Sunday, July 6, 2008

Third Time Is The Charm

We are now home. We arrived home at 6:30p east coast time. We left the World at 2p, got on the turnpike at 2:45p.
We got up real early, loaded the car., we went and had breakfast,then headed to Typhoon Lagoon. They opened at 9a today. We did the crushin gusher. I made a mistake and I did the 4 stories of stairs to fast and made my right knee hurt. I had to sit out a few rounds. FJ is not a big fan of that one. SO me,E, and the SP, rode it as a three person ride. Then we took the lazy river around. Then we headed back around on the river to the slides. I did not do them since my knee was not being pleasant.
I will have to remember to bring my knee brace so I can climb those stairs!!!! I missed out on a lot of slides. We did the wave pool and went back to the Crushin Gusher. Not as many stairs. Then later found out it has a elevator!
We had our park cups,and had drinks and ate in the park. Lots of sun tan lotion. Even with the lotion, we all still got some sun.
The ride home was uneventful.{Thank goodness} Over all it wasn't to bad of a trip,{ i didn't ride Soarin!!!} but I am not to sure I want to do anymore holidays at the parks. People just have no manners. The fireworks were awesome. I will download the pictures on Tuesday. And a picture of one of the tires that went bad on the car.
I have to say, eating out wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Temptations were all around, and I did not cave. I have to say they have alot of alternatives compare to last year. So no worries in October. I still have to have something more to meet my calories for today or I will not make it.
And I am so proud of myself for sticking to it. And I am almost at 199!!! I am so excited to be under again!! I haven't since 2001. Thanks for the support too!!!!
JB we got home and SP found a cool mail.
I will let everyone know when I post the pictures, and video!!


Matt said...

Glad you guys had a good trip and made it home safely.

I agree with you on holidays. I'd just assume stay home during the summer (and here I am wanting to work there!).

DebWDW said...

Congrats on all your weight loss lately! Do you attribute it to Isabeau and her plan? I bet she's thrilled that it's working!

Rae! said...

Yes Deb I do!!! She has taught me a lot. I have to work hard but hey I am so worth it. :)

Princess Fee said...

Enjoyed reading all about your trip to the World - and sounds like you managed to get a lot done, despite the crowds!
And excellent on your weight loss and your eating on the trips - I hope you're really proud (you should be!). :D

caballerofan said...

"I have to work hard, but hey I am so worth it."

Yes you are my friend. Don't ever forget that.

Congrats on everything that is going in the "right" direction.

Keep up that hard work.