Monday, July 23, 2007

Back In The Gym

I went to the gym today.I did the elliptical and I did 20 minutes,on the fat burner program.I thought it would make me sore but it didn't.I did 1.32 miles ,cal 157.That's almost my walking pace.

Tri ext.:30 lbs 6 sets of 15
bi curl: 20 lbs. 5 sets of 12
inner thigh: 55 lbs, 80 x
tri press: 55lbs,3 sets of 12
seated row: 50 lbs, 2 sets of 12
abdominal: 25 lbs,4 sets of 25

B: smoothie
S: cheese
D: chicken breast,broccoli,mashed potatoes,ice tea
Lots of water today too.

We are going to try to walk around the block again tonight.:)
I have had some responses to the blank cards and I truly thank you.If you want to donate cards just read You Got Mail :).
I have to get my endurance back up we have a 5k coming up in August.I need to get moving,But not to hurt myself.I just do not understand why I get injured so much.well sometimes I do,I do push a little.But we all do.
We will be getting our roof here in the next two weeks.We have been waiting since Hurricane Wilma.Also we will be closing in the back patio,and I hope new carpet done too.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!! the counter is counting away!!!I can't wait!!!!

Walked another 2 miles this evening.!!!


Anonymous said...

Be careful not to injure yourself.

Yes I am sure you can do the TOT

Anonymous said...

Wilma? When was Wilma? I noticed that the Beach Club still needed some roof work. I can't imagine how awful it is there after a hurricane and everyone needs roof work. I'm happy for you that you are finally getting the needed repairs and upgrades. :-)

ali said...

You are awesome Rae! Great workout ... I skipped the gym last night :(

Make sure you stretch after each workout or do a yoga class once a week, it will really help and prevent injuries

Rae! said...

Hurricane Wilma was Oct. of 2005.I remember well only because we were at Disney and for the weekend and I got called to be back home within 12 hours of the storm for work and we were suppose to go to MNSSHP that night.I cried because we had to leave so I could be ready to go in to work.I went to guess services and told them what was happening and they gave me new tickets to a different weekend,but we had no idea the storm was going to do so much damage.And I still couldn't go.So once again I called guest services and they gave me new tickets to MVMCP well even then I still could not go,So I gave the tickets away,to a family that had children. I will never forget this one.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Since October of 2005 you have waited for roof work. Best of luck with that.

P.Hill said...

Well done on the gym work :)

Hurricanes!! eeek! and us Brits moan about the rain we are getting this summer :)

Rae! said...

Yeah since 2005!!!!!Now we have less than 60 days to get it complete or they will apply the money to the mortgage and they have been the ones dragging their feet!!!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the training :-D

We were at Disney when that hurricane came over - it was our first trip to the USA. We had to huddle up in our hotel (the not so comfort inn on sandlake road).

Hope you get the work done soon.