Thursday, June 5, 2008

Training Home Front

I got my first e-training assignment today.
The work out part is kinda hard. Alot of it has to do with squatting and lunges and stuff like that. My knees are a little bit on fire, and I kinda did a push up. Close to it. E helped me get my arms where I needed them, and I was able to hold my self up. That was it. Hey it is a start. The right arm with the cursed carpal tunnel is a lot weaker that what it use to be. But this is progress for me. I can remember when I could hold my car keys in that hand. :) Isabeau also gives a mental assignment too. and when you sit down to think about it, you don't realize how long it has been, and where it started. This is going to be a real different journey. On Monday evening we have a chat session set up to do.9p. After work and just after I get home from work.

This is what I did today
push up: held myself up
crunches: 3 x15
jumping jacks: 30 x 2
fast squat: I had to go slow, and balance myself off the wall since I have a limited squat. {damn knees} 15 out of 25
alternating lunges: 10 I can not go to low or the knees complain.
mountain climbing: 30 x 2 with time in between them.
30 second holding plank: the first one was 10 seconds, and the second one was 15 seconds.
tricep dips on a chair 10. I didn't think I was going to be able to do these but I did. 10 x 2 with time in between.
My goal is to do a full push up.

I will do this all again for another 30 minutes. the goal for this week is to do 3 hours of exercise.
Tomorrow I will hit the gym and do some interval running on the tread mill. E thinks I can work up to running the entire Race for the taste and keep pace. So that is my new short goal for a race.
And today's calorie intake was 1365. I was under, but I was full and do not want anything else.
We weigh in on Saturday, and then I can have 2000 calories on Saturday too. :) To bad I will be at work.

Hi Isabeau and thanks fort taking me on. :) Yep she is from the Biggest Looser. She is the young lady who want s to pay it forward. Her web site is If you have my space she is on there too. Just like the rest of them.

Ok Team Voice this counts as Juneathon requirement. I didn't do any miles today, But I still kept moving. I do believe that is JB's requirement.

Team Voice Many Goals,One Voice!!!!


Princess Fee said...

Great workout!! I find it really hard to do lunges - it's the one thing that makes my knees cry out in pain... And my aim too is to one day do a full push up!

Will be interesting to see you go along with Isabeau's training - good luck with it all :D.

Joggerblogger said...

Nice one Rae :-) on the training and eating.

Juneathon from preston and I is to try and run each day (I'm aiming for 100%) but any motivation to work out, run, walk, x-train, bike or swim is 100% for me.

Keep up the great start.

See ya soon

DebWDW said...

It's so cool that you are training with a celebrity! So far I only do "girly" push-ups -- with knees on the floor and feet up. Will Isabeau let you do those, to work up to real push-ups?