Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Bye July....

I am sooooo glad this month is over. I didn't think it was going to end. That means the kids go back to school this month for us.

I am putting the finishing touches on the Team Voice Challenge. And it is going to be for the next 5 months. It's going to be crazy ,wild, and make you say WHAT THE....

I was on the boards this morning. I could not sleep well last night. I think I am excited about going to get my Mom,and we may have a new furry family member. We will know later today. :)

This month as been really hard for everyone. I know I am one of those. I am glad to have this month behind me and all the stress that came with this month. Looking ahead, August looks way better. I have a little more job security too.{whew}

Also this month we are registering for the Race for The taste 10k.Got the room. Got the time off too.

Here are my stats for the month.
miles 24.99
push ups: 67
weight loss -6.5

I didn't make my weight loss goal for the month. I am a half pound off.{grrrr}
Good bye July, no looking back, I am moving forward. Are you??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steamy, and Rainy

I never made it to the gym last night to do my high cardio. So I got up this morning and I did it. I did 1 hour on the stair master. Level #2,floors 96, miles 2.02,calories 333. I wanted to go faster but I have to be mindful of the knees. If weather permitting, I plan on going out side to do 4 miles. I am doing double duty today.

I have had to wear my arm brace for the last 24 hours. My hand is acting up again. E said it would working the three days in a row. Well it has. Now I have to talk to my Manager to see if he can switch the next three days on the new schedule. :( No pain just tingling in the middle and index finger.

OK I am working on a challenge for Team Voice. This is going to be a bit different.But yet a Team Challenge for the next 5 months.As I get all the pieces put together, I will post it.

How is everyone doing?? Don't forget about the Corn Fun run coming up. I can't do the 10k, I have to do the 5k. It is at the beginning of my next three in a row.:(cursor:hand;"

I have to go and but new scrubs!! All my stuff is TOO BIG! Holy CATS!!!! I hope they have some with mickey on them. I will not feel right not wearing my Mickeys!!!
I will go in to shock!!! 12 hours and no Mickey Mouse, unheard of!!! :-0

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

Yes there is a shortage of nurses out there.Good ones at that. They have to close the floor to bring it up to date. I know we are suffering for it. But what can I do but vent. I hope that we do not go job less. They said we can go to another floor till the construction is done. The Boss put up a list of where we would like to go. I am hoping for the er or recovery room. I will be going to the recovery room as of Monday to see if I like it. And I know I will and I hope they all like me. And maybe they will want to keep me. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going Back To My Normal

Well I am done with my three day work week. Man I was so tried last night I fell asleep before ten. I have my new schedule for August and I have to do it again!!! :( and it is during the corn fun run!!!! :(

We have the house in order. The only thing is we are having a hard time finding twin beds!!! SO I have no beds for the one room!!!! :-*

Well FJ may have a job. We will know in a couple of days. Busting tables at a pizza place here. FINALLY!!!!!! :)

Exercise front, well I have been trying to keep up on the last three days. I did the resistance circuit training. Today I am going to try doing the high cardio sprints for 30 minutes and then do 30 minutes on the stair master.

I know I do not have to say listen to the show this week, I know everyone will. But when you do listen, keep and ear out for more Team Voice news. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update Since Last

I know I Have not been keeping up the last little bit. My house is turned around. We are moving things around to move a family member in.last minute thing.

Plus the stress from the job, and teens I have been an emotional wreck. My food intake has been off, and exercising has been off to. Now I am hearing that we can suggest where we would like to go in the hospital from Nov. To Jan. Now I am worried not only having a job, but making it to the half. What if the other department won't give me the time off?

Yesterday I did the 5k loop on the dreadmill. I did it in 42 mintues by TM time and garmin time 43. Not to bad.then in the evening I did 2 miles in 26 mintues. Garmin time. Grand total 5 miles. That is really good for me. If I am not to worn out from worki will try again. I am on my three in a row.
Weigh in today. Just a half pound. That ok it still came off. So now I am at 200.5. Man this has been an tough road.

Ok gotta go.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What The.......

Well what a day.

Yesterday I did my running sprints. 6.0 by the dreadmill, and the Garmin was reading 6.3. for one hour. 30 seconds on, and 20 off. I made it to 37:30, and I just could not run anymore,my legs were like jelly. So I walked the rest. speed 3.4 on the dreadmill, Garmin 3.8. I haven't downloaded it yet. I burned 767 in calories yesterday. Today was off. My right foot has a bump on it. E found it yesterday. It doesn't bother me. I was thinking of having it checked out.

