Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slowing Down

Today I am at work. Doing one on one. I am not doing desk work. I am wondering if I have been put back on the floor and removed from the desk.

Fj is home. He is doing much better than before. Still has to work on things, but better. Tomorrow he goes back to school. We will see how it goes.

I did 2.0 mile intervals yesterday morning. Faster than my normal and my lungs didn't like it. I have been pushing to get faster. So I did it in 28:41. The night before I did it in 29:44.i also did the 30 day shred, and walk a mile, and walk 2 miles. I made my calorie burn and my steps!
Now I have decided to go back to the duathlons. I was going to do the Olympic distance coming up in May but I think I should just do the sprint distance. I do not believe I could clear the rickenbacker 4 times. I haven't been doing any hills lately. And I haven't been working out like I was last year. I got a new mask for swimming and I plan on being back in the pool on Monday. Full face mask are legal.

In the middle of all the mess last week, my gyn calls me and told me I need to come by the office and pick up script to control my cycle better. Plus with my labs off if I didn't want to do that she was going to put me in the hospital til my labs were normal. So i agreed to the hormone therapy.
Holy Cats!
The last two days I have felt pretty good. I do get a sour stomach alot, it is suppose to pass after about a week. We will see. :)

I thank everyone for the support, it means alot to me. Have a great Sunday!!

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Tricia said...

great job on the intervals yesterday

MikeF. said...

Just keep doning it one day at a time. Hope the meds. help out.

Amanda said...

That's cool that full face masks are legal. I hope that helps you out. Be smart and do what you are ready for. There is time to do more after you get things settled down and feel better.