Monday, July 30, 2007

Shopping For A Resort

So far today I have been looking for a resort to stay at in October for the TOT race.All Stars is looking good,then there is Buena Vista Suites,one bedroom,with 2 beds and king sleeper sofa.we all sure wouldn't be crowded on each other.That one is on the east side of DTD.Then there is another one that is off site completely Country Inn Suites. So we are looking around.

E has to get confirmation if he is going to have 10/26 off,so I can purchase the MNSSHP tickets.

Then I want to surprise my MoM and take her to Super Soap weekend.Just me and her.I took her in 2005 and she had so much fun.She got the see and meet her 2 favorite soap actor and actress.She has an illness that is well....Let's just say I want to take her every year as long as she is able to go. :)

B: none
L: turkey burger
D:chicken strawberry salad

Gym later today will fill in..
NO gym busy on the bathroom.

P.S.I got my reservation with Chef Mickey!!!!!Sat.,bright and early!!!Whoohooo...Now I have to look over all my Mickey Pictures and see which Mickey I am missing.


Joggerblogger said...

We are staying at the all stars movies - first time we have stayed on property in the US (we stayed at the comfort inn on idrive before - wouldn't rate it).

Rae! said...

Oh ok we first stayed the knights inn I wouldn't recommend it

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Pop is great!!!! We stayed there and thought is was wonderful. It also seems to be preferred by podcasters in the value range. If I go to MouseFest I will stay there.

Rae, no b'fast again????

Very nice that you want to treat your mom. Sounds like fun.

Rae! said...

Yeah I got up late.....;)

Anonymous said...

Wowser!! So glad you finally got the b'fast at Chef Mickey's. Boy, it really paid off to keep calling. So you collect pics with Mickey? That's cool. I never thought of that. How many different Mickey's do you have?

Rae! said...

Right now I think only 5.My camera got dropped and it erased the ones from AK.So I have to my picture retaken with him and I don't have one with the million dreams one on Main street yet.

I like the all stars,I also like the east side of DTD too.Everything you need stores are right there in walking distance if need anything.

Rae! said...

NO It's 6 mickey's!!

TD said...

That's a nice photo of you and Mickey. He was looking very Star War-ish.