Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th.

Here it is at the end of the week again.Slowly we are getting closer to the TOT race.That's all of us in that picture.And I had a good training run last night.We did the #3 program and I did it a lot better than I thought I would.I thought I was going to slow down or have to stop mid way,nope I did it all the way.1.91 miles.26 minutes of the program and I was speed walking the rest of the way to 30 minutes.But this is all on the TM. Not outside.

Now I have to find me some sporting wear that will hold me together and keep myself from hitting myself in the face.Sounds funny but it is a necessity.We have a local running shop we are going to go check out. OH yeah I have noticed that the TM I use at the gym,calorie count is off.On Runner's World under the training tool I have been filling in my time and it says that I burned 332 in stead of 293.Who is right?

B: tea
L: smoothie,banana,OJ,peanut butter,1/2 c flax flakes,1/2 tsp liquid amino's,some dark chocolate,ice blend.
D:Brown rice,sausage,broccoli,in a Jack Daniels sauce

Jump rope.I have been told to try jumping rope to help build up endurance.
I can't jump rope it hurts the knees to much,And I sure do not want to injure them.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
The runner has a view of that makes all the jogging a race worth while.
Dr. George Sheehan


jogblog said...

I know the machines in UK gyms don't take into account your basic metabolic rate (what you would have burned off anyway had you been sitting on your sofa watching telly) so the calorie count on them is always higher. Did that make sense?

Joggerblogger said...

I can't wait for the TOT :-)

My good lady wife says:

are great and also nike shocks are great.

Well done on the mileage - keep it up

Rae! said...

Thanks jobblog,it ask you to put in all your info before you start.:)

Rae! said...

Joggerblogger thanks and a thank you to your wife!!!

Anonymous said...

Rae, my friend Mary Beth swears by the Oprah Winfrey bra. Mary Beth's blog can be linked from my blog. She loves it. I hope that's what you meant.

Hope you and the family have a great weekend.

Rae! said...

Cool thanks Kate.

The Un-Runner said...


I'm a firm believer in layering! Couple of different sports bras, snug sports shirt, etc. Eventually - nothing moves!

Just DON'T stick your cell phone in your bra. Trust me. rucka rucka rucka...

Anonymous said...

Ya I second un-runner. Layering is the best way to stop jingle bells jingling all the way.. It's a tried and tested method