Thursday, May 31, 2007

End of The Month

Good Morning.

I am going to go on about yesterday first.

S:grill cheese/ice tea
D:Spanish rice with sausage.Glass of milk
I had 5 bottles of h2o yesterday

Bike:random hills 20 min.6.67,cal.147
Ab. 30lbs 3@25
shoulder press: 20lbs 3@12
seated row: 60lbs 2@15
bi curl:20 lbs 3@15
tri. curl: 30lbs 3@15
tri press: 55lbs3@10
Treadmill: incline .5.20 min.,first 10 min. speed walking @3.9
last 10 min.,walking @3.5,1.15 miles,cal 144.And NO Pain!!!!!!!

I am working back up to the 4 miles,but I am doing it slower than I really would have.Then I realized last night that I first started out that I could not even walk at the 3.5 speed.It was too hard.I was light jogging at 3.9, now I'm speed walking at that speed.WOW! I didn't notice that before until Eric had pointed that out.I am glad he did.I needed that.I know I don't seem down,but going to the gym is a stress reducer for me.After a bad afternoon with my son,is draining.He was just having a low day yesterday.And it brings everyone down here in the house.

Today so far it has been an eye opener.I got on the scale,weighing in so I can see were I am at today since it is the last day of the month.I figured on not seeing any change.Well I did.I am excited.I was so surprised I had to move the scale and make sure it was zeroed properly.
I have actually lost 1.5 pounds!!!!I thought I was seeing things.No it moved.1.5 lbs.It finally moved ,5 months later it moved.I'm so happy.:) :) Crazy to get excited over but hey when you have gone as long as I have with out the scale moving it 's exciting!!!!

This is my shirt from the heart walk/run from March of this year.It was sponsor by the hospital I work at.This is the second year I went.My good friend and I raised $100.00 for the run/walk.It wasn't as good as the year before.Our team captian didn't show up and our sponsor didn't have a booth up.That was embarrassing.It was being televised and everything.I was to embarrassed to walk.Plus the other hospital bet us in the highest donations too.We all just left.Later we found out that they were making cut backs and that was one of the cuts.:( I don't think I will go next year.

Well to end this month,alot has gone on and I hope next month will bring on bigger and better things. I hope I can speed walk for the month of June and work back up to jogging by the end of the month.Will that count Joggerblogger for the run a day in June??

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Runner's World kick in the Butt:
"Learn to run when feeling the pain;then push harder"
William Sigei,Kenyan runner


londonjogger said...

well done rae! it's so motivating when those scales go down.

Joggerblogger said...

:-) Well done - roll on the Juneathon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great job. :)

You'll be ready for TOT before you know it. ;)

erock said...

Excellent job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Posted a comment in the worng place on your last post.

Anyway, wanted to know if you'd be interested in trying to do a Grand Gathering event in October. With your family, mine and joggerbloggers we should have enough to book one of the events. I think you need to be staying on property though.