Friday, July 11, 2008

Better Today

I am feeling much better today. Now I have a calf muscle acting up in my left leg. I didn't do the cardio part today, but I did do the exercise part.
calories today 1329

I have my Reese set for October. All Star Sports. I used Dreams Unlimited and they are awesome. They are working on the one for the 10k and for Jan 09'. They are also going to make sure we get priority seating at all the ADR's too. Sweet!!!! I can't wait to see what else they have for the RFTT 10k. And the half.

Weigh in tomorrow. Kinda nervous since I have been in pain. As long as I loose I will be happy. I have to work tomorrow and I can not go to the gym. :( I am just to damn sore. Still waiting to hear about the shirts. I sent out an e-mail for this other company. If they can't do a better deal then I will be going back to the Running Shop In Miami.

OK got to get some sleep!

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