Sunday, May 27, 2007

Agrr Ye Maties

Happy Sunday!!!

We rode bikes yesterday,and did the 4 miles in 22 minutes.That's against the wind,handle bars were to low,traffic was just horrible.We started off in good time,and lost a lot of time,when we hit the traffic.I don't want to do that anymore.It was scary.I have to find out if the gym is open tomorrow.

What a crazy day at work today.The day started off nice and then it just when south.:({I am so tired}Its pouring right now so there is not,going to be outings tonight.I think I am catching a cold or just allergies.

5:30a smoothie{banana,peanut butter,yogurt,protein,ice,OJ.
B:cereal,3/4 c,1/2c milk,OJ,yogurt.
L:kashi southwest chicken,salad,dressing,and hard boiled egg whites,tea
D: sausage,Annie's Mac /cheese,corn,tea.
Only half of my h2o today working on the last one now.

Happy Memorial Day!!! Thanks to all the troops!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!
C-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Create a blog where you post your daily mileage,then give out the Web address to your friends and family .Do you really want Aunt Ellen to ask you why you skipped your 4 miler on Wednesday?

Wow does that sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

Great advice about the blogging. Soooo true.

I posted a bit on DWT about staying in the theatre. Again, many thanks for the tip.

Rae! said...

No problem Kate that's what I like to do is get it out there to share!!!

Joggerblogger said...

blogs... ehm the only trouble with them is that you start chatting to people all over the globe ;-)

Rae! said...

Yeah that's cool.And you don't have to leave home.