Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Team Voice Challenge #1 for 2008

This month is the Disney's Marathon Weekend. So in honor of all those who are members of Team Voice that are running in the races this month,let's set a mileage goal of 24.1. This will be easy for some of us,and for some this will be a challenge of a life time. We all have to the end of the month to log in the mileage.

Oh yes if you make the mileage goal before the end of the month Keep Moving Forward!!!
Log it all. If you need support,tell us we all are here for each other and you will get support.And don't worry if one day is better than another that's fine,that is what training is all about.
So what do you say????Are you with me????

Here are my stats:
weight 220 {yep a gain}
age 30 something...
Just started Weight Watchers
Member of Planet Fitness
pants size 16-18.
Races finished:heart walk 5k 3/06,07, tower of terror 13k,Christmas 5k.
Speed Walker,not running.
My pace right now is 15:28 per mile.

Yesterday Meals:{with points}
coffee .5
B:1c cereal with milk 6
Oj 4 oz, 1
total for breakfast 7.5
L: mashed potato's 1c 4 ,ground turkey strogenoff 3 , garlic bread 5
total lunch points 12
D:Baked potato small 1,baked carrots 0 , baked turkey 2,sauce 1 ,
total dinner points 5

total for the day 24.5

No room for a snack. Let me say I was counting earlier in the week and realized my points were running 42-46 a day. This is hard and the body is screaming for more but I am fighting it and drinking a lot of water.

3 miles in 47:13 the wind was gusting up to 15 mph!!!!

Team Voice shirt update.
I have not received all the logos for the back of the shirts ,so E is just going to put the web addresses up.{I will post a picture}
This is what I have so far,
Disney World Trivia
All About the Mouse
Magical Mountain
WDW Radio
Window to the Magic
Muppet Cast
Mouse Times
WDW Today
The Voice
Rae's Place
Snowy Tundra Training
All About The Corn

All of the names listed above will be listed under the 09 Team Voice Logo on the back.And On the front it will just say Team Voice in the center. If I have missed anyone,or you want to be added let me know.

Walt's Quote Of The Day:
A man should never neglect his family for business.

Team Voice 09!!!!!!


DebWDW said...

I'm with you! Did 2 miles yesterday and heading to the gym in a few minutes! Let's go Team Voice!

caballerofan said...

Good job moving forward through the windy gusts.
I have noticed over the past couple of days I am just craving food. I'm still right there with you in that 24-29 range and somedays it's tough.
Our "in progress" plans are, that I will come down early(possibly Monday) before the race and then Em and the kids will come down Friday for cheerleading and a fun stay afterward. This could change but I want to get reservations in right away. I am certain getting a room will be difficult later on. With the whole family coming down we may opt for a moderate.
As for using a logo or web address I am fine with what ever you would like to do.
Be certain to stop back by and check out the latest AATC post. It was written by our good friend in Jacksonville.

mgreene said...

Just curious - why 24.1? A marathon is 26.2 miles. At any rate, that's less than 1 mile a day? In order to get ready for a half, I think ya'll need to challenge yourselves a little more than that ! :)

Rae! said...

So we do not scare off the newbies.
I am up to 6 miles for my long days.I have just been really bad at not posting.

mgreene said...

Still curious where the 24.1 came from?

Rae! said...

Bad Math??? hahahahahaha

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the training :-D

I've just posted a link to a zero point soup recipe that I've just cooked up today... lush :-)

How many points should you be on? is it 18-20 like over here in the UK?

Wished we could come down to the marathon. Really looking forward to seeing you guys again later this year.