Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

Isabeau has made my intervals a whole lot more intense. I am going to give it a try. My right knee is a bit unhappy today. I may have to wear my brace.
Food intake was good. 1485.

My next short term goal is going to be running the Race For The Taste 10k. Yep I said running. That means my pace will be slower then E and he will run this race at his pace. SO he will finish way before me, But I will finish, and hopefully not at the end of the pack. Now my daughter wants to run too. Her pace is like mine at the moment.
So now we have to register for it. I will do that next week. That is 2 weekends before we go back to the World for nearly 10 days!!!!

IS anyone planning on going to Mouse Fest? Then the big day is coming. The full marathon is now 65% full.
OK we need to plan a meet on Saturday. Matt wants to plan one for packet pick up.
Why on Saturday,it is E's birthday. Same day as the half. :)
I do believe we will be there from Wednesday evening to Monday. I don't care what we do who we hang out with because we go the the World all the time. Oh yes my Dad will be there for the race. I can't believe it!!! And part of the October trip. Holy Cats!!

So how long are you going to be there??
We all should meet up do a safari one too..

Did you see what is coming out on Blu ray?? October Sleeping Beauty, and Nightmare Before Christmas!!!


Chris said...

Will this be yor first running 10k? Even if it isn't, that's great!! Once you know you can run the distance, then you'll have the confidence to work on times and such. :-)

Keep up the great work, Rae!!!

Joggerblogger said...

NBC rocks :-) have you seen sweeny todd yet? great music and a great film (not family friendly though...lots of blood).

I think we may be over on October ;-)

Wished we could be over and for the race in Jan...

Rae! said...

I have never ran a race ever!!! It would be my first!!!

Chris said...

No way! 1st running race! WooHoo! I totally know you can do this, Rae!

Michelle said...

That's great. Are you planning on running the 1/2 marathon too?