Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just To Say Hi

I have the link for registering for the races listed in my favorites.
The same for the Minnie Marathon Weekend. Remember this is the last one for the Minnie and you will not be able to get your Minnie Medal if you do not run in them. :)

With the cost of the races so high I may not register the kids.Small person said she will go mow yards and collect cans to pay for hers. {she wants it} FJ well he wants to run but not putting any effort out there.Jb maybe you can help light a fire under his feet. :)

How is everyone doing with the mileage challenge?? I know that JB is blowing us all out of the water but I am working up to giving you a run on mileage. :)

Jonathan and Amber have a safe trip.

I will post all my meals from this weekend and points later today.

Team Voice,Many Goals, One Voice!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

LOL! i'll have a word in his ear ;-)

Sounds like a fun run - them medals are awesome!

mgreene said...

Watch the trailer for the new movie, Spirit of the Marathon :


mgreene said...


Not sure why you can't see the whole video (slow internet, maybe?) I've watched it twice with no problems including again after your post. Try it again...

caballerofan said...

Hi Rae. Keep up that motivating spirit.