Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Sunny


Here is the link to the 5k. Its through the local running group here.Yes it is hot and very humid here and it starts at 7 am.Sounds like fun.It's in one of the real shady parks here.As we get closer I will post more and Take some pictures o f the park.

NO walking yesterday As I posted.We did walk about 2 miles yesterday but since we did not keep track I won't count it.We ended up watching the Nascar race out of Daytona Bch.I weighed myself this morning and I am down another whole pound!!!!!!I guess I have finally made it past the Plateau I was on.I sure hope so. :- )

My daughter cooked breakfast this morning.She made pancakes.Not bad at all.

B: pancakes{4},OJ
L:1/4 c cheese and pepperoni
D:grilled turkey burgers,Au gratin potatoes,and garlic bread sticks,glass of milk

Running #2 this is suppose to be the last day of this part of the program and E says I should do it again.Week #3 goes like this,5 min walk,90 second run ,90 second walk,3 minutes run,2 minutes walk,and repeats to total 18 minutes.

Today I was better.30 minutes,incline .5,speed 4.5-4.6,1.95 miles,cal 290.
E,30 minutes,incline 0,speed 7.5,2.52 miles, cal554.

Erock good luck on your eye surgery tomorrow,you will be missed,have a safe and speedy recovery.

Train hard,have fun ,stay injury free.


Anonymous said...

Yeah cool long weekened... and congratulations on becoming a successful!

Rae! said...

Thank you !!!!