get use to the areobars. It's not as easy as it looks to stay down on the bars, when you still have a gut. :0)

SO today training goes :
lift: legs, abs and back
Swim : week 1, day 2
Bike: hill repeats
Run: 6 miler.
Intake : 1569

Oh yeah I only get 5 minutes total for transition! That's 2.5 minutes for both!! I am going to try to ride with my braces on.

The coach fell through, he never called. So E will help me out with the lift for spotting and cheer me on for running, and swimming. And he is just thinking about signing up for the 5k 2011, maybe the half, he still not sure. And no way in you know what is he going to do the marathon or the Goofy.

Post my numbers later!!
Team IronRae is a GO...

Friday, February 5, 2010

What A Week...Updated

This week has been as crazy one. Work has been Pants!! {as JB would say} I have been sick from all the stress from work and the teen drama going on here. FJ went missing for a little over 24+ hours. It drove everyone crazy. And he came home like it was nothing. Needless to say, he will be paying for this.
I have been physically sick. Sour stomach and everything!!! Today is better. I want to go run and swim today,but I have to sit here and wait for other things to follow before I can go. :(

It is looking more and more likely Goofy 2011 maybe Dopey. :) I can not wait!!! And I am looking forward to the Wine and Dine half, and now the 5k with the NSSHP ticket!!!! Wooohooo! I may be able to get my younger one to do the 5k for that.

Ironman... Sigh.... I am freaking out.

I need to swim.And it looks like I need to swim everyday nearly. I am looking at going up in March to ride and run. No swimming in Bay Lake. SO I will have to try to get out there at the beach a swim to the buoy and back. I have not found what I am going to wear. i don't want to wear a one piece in case I have to use the potty,And I don't want a top and bottoms where my middle is showing. I found a company they will make a custom tri suit. I am going to find out what it will cost to get in in all black and then the yellow and Team Voice on the front with my other sponsors on it. I think i would look funny out there in all yellow with black lines. :* And you can watch it on the internet. Universal Sports. Maybe you can see me somewhere!!! I know for sure crossing the finish line!!!!

Tomorrow I weigh in. I am not expecting anything since I haven't done much with all this drama. We will see.

I couldn't sleep tonight so I put the bike on the trainer and did a easy spin of 10 miles in 27:36, then I jumped off and jumped right on the treadmill,aka Dreadmill and started running. I ran the first half mile and the lung burn kick in. So I did forget to take the Claratin.I walked and ran intervals. E fell asleep on the couch and I got stuck watching TMZ.Holy Cats how lame. Mile and ahalf I started to get the cold sweats and shakes. I thought about stopping. But I didn't. I kept going. I started to get the sour stomach too. Man that last half mile seem really long. Then out of the blue I hear in the back of my head, Keep going you can do this. I agreed. I made my 2 miles in 33 minutes. Great. I guess that's not to bad after being ill this week. And being able to actually eat normal today.
I plan on the pool tomorrow morning then come home and rest. Then go ride my bike at the park and come home and rest. Then get my 6 miler in.