Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doctor's again......

The calf is much better,it just felt like a really sore charlie horse pain.

Yesterday around 5p at work I noticed a small annoying pain in my lower back,{end of tail bone}the only time I would feel it is when I would lean against the wall or if I was sitting.By the end of my shift I could not sit down w/o pain.Standing no problem.So the drive home was just the worse ever.I have a stick shift and I could not sit at an angle.My cell phone is dead,{doesn't work anymore dead}no good so I couldn't call E to come and get me. I drove slow and got home.I can't sit at the dinning room table,I can't sit on the couch,I can only lay on my left side,w/o pain.Oh yeah and stand w/o pain.

So off to the doctor's again. :( That is later this afternoon. They gave me a hard time about not coming in to work today but all I can do is stand not sit,I told them I am not coming in. Well the only chair I can just sit in is {you won't believe this } computer chair.I can't sit back Only up right.Well that's better than laying in bed or standing around all day. It just sounds funny.


Meals Yesterday:
B: OJ and some dried fruit
L: left overs pasta with ground turkey and sauce.Ice tea
D: chicken breast baked with brown rice in a cream sauce all low fat and fat free
S: pop ice

B: none
L: potatoes and cheese,ice tea
D:Chicken nachos,ice tea.
S:Ice pop

I will update after the doctor's visit. :) Sounds funny ,really.:)

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free.


P.Hill said...

Hope you get better soon Rae. Very frustrating when you get lots of small injurys.

mary beth said...

Hang in there, Rae. I hope it'll be very soon that you're able to sit anywhere you like for as long as you like!

Anonymous said...

Tail bone injuries are soooooooo painful. I have no idea how you managed to drive home.

What did the doctor say? Are you okay?

Tuggeranong Don said...

This is not good Rae! I really hope it is not much and you are back in gear before long. I am waiting to hear how you get on with the doctor.