Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snow Flurries in Mid Florida

Let me address this real quick. It is suppose to be 26.2 miles not 24.1.Just a dumb error on my part.(thanks Mgreene} :) Team Voice 26.2 not 24.1 miles for the month.

My Mother sent me a message today letting me know that they were having snow flurries today.As soon as it hit the ground it was gone.She said she hasn't seen that since 1975?? here. It was down right cold here,and blustery,and cloudy, rainy,sunny.

So here we are just down to the week almost before the Marathon weekend.I am having such a hard time finding a room.So I will start looking off site. It's for only one night.Leave out of here Saturday real early and get there by the time the race starts.

I almost have all the pictures down loaded from Mouse Fest. I have up the rockin mouse meet,pod fest,the Osbourne lights, and some of the Beaches and cream meet. Look under Rae's Photos.

Meals yesterday:
Coffee: .5{half and half}
1 egg white,1
1 slice bread toasted,2
2c pasta,8
veggie soup{hm} 2c,5
hot cocoa,1
1/2c jello,0
HM brownie,2 total points: 24.5

Training: last night just 1 mile,it was to darn cold and windy I just could get past the 1 mile.
Bike: random hills,level 5, 20 minutes, 4.98 miles,hr 125-130, cal 225,
elliptical: 20 minutes,hills plus,level 5,hr 128- 130, cal 260, 1.45 miles.
Ab. machine 80 pounds,125 times
Abdominal 25lbs,75 times.
and I will sit in my room and use the thigh master for some arms,and thighs.

today's meal:
coffee .5
salad,2c fat free dressing, 0
small apple, 1
8 peanuts in the salad, 1
flax seed,0
1c soup 0{progresso)
1/2c jello,0
chicken quesadilla with cheese x2 16
light caesear salad 2c,4
1/2c jello,0
total today 22.5 points.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!!!


caballerofan said...

Snow in Florida. Who'd of thunk it.
Hope the weather is nice next weekend for everyone involved.
I enjoyed looking through your pictures. You have a great smile in that last kitchen sink one.

Say Hi to E and the family.

Joggerblogger said...

You must be copying us with the snow ;-)

Hope you find a room for the weekend - how many people will be down for the race? Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Well done on sticking to your points.

sambycat said...

hey girl - i found your blog via "the voice" and all those other mouse-y connections! me and eric (from mouseguest weekly) are going to be at the half this weekend. also anybody who is down there (and survives!!! ack!!!!) a bunch of folks are going to catch yehaa bob's show over at port orleans (riverside?) it starts at 830! anyway - i'm finding everyone's blogs very inspirational and look forward to supporting you in the coming year!! i'm PRETTY sure i can finish the course and hopefully not get swept, but i definitely will NOT be running and i hope next year i can run the thing! so good luck with finding a room! i'm at carribean beach so worse come to worse.......

see you somewhere saturday!!!!!!