Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Weekend

We are back!!!!!
First I have to get this out of the way!!!

This is where we ended up parking at Animal Kingdom. {how ironic is that}

Look what we saw!! Yup Jonathan it is a Giraffe!!!! HAHAHAHA :){grinning from ear to ear}

Ok Marathon news.
Byron did the 5k on Friday and he did not get swept!!!!! Awesome job!!!! keep that chin up!
We got up late,so we did not get to see our Team Voice members through the castle. :( ,We missed Byran finishing by minutes. He did great!!! 2:07!!!!!

Do you see the Donald around his neck???? It is awesome!!!!

Here is Lou and his wife!!! OH LOU.... they did it in 2:51
and Mike Scopa did it in 3:30. I do not have Kate's time, she finished 20-25 minutes before Lou.
They all did so well!!!!! I am so proud of them all!!!!! They all received the Donald medal.

It is huge!!! Heavy!! And everyone wore them proud!!!!!

We were so tired and exhausted after dinner we went to check in our hotel and crashed. We did not get to see the start of the full marathon, but we did get to see the last 2 runners come in.
I am so proud of them!!!! I did not get to talk to them like I wanted too, but here they are....

See her time?? She didn't quit!!! She kept moving forward.

Here is the official last runner of the full marathon.See her time!!! Guess what she finished!!!! And she DID get her medal,and she kept moving forward. 26.2 miles.And this is what they received....

Here it is with the Goofy.That is what you get when you sign up and finish the 2 races,plus the Mickey, and Donald.

This gentleman did both of the race and recommends that we all put more time in training.I do not want to say his time and get it wrong,I will update it later. You are awesome, great job!!!!

This runner was her first Half.Again I do not want to post the wrong time.I will update it later.

I was also told it was a lot of fun and to carry a camera there are a lot of photo ops on the course and all the high fives from the characters and people pulling over giving them all shout outs!!! They all said the same thing just have fun,and they will be doing this race again.

Team Voice this is what is all about. I am going to push everyone here.I am going to push myself.And I have to say if you get down or want to quit say so that is what we are all about.Sticking together.Helping each other through this year to get where everyone here is.Next year is our turn and we are going to do it right!!!! so what do you say Team.........
Circle around on three a loud and proud Team Voice....1.....2.......3......Team Voice!!!!

E wants to do the Goofy in 09'!!!!!!!


DebWDW said...

E is braver than me!! Thanks for posting the great pics Rae!

Joggerblogger said...

Cool :-D looks like fun - them medals are sweet.

Craig said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Just curious, did you do any running while at the World?