Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday!!

Not a bad day today.

At the gym tonight:
Bike random hills,level 7,20 minutes,6.67
Ti curl:20 lbs.,3reps @20
Bi curl: 30 lbs 3reps @20
Seated row:1 rep@12 70 lbs.
2 reps@12 60 lbs
ab.machine 35 lbs,3 reps 40
shoulder press,30 lbs 3 reps@15
leg extension,20 lbs,3 reps 20
leg ex.single leg 10 lbs,1 rep 15
Leg curl,40 lbs,3 reps @20

5:30a no shake,hot tea
9:30a oatmeal,yogurt{70},water
1:30p left over pasta and sausage,salad, ice tea
7p south beach bar
8:30p chicken{fried 2 pieces},peas,ice tea

Plus work today.That's for today.My pedometer broke so I have no miles for work.
Tomorrow is my daughter's banquet.Her day to shine.The school jazz band is going to play,then dinner,and the awards.I do know she will be getting a superior for her solo she played.And she gets to go to the symphonic band.She skips a whole class.She plays my clarinet,that has been in the family.It's an original wood.She is also the 3rd generation to play this one.I am proud.My son is on the b honor roll,and wants to play football.We will see.:)

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
If you don't run road races,where will you get your t-shirts??


Anonymous said...

I like your workout. I should add some weights too.

Never tried the South Beach stuff. Is it good?

That is really cool that the clarinet is 3rd generation. Musical genes must run in the family. :)

Joggerblogger said...

Well done :-)

Cool about your daughter! It's really great when they find something that they are talented with.

Joggerblogger said...

PS - Love the pic.

Rae! said...

The protein breakfast bars are not bad.That's all I have tried.They don't have a lot of junk in them,and lower calorie count.I just can't drop the weight!!!I do this everyday,today we will walk a mile.