Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last Day Of The Month.....

Well It was a sunny/rainy day here.But nice.
Tomorrow I have an appointment in the am with the doctor.I can't wait so we can get a handle on my insides.Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.So I am finishing up on drinking my water,and a glass of OJ.

Kate I had breakfast today.That ole bad habit was trying to come back and I nipped it in the butt with a little help. :)

B: yogurt,toast with peanut butter,glass OJ, 1/2 c cheese.
S: 1/2 of mixed nuts
D: chicken sausage,with sun dried tomato,and basil,brown rice,broccoli,garlic bread.

Running week #2{ i went back to week #2}
6, 90 second runs, then I added in another one and did 31 minutes,1.94 miles. It was hard, since i have not done that in two weeks,but I did it.Cal 286. That was my last effort for this month.
And I drank a half of a power aide. E rode the bike tonight random hills,20 minutes,7.55.Oh yes I stretched before we left the house,stretched there,and when I am done here.

So the total mileage for the month is....
Me 58.23 miles
E 62.97 miles

Well I am going to work hard and try really hard not to get anymore injuries.I am going to try to get my endurance up this month get the weight down some more,and work on getting stronger.I can do it. :)

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thats a darn good mileage Rae.

mary beth said...

Wow, well done on your workout today, Rae! It is really inspiring to see you sticking with it despite the interruptions of pain and injury! And I'm totally blown away by your #s for the month. Someday hopefully that will be me!

londonjogger said...

good positive thoughts - cool:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the doctor.

And eating b'fast then skipping lunch doesn't count. ;-)

Joggerblogger said...

Great mileage :-) Hope the Dr visit went ok for you.

ali said...

You are doing great! Good luck at the doctors. Going out for breakfast is my weakness.