Monday, July 9, 2007

Long Night........

What a night we had last night.My son was yelling at 2a. I jumped out of bed and found him in the bathroom hugging the toilet.Something he ate or got in to just did not agree with him.This went on till 6a.I called in to work to see if they could cancel me instead of calling out and having it count against me.I was able to be canceled.I know he is dehydrated,still upset tummy,so I am forcing him to drink water and some Gatorade so he won't get worse. :(

So here I am with nothing to do at the moment.I will go to the gym later as long as he is feeling better.Today will be light weights and bikes.

As we are getting closer to the TOT race.Kate ,joggerblogger and I have been trying to plan to meet up the next day to have lunch.I do believe the night before is a MNSSHP and we plan on going to that.Not sure if we are going to dress up due to it will still be hot here,and humid.And I do believe that my parents are going to come to see us do the race.My Dad is not a big Disney fan,so this is a start.This will be my first major race and I am glad that he wants to be there.

Nothing yet,still tried.
S:cheese and sliced pepperoni
D:chicken noodle soup and grill cheese sandwiches.

Training:{ filled in }
bikes: random hills,lvl.7,speed 18.2,22 minutes,7.00 miles,cal 148,E, lvl.8,speed 20.0,22 minutes,7.91 miles,cal 210.
ab. machine: 35 lbs. 150 x
inner thigh:70 lbs, 200 x
bi curl: 30 lbs 1 rep of 10,25 lbs,2 reps of 10{I up the weight}
outer thigh:70 lbs, 160 x
tri ext. 35 lbs ,3 reps of 20{up weight and reps}
chest press: 20 lbs 2 reps of 12,30 lbs, 1 rep of 12
leg curl: 40 lbs, 4 reps of 12,20 lbs,single leg 1 rep of 15
leg ext: 50 lbs 4 reps of 15
ab curl: 90 lbs,150 x

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!! {Look clock just ticking away}


P.Hill said...

Hey i hope your son gets well soon.

Rae! said...

Thanks a lot!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Hope that he is feeling better soon, he sounds like he had a rough time.

No one ever mentioned being a parent would be such hard work, physically and mentally - but we love 'em!

Look forward to meeting up either for lunch or just hitting some rides :-P

We are going to MNSSHP - I can't remember what night though. We went last year dressed up. We had an amazing time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae! Sounds stressful. Hope he's better now.

I'm really excited about the meet. It should be fun. :-)

Rae! said...

We have never been to the MNSSHP,can't wait.That's fine if we all meet up just for rides too.Just a tad better he is still having stomach cramps.

Anonymous said...

Rides are ok with me. I'll have my Mother-in-law along. She's 72, I think. So I'll have to be considerate of that in anything we plan. I might need to split up my family and just Aidan and me meet up with you.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Hi Rae, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope your son is much better too. It would have been a very unpleasant experience for him.

I have had four visits to the US, including two this year - New York and DC in January and then again in April to run the Boston Marathon.

I visited WDW and Orlando with my family in 2005 and we spent a great three days there. The only disappointing aspect was that we lost our digital camera with so many of our wonderful memories on it. Please let me know if you happen to come across a Canon Powershot 530 with lots of family photos inside... :)

Anonymous said...

Rough times make you stronger. Hope ur son is better now and hope you feeling btter too... Tons of smiles for you :)