Monday, June 2, 2008

Team Voice Challenge #6 2008

Ok I have been crunching numbers to make this challenge for everyone to do.

So for those first time runners : I mean fresh off the couch.
Pick a 1/2 mile route. Start walking it. walk it till you can have a full conversation. Then add in 30 second run, then walk for 2 minutes. Repeat, till you do the 1/2 mile. If you feel comfortable add a half mile the next week.

And Please make sure you have been fitted for shoes. This will help keep you from getting injury.

Now for the rest of us. Since this is June and the most of us know where we are with endurance and speed,and mileage.
Four days a week, or three days a week short runs/walks should be 4-6 miles.
4 Days a week:
4 miles =16
6 miles =24,
long run once a week: 10 miles
Total for the WEEK is
4 miles =26
6 miles =34
And on your off day you need to do some type of low impact cardio. Bike, elliptical.
Sit up and push up challenge let's take it up too 2000. Yep I typed 2000, not a typo.

It is time to get the longer runs in and become comfortable in them{over the next couple months}.It is going to be hard, but to keep a good pace we must start now being serious about getting to the finish line of the Races we all are going to be doing this Jan.09'

There is not going to be a Grand Gathering in Jan. 09'. They want to much information from all of us to do this. So we need to pick a spot and have a meet or dinner or do a ride.

And there is a lot of new and up coming things going on....

I did 2.0 miles yesterday in 30:27:19.
My calorie in take was 1484.

Team Voice you are the awesome!!

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Matt said...

Sweet Jesus! 2000 Sit/pushups!!! AGH!!! Oh well, I'll start them up when I get home on Sunday. Will this cover us for the Juneathon?