Today we pulled up carpet, scrub walls for painting,man it was tiring.

I am glad to see all the great things happening around the Disney blogging land.Matt is loosing weight,Chris is still running, Mike is back out there.Jon,Big J, well he is having a hard time. He just has to get up dust off and Keep Moving Forward!!!! Jeff W. you too. There is nothing you all can do about what has happened. But you can control what is Going to happen tomorrow. :)

I was under a lot of stress yesterday from work. My floor has moved to a smaller unit.And found out we will be there till Jan!!!! Then I get sent home early,and after I get home I find out, that the small unit we are on now maybe closed in November, and if they have a place to put us they will place us. What ?! Are you Kidding me!?!?!
I could be job less?!?! Holy S---T!! I mean Cats!!!So I had went over my calories!!! I felt bad but didn't care and did it anyway. Stress eating is bad:( But I owned it and I have moved on from it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Wall..

I set out yesterday to do 10 miles. I ended up doing 8.2 miles in 2:21. I hit the wall at mile 6. I got the shakes and felt funny. So I had to slow down. We stopped at the corner store And I got a G2. After I had that I started to feel better. SO E and I have decided to get back outside, on my off days of training from Isabeau. I need to get used to the humidity. It is not as bad as it was earlier, but it is there. Today I have to do 1 hour of High cardio today. I can choose from stair master, fast sprints, or hill sprints. I have noticed that she has shorten the time I am off resting now. More running.

I am sore today too.
Check out Craig's blog. He posted numbers from Magic Meets. Running Disney.
And a A great big Holy Cats to Mike For loosing all that weight.And Matt has found what is working for him. He is loosing too!!!! :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This Week

I have not been posting the last few days. I have been busy with work. Work is us up a bit. My floor is moving to the 2ND floor, and the 2ND floor is moving to my floor, 4Th. And we are only going to have 25 rooms!!!!! What Are you kidding me?!?!?! So that means we will be floating like it is closed. They are renovating part of the 2ND floor, and we get to hear all the noise and stuff. :(
So I called the Or manager, and asked if they could use me there for a while. I had a friend of mine refer me. I hope I can get in . Then I won't float everywhere. Even if it is temporary.

I have been doing my exercises and I have received my new workout and I started that on Thursday. Today is a rest day. But We are trying to get out the door and put in ten today. It was raining this morning and it is steaming hot right now. So we are going to try later this afternoon.

I weighed in today. I lost 1 pound. 201. I am just hanging on to the 200 just a week longer. I can not wait to get out of it!!!! 199 here I come!!! I have uniform pants I am not alowed to wear to work anymore, since they are way to big, and I can wear some I haven't wore in 2 years. And Yesterday My boss said my Mickey scrub tops are getting to big and I have to retire them. Why?? When I lean over, you can see down the top of it. Even with a under shirt. What no Mickey tops!!! :-*

I can not wait to do the 10k. Staying at the all stars? and After the race they are having the International Food and wine picnic breakfast! I can not wait!!! I am looking to up grade my black berry. But I want one that I can use a a modem so I won't have to pay for internet.

I can't wait to hear how Jonathan did on his trip. Hmmmm......

My fall on the dread mill was not painful. I did not hurt anything. I do have a skined knee. I am glad it was me not one of my kids. We all have been training for the 10k.

Still waiting on my foot pod for my garmin....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust.....

Well how is everyone doing? All well I hope.

I have a crazy gym story for all.
I went to the gym to do my sprints. Then dreadmill I normally use was full. So I use the older ones. I started out pretty good. I went to jump to the side and guess what.You will never guess.. Really guess.... ready..... I missed and fell off the dredmill!!!! Yes not a type o I fell. E got the the thing to stop and I went down on my right knee. Skinned it pretty good. I assessed myself before I got up. No pain, No aches, ok get up. Still no pain. So I got up and I started over and I finished!!! The first ten sprints, I did at speed 6.0, then the last ten at speed 6.2. Still no pain. But I am icing down the knee, for that tomorrow ache. The one that waits till the next day.

