Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Under the Weather,Bugg Reset

Today is a better day. The itching is slowing down. My back did break out, that is all that did. My face is still a little sore.

Well it is to late to transfer out of this race that is tomorrow. So with that, I will go pick up my packet and I will still do the race. I am still worried about the swim. I mean it is going to 67 for air temp tomorrow morning at 0700. SO far they are saying the water is going to be 72. So I will wear my wetsuit. I will be wearing the one I have. I am hoping I do not bottom out, I have not been training like I was in Dec. When I get feeling better I have to train like mad. My cap color is going to be green and my wave will start at 0717. E will be posting updates on twitter, and it will post over on facebook too. I will find out how water proof my garmin is tomorrow too. The kids are volunteering today to help set up and tomorrow during the race. I am proud of them for doing that.

We will be staying at All Stars Music in May. I got the rooms reserved. It's set. Except work with my time off.

I have reset all my numbers with the body bugg. Going with the doctors numbers.
So here they are:
current weight:200.00
current body fat: 32%
current LBM: 136.0
Goal date: July 14, 2010
weight loss rate:1.937 lb per week
fat loss rate:2.0 lb per week
muscle gain rate 0.063 lb per week
Goal weight:169.12
body fat goal: 19%
daily calorie burn: 2650
daily caloric deficit:1000 calories
daily steps: 10,000
daily physical activity: 30 minutes
The doctor likes this, so hopefully so will the nutritionist.

So have a great weekend, and I will post pictures later.


Richard said...

I hope you keep getting better through tomorrow so you can enjoy your race. Good luck!

Rae! said...


Amanda said...

Glad to hear the kids are volunteering that's awesome.

The body bugg numbers look very reasonable. Hope the nutritionist agrees.