Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Last 2 Days

I have done any training the last 2 days.My cold had got the best of me. And work just wore me out.I work in Endo., and and the ER., yesterday and they are busy departments.I was on my feet non stop.didn't get to eat til 2p, and then I didn't get lunch til 4p.In the Er they had me do transport.Come on, really don't you think I am a tad over qualified for that?? I know they were putting some where to make hours but really.
I am off for the next three days and one of them is E's birthday.He knows we are going to dinner,but he doesn't know that his friends are coming.And he doesn't know about project surprise on Saturday!!!! {there goes the points on saturday} :)

total am 3.5
total lunch 14
marinated chicken baked,6
smashed potatoes 1c,4
carrots 1/2c,1
total dinner 11
total for the day 28.5
total am 3.5
ramen noodles,4
pudding{fat free,sugar free,with fat free milk} 1c ,2
100 cal cookies,1
total lunch 7
pizza thin crust,cheese x4,8
salad with fat free dressing,0
total dinner 9
total for the day 18.5
It was alot of food,and I was not hungry.

since I feel better today I am going to the gym and adding a half mile to my speed walking.

The list of people that I posted was from Disney World Trivia.I did not keep that one.I am keeping track of Team Voice.As long as everyone keeps me up to date I will keep it updated.
After this trip I don't think we will be going to the MK until May for the Minnie Marathon weekend.Maybe in April.

And I haven't found a room yet.Is that crazy or what????

Walt's Quote Of The Day:
Comedy is fine, but if a story has 'heart', the audience is apt to remember it longer.


mgreene said...

Rae (repeat of post on my blog):

I did 35 races last year (even though I missed most of June/July with a strained calf). My first race of this year (actually I may do 3 in one weekend) is the weekend of February 9-10. There are 2 two mile races and a 4 mile (Winter Winds) race here locally that I'll probably do. I will also do a 10 mile race and a half-marathon trail race in March to get things really kicked off. I also direct a local race in June, the Alabama A&M 10K.

Have you tried jumping rope? It will actually burn more calories than running, but you probably can't do it as long (at least at first). It also works on your fast twitch muscles which will make you faster when you do run. It's not too early to start really getting serious about your '09 half-marathon. You monthly mileage goal for this month should wind up being your weekly mileage goal by the end of the year. You need to gradually increase you distance and speed week by week, letting your body adjust to the new stress.

Joggerblogger said...

Send the E'unit a massive happy birthday from the UK crew, wished we could be there to see project surprise.

Sorry they are messing you around at work :-/

Fingers crossed you get a room sorted asap.

DebWDW said...

Yes, Happy Birthday E! It's tough having a cold, but you'll probably get well faster if you actually rest instead of training.

Good ideas from mgreene! A few weeks ago I decided that I should do jumping jacks every day, to help build up my arches and calves, but I had forgotten about it. So now I think I'll alternate between jacks and jumping rope. Thanks for the reminder mgreene!