Food is good. My calories are now at 1300 daily. Not as hard to make.
Tomorrow I am off but I have to go to a meeting. Yuck.:(

It is official!!!
Crystal Palace Jan.9 2009, Friday before the race 5:05p. I am going to try to get more seats.I have 2 left out of 12.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I have a few things I want to tell everyone. Saturday was my weigh in. Yep I had to do a double take. I lost another 3 pounds!!! I am 3 pounds away from my first weight goal of 199!!! Holy Cats!!!!!!
I worked yesterday, so I got to do my exercise part of my workout,and we went to our friends house for the evening. I was very good.:)
Today I did workout #1. And at the gym I planed on running on the dreadmill. I wanted to see how far I could go without stopping. I set the dreadmill for 30 minutes,and I did a 5 minutes warm up walk at 3.4 and incline of 5. I started running after my warm up. No incline. 25 minutes later, I was still running.The timer went to cool down. :) It was real hard to get the last couple minutes in but I did it. I ran 2.13 miles. The dreadmill said I was pacing at 13:38. SWEET!!!!!! Then I went over and did the Stair climber. I did 20 minutes on it. .73 miles, 36 floors. That was my first time on it. I thought my knees would not like it. I went slow. I am so proud of myself. :)

My dearest friend Jeff, from my family to yours our hearts go out to you and your family. :(

I have not heard back form this other place for shirts. If I do not hear from them by the end of the day tomorrow, I am going back to our running shop down south. We need our shirts!!!! I need shirt sizes.

If you have a Garmin forwrunner 50, there are new updates for it. I am waiting the arrival of the foot pod. Now I will be able to track my miles and pace, and map it.
I have to get a new battery for it too.

Everyone have a great week!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Better Today

I am feeling much better today. Now I have a calf muscle acting up in my left leg. I didn't do the cardio part today, but I did do the exercise part.
calories today 1329

I have my Reese set for October. All Star Sports. I used Dreams Unlimited and they are awesome. They are working on the one for the 10k and for Jan 09'. They are also going to make sure we get priority seating at all the ADR's too. Sweet!!!! I can't wait to see what else they have for the RFTT 10k. And the half.

Weigh in tomorrow. Kinda nervous since I have been in pain. As long as I loose I will be happy. I have to work tomorrow and I can not go to the gym. :( I am just to damn sore. Still waiting to hear about the shirts. I sent out an e-mail for this other company. If they can't do a better deal then I will be going back to the Running Shop In Miami.

OK got to get some sleep!

I am In Pain!

I am hurting today. I am not sure if I pulled something or if it is true pain. My left leg lower back and hip area is very painful.It is hard to sit,stand lie down. If not feeling better I will go see the doc.

So I have been resting today. No outside miles nothing!

I was reading the boards, I am game for anything everyone is up to doing. Matt Friday morning sounds good for Packet pick up. This is going to be sooooo much fun!!!! How it is going to be to have everyone in one place. Deb don't worry you are going to do just fine. We all are. :) I will have my MOM and Dad there taking pictures!!! Yes My Dad is coming!!!! I can't believe it!! I am looking into where to stay. I am not sure if I want to do a value or splurge and do something else. It is in the works.

I have never been more motivated in my life as I am now. So thank you all and keep moving forward!!!! We can do this. I am working on the shirts. I am trying to get them done by the end of August. So I will need shirts sizes, and how many do you want. I will have 2. One for the race and one to wear that evening. Loud and proud!!!!

I am not in pain today, still some soreness in the left calf nothing like yesterday with the entire leg. Back at it. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I worked 12 hours today and did all of this. Thank goodness for days off!!!
Workout 2: Frontside
*Same as before- 3 times through, and then cardio option below!

45 seconds buttkicks
30 “stepups” on chair or flat bench
15 pushups

45 seconds “jumprope”
20 tricep chair/bench dips
30 seconds scissor kicks

10 burpies
45 seconds jumping jacks
50 regular crunches

After completing each of these sets 3 times, complete one of the following cardio options for 20-30 minutes:
*Sprints on a low/no incline (minimum speed of 6.0, 30 seconds on/30 off)
*Consistent jog
*Elliptical at a high resistance level
*Spin class
*Elliptical sprints
Your days will look like this, and you can arrange your schedule to start on whatever day is necessary for you:

Day 1: Workout 1
Day 2: Workout 2
Day 3: Day Off
Day 4: Workout 1
Day 5: Workout 2
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Day Off

