Sunday, July 1, 2007

Training Today #1

Well today was the last day on week one of my running program.I did 2.00 miles today.I ran at the pace of 4.6 {much faster} cal.253,incline .5.I am going to post E's time and mileage as well.He ran the program with me today {normally he just runs the whole time}.E did 30 min.,0 incline,2.51 miles,at the pace of 5.5 to 7.5.He said when he would get in to a good pace it was time to slow down so E increased speed.

The next program is six 90 second runs and 2 minute walks.I will be starting that on Tuesday.Tomorrow after work will be bikes and light weight w/o.

Hot tea
B: potatoes,eggs,OJ,
L: ice cream
D: smoked turkey,steamed potatoes,and veggies.Ice tea.

I know ice cream isn't lunch but it was good!!! I will give an official weigh in number in a couple of days.Right now would be the wrong time.

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!!

Runner;s World Kick In The Butt:
If you don't run the road races, where will you get all your t- shirts???


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae! Just caught up with your blogs. Sorry about work. I think your plan for the CE is great. I hope you get the OR job.

Many congrats on the 2.0 miles. Way to go!!!!

E did 7.5?! WOWser. I'm jealous of that. I'm still doing 5mph. I play around with increasing it to as much as 6.0 sometimes but that's about it.

I still need to step on my scale and check out the damage. ;-)

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the training :-P Ice-cream yum!