Saturday, July 19, 2008

This Week

I have not been posting the last few days. I have been busy with work. Work is us up a bit. My floor is moving to the 2ND floor, and the 2ND floor is moving to my floor, 4Th. And we are only going to have 25 rooms!!!!! What Are you kidding me?!?!?! So that means we will be floating like it is closed. They are renovating part of the 2ND floor, and we get to hear all the noise and stuff. :(
So I called the Or manager, and asked if they could use me there for a while. I had a friend of mine refer me. I hope I can get in . Then I won't float everywhere. Even if it is temporary.

I have been doing my exercises and I have received my new workout and I started that on Thursday. Today is a rest day. But We are trying to get out the door and put in ten today. It was raining this morning and it is steaming hot right now. So we are going to try later this afternoon.

I weighed in today. I lost 1 pound. 201. I am just hanging on to the 200 just a week longer. I can not wait to get out of it!!!! 199 here I come!!! I have uniform pants I am not alowed to wear to work anymore, since they are way to big, and I can wear some I haven't wore in 2 years. And Yesterday My boss said my Mickey scrub tops are getting to big and I have to retire them. Why?? When I lean over, you can see down the top of it. Even with a under shirt. What no Mickey tops!!! :-*

I can not wait to do the 10k. Staying at the all stars? and After the race they are having the International Food and wine picnic breakfast! I can not wait!!! I am looking to up grade my black berry. But I want one that I can use a a modem so I won't have to pay for internet.

I can't wait to hear how Jonathan did on his trip. Hmmmm......

My fall on the dread mill was not painful. I did not hurt anything. I do have a skined knee. I am glad it was me not one of my kids. We all have been training for the 10k.

Still waiting on my foot pod for my garmin....

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MikeF. said...

Hey Rae! Glad to see you are keeping at it. I'm sorry but I could do nothing but laugh about the scrubs comment.