Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday The New

Today was a nice day even if I had to work today.

Bathroom project has begun.The cabinet is out and one wall all the tile has came down.The house is a mess. I can't wait till we get it done.Out of the 70's.

E is updating his my space.I have to get the URL so I can add his page.

Monday I am going to try running again.Got to get back on track.Only 89 days to go.I am so excited!!!!!

B: eggs,grits,sausage,Oj
L: mac n cheese,All natural hot dog,Ice tea
S: 1/2 chocolate chip cookie
D: turkey burgers on the grill

No training today very busy with bathroom.Back on track on Monday.

Train hard, have fun,stay injury free!!!

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Anonymous said...

Clutter cleaning... a neat home keeps you happy and calm...