Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Morning

Well today is a great day.It's going to be interesting today as well.Man is it warm today.I might put the top down on the car today while I do my running around.
Tonight is my daughter's spring band concert.All the hard work and practice is going to pay off.This summer is band camp.I haven't had to any of this since i was in school.Then Tuesday we have the awards dinner to go to.Black tie affair. Then Wednesday is my one year with Eric.That's so awesome.

Today is the light weights.Fat burning.Today is also my first day exercising the injured muscle.I will try not to over do.I will listed what I do later today.

We won't be taking the H.W. track out tonight due to the concert.I imagine we will go look for some tonight after the concert. :)

My daughter wants her friend to come with us and go to Disney on her birthday.I haven't done that And I don't know if I want to be responsible for someone else's child so far away from home.But I know they would have a lot of fun,the other parents are OK with it and want to get together and chat about this tonight.I think I will have her come over and spend the day with us first to make sure we all get along before I commit to this.Thoughts??? We have till the end of June. Before we decide.

Shin splints are cause by over use,and not having properly fitted shoes.I have been told by my doctor that I will go threw more shoes now training,than I would if I wasn't training.When your feet are not comfortable or start to hurt buy new shoes.I have had mine for 3 months and I need new ones,Eric is on his second pair.I have asics gels with extra support.#2120's. I may try the next pair above those.$89-$120 price range.I am going to the shop here to be fitted and go from there.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-Ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's world Kick in the Butt:
The pile of dishes in the sink can wait till the sun goes down.Your
tempo run can't.

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