Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Work Out Plan #2

Here is what I have been doing for week #2 from my trainer.
1. 10 minutes,lightly jogging, 0 incline
2. 10 minutes, lightly jogging,3.0 incline
3. 10 minutes of Fast run for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 on side of treadmill.
4. 10 minutes lightly jogging, 0 incline.
Shoulder press
push ups 15
fast squats
alternating lunges
bicycle crunches
holding plank 30 seconds
tricep dips on chair
20 jumping jacks
mountain climber
30 x 3
for my weight I have been on a 1400-1500 calorie intake. That is Sunday - Friday.
Saturday is my 2000 calorie day. Let me say it is not easy to get all the calories in. A review of my old journal shows I was not eating enough for the body to burn the fat and get the metabolism up. Well it is working. I still use my WW eating habits and I have swore off cookies and Mac and cheese. I eat every three hours or as close as I can get. I feel better, I have more energy,and I am starting to run.

I am worried about the next trip to the World. How do I keep track?? That is the burning question I will be asking Isabeau on Friday when I get to talk to her. On my space Julie also from the biggest looser season #4 had a great blog post today on eating out. So this is my next challenge. To learn how to eat out.
And I am waiting on this week's work out. She said she was going to make it more intense.{ It all ready is}And Isabeau said week #3 is the hard week to dump weight. We will see.

So the miles I have been posting in the right hand corner, I have actually run those miles!!!!! Holy Cats!!! I still can't believe I do 5 push ups.:) 5!!!!

Today's training intervals I wasn't doing so well. I am wore out from work and I just couldn't do as well.We are unusually busy this time of the year. I hardly had time to sit down today. So my training was off.

5 push ups!!!! Cats!!


Joggerblogger said...

Sorry for not posting (work has and is really busy) - great work on the progress :-) looks like it's going great...See ya

Chris said...

My take on eating out....aside from doing your prep work (if you know where you're going) is more around convincing myself I'll enjoy the healthier food just as much as the "other" stuff. Case in point, I tended to order burgers while my wife ordered something healthier, like a salad. The salad came and looked better than my burger, not to mention I felt all sluggish and weighed down afterwards...After hitting my WW goal I've done very well with this for two years and never feel cheated when ordering a grilled carribean salad at Chili's instead of the big-mouth burger! LOL

Everyone is different though, find what your hang ups are about eating out and address them! The research prior to eating out always helps...even if you know what "themes" to order for good results...

Keep up the outstanding training, Rae!

DebWDW said...

That's an amazing workout. I think I'll copy it and try it this weekend.

Craig Wheeler said...

We ride all the scary coasters. I haven't met one yet that I didn't enjoy.

Cedar Point is an incredible park for coasters. Many of them were record holders of some sort when they were built...and there are two or three that consistently land on lists of the best coasters in the world.

I feel spoiled having such a great amusement park so close. And yet I'm so jealous of you having world-class theme parks in your back yard. I'd rather have Disney than Cedar Point, but Cedar Point would easily be my next choice.

MikeF. said...

Rae thank you so much for the frame. It looks awesome.