Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well we rode our bikes last night,and this is the first time that I have ever timed it.Let me say that I was impressed with the final time.We rode 4 miles and we did it in 23:20.Can you believe it!!!I sure can't.I didn't realize that we were riding that fast.That was including a sidewalk block from a traffic trouble!!

Tonight we are going to the gym to do the light weight training.That way I won't be over doing the bike riding and re injure my self.No pain today and no limp.But when I walked a little fast at work My muscle did tell me to slow down.I did.This friday will be week 2 since my injury.

This month just can't go fast enough so I can get out there walking again.

Hi and wecome to Erock.This is a great group to talk with and keep informed with everything Disney.And when you feel down,say so the support will come rolling in.!!!And it all helps.I haven't met anyone here either but I sure can not wait to meet everyone.

Thank you to everyone for the support you have gave and I only hope to be able to return it. :)

Train hard ,have fun,and stay injury free!!!

C-ya 08-09

Runner's World Kick in The Butt:
Don't expect everyday to be better than the last.Some days will be slower than others,and some days might even hurt a bit.But as long as you're on the road,it's a good day.


Joggerblogger said...

The bike riding sounds like fun - I keep meaning ot go out for a ride. Sounds like you aren't letting the injury get your training down :-)

I love the quote today:
Don't expect everyday to be better than the last...
That's so true about running, just when you think you have got it nailed either an injury comes along or you have a real tough run.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job with your training. When you get back to your runs I bet you notice the difference from all of this cross training.

- Kate