Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Another week.
My legs are sore as you know what. My upper body is getting use to the 30 minute workout. Time to move up to the next level.

I was looking at the registration for the dualthlon. Well there is no sprint distance. Only Olympic. Great. So that means I got to get my butt in the saddle and get down there and ride the causeway. So later today, I am going to run a 6 miler and maybe work in some time to go ride.

I want to tell Richard good luck this weekend. He is going to be doing the Long Horn 70.3. I will be watching, via internet.

Have a great week!


MikeF. said...

Ah but sore is a good thing always remember that. That is the feeling of accomplishment.

Richard said...

Keep up that cross-training and you WILL move up to the next level. Goodluck getting down the causeway!

Thanks for the good wishes! Hopefully you'll see me at a good point.

Tricia said...

hey-shoot me an email. I'm in S.Florida :)


Amanda said...

The good sore - just remember that :)! Great job keeping going.