Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Poor Mustang...

Those who all know me,know I love my car.

Well last Friday, my 5.0 fox decided it was going to throw a money wrench into the mix.
Man did it ever.

How about a big hole in the front of my motor!? And on I95.

Yep. my beautiful 5.0 motor is now resting in peace. See that hole???

We believe the crank broke when I was going to pass on the interstate and 65 in third gear, and BAM!!!!! And oil went blowing out the back of the car. E has a Mustang convertible of the same style of mine, but it is acting up and so we now have no transportation.
This motor is already to come out and we are going to replace the bottom end as long as there is no damage to the top. The bottom is still all stock.

So we went to rent a car for 2 weeks. And we thought we were going to end up with a little foreign tin can. Saturday it was like I had lost my dog. I felt aweful. Anyway... Our favorite place we rent from and not naming any names, offers this for the 2 weeks.....

HOLY CATS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! The new 2010 with only 4800 miles on it, mustang convertible!!! It's the 6 not the 8 cylinder. I started to cry.
Is all I can say. What a sweet ride it has been. Grabber Blue. I call it my kool aide machine. :) I fell in love with this mustang. Do not get me wrong I love my fox body mustang as seen in white above,but this one is just WOW!!!!

So now I have to save some money and later go see if I can get me one of these.

See doesn't it look like it belongs in my driveway? {big grin}

So as we take the motor out I will post pictures of what it looks like. I think it's coming out today. :) Not sure yet.

As for the duathlon this weekend, I am not doing it. I am going to sit this one out, but the kids are still going to volunteer.


mgreene said...

My '93 Cobra just rolled 200,000 miles with no engine problems. Kind of unusual for a 5.0 to have any (maybe you have a heavy right foot? ;) )

Rae! said...

Well the ex husband didn't drive the car all that well, and he said I loved the car more than him, and now he is the ex.... ;)
I do not know how many miles were on the bottom end of that motor. The bottom end was a 97 ford explorer. Eric has a 5.0 mustang stock bottom we are going to put on it. As long as there is no damage to the gt 40 heads.
That's awesome mileage on you car. Eric wants a 93- 95.
We will see as it comes apart. I will post more as we see it.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about your baby - that sucks big time.

Congrats on the sweet rental - that's such an awesome color!!!