Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update Since Last

I know I Have not been keeping up the last little bit. My house is turned around. We are moving things around to move a family member in.last minute thing.

Plus the stress from the job, and teens I have been an emotional wreck. My food intake has been off, and exercising has been off to. Now I am hearing that we can suggest where we would like to go in the hospital from Nov. To Jan. Now I am worried not only having a job, but making it to the half. What if the other department won't give me the time off?

Yesterday I did the 5k loop on the dreadmill. I did it in 42 mintues by TM time and garmin time 43. Not to bad.then in the evening I did 2 miles in 26 mintues. Garmin time. Grand total 5 miles. That is really good for me. If I am not to worn out from worki will try again. I am on my three in a row.
Weigh in today. Just a half pound. That ok it still came off. So now I am at 200.5. Man this has been an tough road.

Ok gotta go.


MikeF. said...

Rae keep your chin up. The one thing I find amazing is hearing how all around the country the health care industry needs more nurses because hospitals are short staffed. Then they go and close down floors and lay off nurses?!? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Most likely money driven. I am curious though as to what floor you work on. Is it like a cancer unit, Burn unit Etc.. Plus always remember we are all here for you when you need it.

DebWDW said...

Those are pretty good numbers considering the craziness of your life lately! You inspire me!

Chris said...

You're doing great! Despite all of the distractions. Just think of how easy it'll be as things start to settle in ;-)