Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Slow Day

Today was a nice day.I had some pain in the back today.I believe it is from going to the gym.So I took it easy today.I have a real hard time sitting for long periods of time.So I will find out how I do driving tomorrow since I haven't drove in a week.

elliptical: 20 min.,fat burn,1.36 miles,258 cal.,abdominal 8 set of 25,25lbs.I dropped off ten.
E ran in 30 minutes 2.52 miles at 7.0.He wasn't in to it today.

B: Glass of chocolate milk.
L: chicken,broccoli and potatoes,ice tea.
D: a Baker Its a baked potato with turkey and stuff on it.ice tea

We did some of our shopping today too.Got it out of the way.I got hit with a cart twice and man I thought I was going to the ground.But I didn't.

All have a good day!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch!! were there kids pushing those carts

Anonymous said...

I hate it when someone runs a cart into my heel and I have on sandals. OUCH.

It happens at WDW too with the strollers.

I think you need to change your luck so that you stay away from injuries. :-)