Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today Is My Friday.

I woke up tired today.I went to bed at a early time for me.But still I woke up tired and sore.Over all it was a good day at work and here at home it was quiet.Someone here was being very nice for their nasty behavior yesterday.

No training today.Just not in it today.Tired.

B: cereal,OJ
L: pizza,ice tea
D: chicken,ice tea
S: ice cream

At Universal studios. Over in Jurassic Park.

when you look down from where we were this is what you could see.Step on the foot prints and they made the sound of that dinosaur.

Can you believe it,me in a park with no Mickey???Well I had on my Disney shirt, shorts,Mickey socks and shoes.everyone keep telling me I was in the wrong park or asking me to change my shirt. :)

I so can't wait till October.I have been trying since May to get reservations with Chef Mickey.I will keep trying someone will cancel.{I hope}

Next Saturday they will be putting our roof on!!!!!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are trying to plan not to be here since that is they only weekend day off I have.Not complaining.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!


TD said...

Good to see you listened to your body Rae and rested. I always think it is a mistake when we becomes slaves to a program and I happy to see that doesn't seem to be the case for you.

caballerofan said...

Hi Rae,
Just jumped over from Jonathan's blog to say, best wishes as train for your TOT run. When I heard about this run I really wanted to participate in it. However, my budget won't allow for it at this time.
So I am doing the next best thing.
To help stay focused I plan to train as if I can be there. And then on the evening of the TOT race I plan on loading the IPOD with some Disney tunes and running the 13k on a local bike trail.
Not quite the same, but the health goal is worth it.

Healthy Wishes

Anonymous said...

Why can't you book Chef Mickey's? I got CM on 11/03 at 8AM. When are you trying to get it?

Aidan and Randall loved the Jurassic Park ride. I didn't go since it's a big drop ride. But the dino eggs were really cool in the science center area.

Rae! said...

I have trying CM since May for October for 4 people.I can get seats in the castle.

HI caballerfan!!Thanks.What you are doing is cool.I plan on taking a lot of pictures from TOT to post and get one of me Kate and Joggerblogger.

td thanks I try to listen to my body I have learned the hard way that I have to do that.Specially now getting so close to Tower of Terror 13k at Disney.