Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Good day!
I have a house full of teen boys. FJ and his friends.they brought an x box over. What a best game system. I like to play video games.I was up with them playing.they thought that was cool.

We haven't done this in a while. Good behavior reeps good rewards.next weekend is the girls! Oh the drama!

I had a walking group last night. It was cool. Not a one of them could keep up with me! Now they all want to train. That's funny.FJ shown them his medal and told them about all the training they remember since he could hang out cause of that.

Yesterday points 30. Day before 27. I peek at the scale this morning,happy with what I saw! I was goign to wait till Friday but I just had to peek. I will post the results on Friday!

I am up to 39 and change for miles. I will get the total and post it on the boards. There was no gym yesterday due to holiday. I have to go today.
I saw on the forums that there is a section for a Team Voice song, I was thinking of form Hercules go the distance. Check it out. I will go over and list it.
I want to give Deb a shout out she did 3 miles running with out stopping. No walking breaks. I am so proud of you !!! Keep Moving Forward!!!

Oh yes before I go, E and I both made a decision last night that we both will do the Goofy in 2010.

Team Voice,Many Goals,One Voice!

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DebWDW said...

Wow, the Goofy! Now you, E and Kate are my idols!! But, no, I will NOT do the Goofy anytime soon, so don't even ask!