Friday, January 11, 2008

Back To The World!!!

Here we are the evening before the 1/2M. Can you just imagine what everyone is thinking??? I will not be able to sleep If I were there. Now we should get there just after the race starts,and will they let us in??? Specially at the MK for pictures??? I will be mad if they do not. I will find out and I will update after the race.

Can you believe the kids do not want to go???? Are you kidding me????

Did another 3.5 at 51:13. Not bad maintained that number. No training tonight.We are leaving the house at 3A. I am so excited!!!!

Is there anything anyone wants us to do???:)

Yesterday's meals:
egg white and low fat cheese omelet, 2
hot coco,1
salad with fat free dressing, 0
pudding 1c,2

salad with light dressing,1
quesadillas chicken, double stack,12 I ate half,6
krona chocolate pie 12
total 24
yep I was bad and it was good!!!!
salad, 4
soup 0
jello 0
apple 1
cheese 3
chicken 3oz 3
1c smashed potato's,2
1/2c veggies,0
angel food cake,1
total today: 18

OK all I am going up to help represent Team Voice this is what it is all about!!!!! Support and participation!!!! And back with a lot of pictures!!!!!

Team Voice!!! Many Goals, One Voice!!!!!

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Craig said...

Hi Rae,

I have been following Jonathan for months now, and we are teaming up with him on the fundraising for Dream Team. My wife and I will be running the 09 half marathon, and Jonathan said I should contact you about being an "official" member of Team Voice.

Check out our blog at