Here is what I did today, and tomorrow is a rest day.So since it is a rest day, I am going to go out and do outside miles.
Today's cardio was the sprints at 6.0 spped, and no incline .I t was the fastest 2.0 miles I have ever done. And I did 45 push ups today. My arm has been bothering me so they were hard to do.
The pictures above, well the castle, and Fantasyland, at sunset.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And It Begins

Here is what i did today.
Workout 1: Backside
*Complete each set 3 times through

45 seconds Jumping Jacks
50 fast squats
10 burpies

45 seconds Mountain Climbers
20 plank rows (10 on each side) (
30 “Supermans” (

45 seconds “high knees” in place (
50 bicycle crunches
20 alternating lunges
25 bicep curls with dumbbells (use canned food or bottled water if you don’t have any available)

After completing each of these sets 3 times, complete one of the following cardio options for 20-30 minutes:
*High incline treadmill walking (minimum incline of 9, minimum speed of 2.8- NO HANDS!!!)
*Hill Sprints (Incline 10, speed 3.8—30 seconds on/30 seconds off)

I did the cardio 20 minutes incline walk @ 9. Next time I will up it each time. Tomorrow I will be doing work out 2. I walked .98 miles.

Pictures are up as promised. I up loaded Toy Story Mania in Rae's photos.
And here is a video I took.
Here is the link. I can't get it to up load.!!!! Grrrrrr

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Third Time Is The Charm

We are now home. We arrived home at 6:30p east coast time. We left the World at 2p, got on the turnpike at 2:45p.
We got up real early, loaded the car., we went and had breakfast,then headed to Typhoon Lagoon. They opened at 9a today. We did the crushin gusher. I made a mistake and I did the 4 stories of stairs to fast and made my right knee hurt. I had to sit out a few rounds. FJ is not a big fan of that one. SO me,E, and the SP, rode it as a three person ride. Then we took the lazy river around. Then we headed back around on the river to the slides. I did not do them since my knee was not being pleasant.
I will have to remember to bring my knee brace so I can climb those stairs!!!! I missed out on a lot of slides. We did the wave pool and went back to the Crushin Gusher. Not as many stairs. Then later found out it has a elevator!
We had our park cups,and had drinks and ate in the park. Lots of sun tan lotion. Even with the lotion, we all still got some sun.
The ride home was uneventful.{Thank goodness} Over all it wasn't to bad of a trip,{ i didn't ride Soarin!!!} but I am not to sure I want to do anymore holidays at the parks. People just have no manners. The fireworks were awesome. I will download the pictures on Tuesday. And a picture of one of the tires that went bad on the car.
I have to say, eating out wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Temptations were all around, and I did not cave. I have to say they have alot of alternatives compare to last year. So no worries in October. I still have to have something more to meet my calories for today or I will not make it.
And I am so proud of myself for sticking to it. And I am almost at 199!!! I am so excited to be under again!! I haven't since 2001. Thanks for the support too!!!!
JB we got home and SP found a cool mail.
I will let everyone know when I post the pictures, and video!!

The Saga Continues.........

Today was a bit better than Friday. Except for the water parks were full to capacity.
We rode Toy Story Mania a couple times today,Star Wars. I have pictures an some brief video. We went looking for Wall E today. He is not out just yet, but when he is he will be in Animation. We have pictures there and a small video. I will post them under my you tube.And I will link it up too.
We did manage to get an ADR to 50's. We had dinner there. we had so much fun there. They made FJ pick up Mom"s living room!!!! I got yelled at for the elbows on the table couple times. And Small person was dragged out of her seat into the other room for everyone to sing happy birthday. It was great!!! I have pictures I will post when we get home.
Then we went over and waited to see Fantasmic. Well a small cloud had some lightening in it so it delayed the show. So the crowd entertained themselves for 45 minutes and all they did was blow off the fireworks. They canceled the show. Let me say, we have sat in the rain watching this show. I was so disappointed. So was the entire crowd.

I guess we should have stayed home.

So now we are going to get up early and wait for the water parks to open so we can go in one before we leave to drive home.
Keeping track of my calories isn't going to be as hard as I thought. It has been easy and painless.
This hotel is ok if there is no where else open. The hot water heater was down today for some unknown reason.From 2-4p we came back to the room,took a nap,kids went swimming.And then we headed back out.

Well that was today's adventure. Let's see how we get through tomorrow. I walked a half mile today before we did anything. I plan on doing that in the am too.

