Friday, May 11, 2007

Off Today

Today is my off day.No training today.I hope that I see a difference too Kate.But I can only start back at a half mile at a time.I have to be able to speak clearly and speed walk before I can add more mileage.I can't wait.But i will.Last night I did @ miles on the tbftin 29:53 minutes.

Thanks Jonathan for the info on what a dole whip is. I haven't had one, and I will wait to have one.Mouse fest or 1/2m 09.Or both.:) Just be careful and don't hurt yourself.20 months I believe till we run.Got your letter today and it's on it's way back to you.We doubled it ok.Oh and I put a surprise in it.Let me know when you get it.

Joggerblogger thanks,I found the quotes on Runner's World and I thought it would be neat to post them.I'm glad you like them.I sure do.

That's all for tonight,I hope everyone has a great weekend and Mother's Day.Hug your Mother this weekend.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Feeling tired? Instead of taking the day off,throw some walk breaks into your run.Use the walk breaks to refuel,stretch out sore muscles,or get inspired by the scenery.


Anonymous said...

Great idea for today Rae. I was going to take a day off but I think I will do some walk training. Thanks. :)

Yes, I noticed that while I can speak while doing 5 mph I have more trouble at 6mph. So I'm sure that my training at 5mph is where I need to be right now. Plus I use the heart rate monitor. Maybe that would help Jonathan -- if he checked it to see whether he was getting to his traget zone.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

- Kate

Joggerblogger said...

Snap! my day off running/training as well.