Monday, June 30, 2008

Team Voice Challenge for July 2008 #7

> 10 minute light jog/fast walk warmup
> Repeat this set 3 times:
> 30 seconds mountain climbers
> 30 fast squats
> 50 bicycle crunches
> 10 pushups
> 10 minutes sprints- 30 seconds fast as you can, 30
> seconds walking
> Repeat this set 3 times:
> 10 chair dips
> 30 seconds jumping jacks
> 20 alternating lunges
> 30 seconds jump rope
> 10 minutes hill sprints- incline 6.0, fast as you
> can
> 30 sec/30 sec walking
> Thursday/Saturday Workout:
> Repeat set 3 times:
> 20 burpies-
> 30 seconds scissor kicks-
> 15 close-grip pushups (same as pushups, only instead
> of hands being shoulder-width apart, have hands
> close
> together
> Cardio Circuit: Repeat 3 times
> 1 minute jump roping
> 1 minute squat jumps-
> 1 minute butt kicks
> 1 minute high knees in place-
> 1 minute mountain climbers
> Repeat 3 times:
> 10 chair dips
> 30 crunches
> 30 reverse crunches (bring knees to your chest)
> 10 minute run, at a steady pace that you can

This is what I have been doing. And I have noticed I am getting better.Tomorrow is the new workout for the next 2 weeks. Alot of my training is going to be on the dreadmill. Since the humidity has become so high, I am unable to maintain an running pace. So training for running is strictly indoors.I will be putting in my miles, walking outside so I will stay acclimated to the outside weather.
Isabeau asked me yesterday what I want from her as a trainer for next month. I first didn't have an answer except for I want to get through the 2 mile wall.And her to keep helping me to loose the weight. Well long after that I thought of what I wanted from her as a trainer. I am waiting for a response. And I will let the cat out of the bag once I hear from her.

Team Voice Challenge for the Month of July is really easy. I am letting you pick your challenge for the month. And you report to everyone on the boards how you are doing,on a weekly basis. And if you want me to be there for tough love, let me know I can. I want you all to kick me in the butt if I slide.Send me a hey you!!! How is it today?? I make myself available 24/7 on yahoo. So if you need I am there. If I take a while to get back to you I am At work.
My goal for this month is to break the 2 mile wall. Running non stop.150 Push ups.Weigh 199!register for the RFTT 10k. Next week will be one month I have not had a cookie!!!!Or french fries!!!! So what is your goal this month?? Next month is whip cracking time for Mileage.Serious mileage. No rest mileage. See the video in the right hand side. I am planning to go see them run here in Clearwater in Nov. I want to know how he made the wheel chair.{hint}

OK so what is you challenge going to be???


Matt said...

I think I'm going to follow Chris' lead and try to do 100 miles this month with 2500 situps and 1000 pushups. Along with that, start strength training.

And YES I will need a good kick in the rump, so by all means feel free to "yell" at me anytime.

Rae! said...

You got it!!!! :)

MikeF. said...

Rae you are doing great. I like the July T.V. challenge. I am damn proud of what you have been accomplishing lately. Keep it up!

Chris said...

Long runs! That's my goal, going to up the mileage on every other to see what I can do. I think I'm shooting for a 12+ this weekend, 10 next weekend, another 12+ the following weekend, and round it out with the 10 mile "Blessing of the Fleet" race in Rhode Island on the 25th. :-) Going to tone down the mileage during the week a little to give my legs a breather as June was a little tough on them :-) Will ratchet it back up for August on the mileage and shoot for 100+ again.

Joggerblogger said...

Nicely does it Rae :-)

Not sure what my goals are yet - maybe more speed, and more strength training, also sort out my costume for MNSSHP.