Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Adventure Getting To Disney World

First thing.
Happy 4th to everyone!!!

This morning we got up to leave for the World. We got up late since we forgot to set an alarm clock. Got the car packed and now we are off at 9a.
We are now about an hour and a half into our road trip and the car starts to shake. We both thought it was the road. Thought nothing of it. About 5 minutes later the car starts to shake so bad, I thought it was going to fall apart. We pulled over. Looked at the tires.We didn't see a thing at first. Got back in and then it was shaking so bad that we could not go faster than 30mph. SO we pulled of the turnpike and found a Tire Kingdom. My tires were only 2 years old. Well the passenger rear tire was separating. So we got a new tire.They checked the others and they looked good and passed.
So we replaced the tire and got back out on the turnpike. Things were going pretty good. We st oped to top of the tank. Not to bad. Even if we had to pay 4.39 a gallon.
80 miles later the shake came back. Now we are on the park of the turnpike were there is no exit or rest area for 20 miles. So we drove the car on the shoulder doing 40 mph. Then it became worse. The front passenger tire was separating too. So we had to drive on the shoulder for 20 miles at 35 mph.
We made it to the rest area and thank goodness for AAA. They towed us the rest of the way to get 3 more tires.At this point it is now 1:30p. We left our house at 9am, and it is only a 3 hour drive. So by 4p we were able to get the other 3 tires.Now I have a full set of new tires on my car. We are only 30 miles from the World. We go check in the hotel. And FINALLY make it to the World. It is now 6p.Crowded. Rainy. We get to the gates and the first thing we see, is a young lady on the ground from slipping on the wet concrete. Her right leg is rotated completely out. That tells me her hip is out. This is on Main Street. A short walk later, we run into an angry man yelling and screaming at another man who bumped someone in a scooter. And the Man was trying to hit the guy in the scooter!!!! We didn't make it back to the front of the castle to see the fire works. So we watched them from Fanastyland side. The fireworks were awesome. We were surrounded by them!!! I have some great pictures too. And you should have seen the sea of people. It took us 45 minutes to get to Small World from Dumbo. Then to get out of the crowd we went on the Haunted mansion, and thunder mountain 6 times!!!! Then we did pirates and the Jungle cruise.
So this is our first day here. Tomorrow we plan to go to Hollywood Studios and do Toy Story Mania and look for Wall E. Then head out to the water parks.

I didn't make my calories today. I thought I was going to go over.I did only 1012. And that is with dinner in the World too!!!!

I do hope Saturday is to be a better day.
Have a great day everyone!!!!

Team Voice Rocks !!!!!

BTW I have set an ADR for Jan.9th at 6pm for the Crystal Palace. So all of you Team Voicers who want to join us let me know. I thought it would be a nice way to end the day before the race. Please let me know if you are going to come!!!I have limited seating.


MikeF. said...

Rae I am sorry about your trip to the world. I am glad you guys made it there safe and were able to see the fireworks. And yes I am still jealous.

Chris said...

What a crazy day! Glad y'all made it safely though. :-) Have a great time.