I am going to set an ADR for Jan.09 on the 9th.That is Friday before the race. I will be making it for 6p. I thought it would be a nice way for all of us to get together have dinner, and end Friday together as a Team with our families and friends.
Let me know if you want to attend. And Disney dinning will not let me set the ADR till next Sunday!!!!!

OK well I am out!!!!

BTW, My weigh in was good! I have dropped another 2 pounds!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Adventure Getting To Disney World

First thing.
Happy 4th to everyone!!!

This morning we got up to leave for the World. We got up late since we forgot to set an alarm clock. Got the car packed and now we are off at 9a.
We are now about an hour and a half into our road trip and the car starts to shake. We both thought it was the road. Thought nothing of it. About 5 minutes later the car starts to shake so bad, I thought it was going to fall apart. We pulled over. Looked at the tires.We didn't see a thing at first. Got back in and then it was shaking so bad that we could not go faster than 30mph. SO we pulled of the turnpike and found a Tire Kingdom. My tires were only 2 years old. Well the passenger rear tire was separating. So we got a new tire.They checked the others and they looked good and passed.
So we replaced the tire and got back out on the turnpike. Things were going pretty good. We st oped to top of the tank. Not to bad. Even if we had to pay 4.39 a gallon.
80 miles later the shake came back. Now we are on the park of the turnpike were there is no exit or rest area for 20 miles. So we drove the car on the shoulder doing 40 mph. Then it became worse. The front passenger tire was separating too. So we had to drive on the shoulder for 20 miles at 35 mph.
We made it to the rest area and thank goodness for AAA. They towed us the rest of the way to get 3 more tires.At this point it is now 1:30p. We left our house at 9am, and it is only a 3 hour drive. So by 4p we were able to get the other 3 tires.Now I have a full set of new tires on my car. We are only 30 miles from the World. We go check in the hotel. And FINALLY make it to the World. It is now 6p.Crowded. Rainy. We get to the gates and the first thing we see, is a young lady on the ground from slipping on the wet concrete. Her right leg is rotated completely out. That tells me her hip is out. This is on Main Street. A short walk later, we run into an angry man yelling and screaming at another man who bumped someone in a scooter. And the Man was trying to hit the guy in the scooter!!!! We didn't make it back to the front of the castle to see the fire works. So we watched them from Fanastyland side. The fireworks were awesome. We were surrounded by them!!! I have some great pictures too. And you should have seen the sea of people. It took us 45 minutes to get to Small World from Dumbo. Then to get out of the crowd we went on the Haunted mansion, and thunder mountain 6 times!!!! Then we did pirates and the Jungle cruise.
So this is our first day here. Tomorrow we plan to go to Hollywood Studios and do Toy Story Mania and look for Wall E. Then head out to the water parks.

I didn't make my calories today. I thought I was going to go over.I did only 1012. And that is with dinner in the World too!!!!

I do hope Saturday is to be a better day.
Have a great day everyone!!!!

Team Voice Rocks !!!!!

BTW I have set an ADR for Jan.9th at 6pm for the Crystal Palace. So all of you Team Voicers who want to join us let me know. I thought it would be a nice way to end the day before the race. Please let me know if you are going to come!!!I have limited seating.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guess Where I Am Going??

I haven't posted in a couple days. I have been not feeling well. But I am getting better.
I did my Tuesday exercise last night after work.I am getting faster. I had to speed up so I would quit running into the bar on the dreadmill. I didn't do it on Tuesday. Today I will be heading out to get my other one in. I went over in my count yesterday. 1645
I just missed counted.
I get home from work last night, and my small person is upset. I asked her why. None of her friends are going to be home this weekend. SO that means her party is going to be a flop. Then I get this, " Mommy I want to go to Disney since none on my friends are going to be here." What?! Small person never ask to go, always looking to get out of going. So E and I talked about it and said ok, if that is what she wants to do. She hasn't had a birthday in the World yet. So I do believe we are going as long as I can find a room.
OK here is my worries. Eating, I am suppose to weigh in on Saturday.Isabeau said not to worry about one meal a day. Do not count it. Ok. Since we all ready carry a back pack with all our snacks and drinks.

So I will have to count and be careful.I am pretty good at that. It would be cool to see the holiday fireworks.
I hope everyone has a safe weekend. I will hug Mickey Mouse for everyone!!! And I will hug Donald too!!
We got a room and it is going to be crowded!!! The people there for the nascar races and the holiday!!!