Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunny!!!

Today is E's birthday. :) Tonight we are going to dinner at Borders. What he doesn't know is that some of his friends are coming. :) And then Saturday at Liberty Tree .... well it's in Disney's hands at that point.{hint}

Last night we added another .5 to our walking.And I did it in 51:12:96. We wasted a minute trying to figure out the rest of the mileage.The kids had a hard time keeping up with me too. :) That was the best.I told them if they don't start taking training more serious that I will not put them in any more races. Little miss corn corn didn't like me saying that.
Frogger jogger well has put on a couple pounds and I have cut him out of his snacking. Then he is up in the early hours eating.How do I stop this?? This time I have made available more fruit,and if they want ant sweets they have to actually make them and that stop the sweet attack. I had to call his school to to stop rewarding him with candy. They did.He goes to the gym too now. He read that JB is doing sit ups and push ups at home and he did some last night. Thank you!!!!
The EKG class I was going to be taking next week has been changed to the 28th!!! I don't know if I can get that time off.I already have the time for next week. I will talk to my boss tomorrow. :*

I have been working on getting us ready to leave to head out to WDW Saturday.I can't wait!!!! I have been packing our food.I do not want to have to worry about points. The only time that will come into play is at the Liberty Tree. Watching the weather, it may be cool in the morning hours and warm up and rain. The weather here it just a pain in the you know what!!!. Sunday morning I plan on getting up and doing a brisk walk before heading out to the parks.

cp1999 is leaving on Friday.Sorry that we are going to miss you!! If you go to come back to the Kingdom say so and we can meet up with you!!! Thank you for the Team Voice slogan.

Meals yesterday:
B: Egg whites,and chicken- 2
L: 1/2c,pasta -2
chicken tenders 3 oz.- 3
green beans 1/2c-0
brownie -2
D: taco salad
2 c of lettuce
1/2 c ground turkey with spices- 3
4 tbsp shredded low fat cheese-1
1/4 c fat free sour cream- 1
salsa - 0
baked tostitos 15 scoops- 2
I didn't use all the cheese and sour cream.I measured out everything and let me say it's a lot when you do that. I had another c of salad.
100 cal cookie -2
Total for the day: 27 points

I am off to bake a birthday cake!!!!


Rae! said...

Weird I do not know why it made 2 pictures???

caballerofan said...

(shouting from the Snowy Tundra)

Keep it up Rae you're doing great.

Joggerblogger said...


Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

some times i wonder if all these things that people write on these blogs are true is your life really like this?

Rae! said...

This is my life.....Anonymous,
I can back it all up and prove it.
I love my life!!!!