Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steamy, and Rainy

I never made it to the gym last night to do my high cardio. So I got up this morning and I did it. I did 1 hour on the stair master. Level #2,floors 96, miles 2.02,calories 333. I wanted to go faster but I have to be mindful of the knees. If weather permitting, I plan on going out side to do 4 miles. I am doing double duty today.

I have had to wear my arm brace for the last 24 hours. My hand is acting up again. E said it would working the three days in a row. Well it has. Now I have to talk to my Manager to see if he can switch the next three days on the new schedule. :( No pain just tingling in the middle and index finger.

OK I am working on a challenge for Team Voice. This is going to be a bit different.But yet a Team Challenge for the next 5 months.As I get all the pieces put together, I will post it.

How is everyone doing?? Don't forget about the Corn Fun run coming up. I can't do the 10k, I have to do the 5k. It is at the beginning of my next three in a row.:(cursor:hand;"

I have to go and but new scrubs!! All my stuff is TOO BIG! Holy CATS!!!! I hope they have some with mickey on them. I will not feel right not wearing my Mickeys!!!
I will go in to shock!!! 12 hours and no Mickey Mouse, unheard of!!! :-0

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

Yes there is a shortage of nurses out there.Good ones at that. They have to close the floor to bring it up to date. I know we are suffering for it. But what can I do but vent. I hope that we do not go job less. They said we can go to another floor till the construction is done. The Boss put up a list of where we would like to go. I am hoping for the er or recovery room. I will be going to the recovery room as of Monday to see if I like it. And I know I will and I hope they all like me. And maybe they will want to keep me. :)


caballerofan said...

An hour on the Stair Master! Holy Cats that's gotta burn!

Good luck in the recovery room.

MikeF. said...

We have the dreadmill and now the scaremaster. Huh what do ya think?

Rae! said...