Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Junathon In Full Swing

There has been some add ons to the Monthly challenge. Deb suggested to add weight loss. The lighter we get the faster we all will go. She is right on this. So Women for this challenge weigh loss is 4 pounds,men 8 pounds. What is it going to hurt to be a looser??? LOL

I have added up the miles in the War of the Worlds here The Voice is at 8.57 miles, Stroller is at 9.9 miles to date. Jonathan I want 5 on Wednesday. :)

Training for me on the home front,
Program: variety
Time: 30
Miles: 2.08
Calories: 341

Program; random hills
Time: 20
Miles: 6.08

My calorie intake today is 1774. Oops I went over today. Isabeau said over is better. But I miss counted earlier and I went way over. I am waiting for my week One training. I started today.

I have been updating the Year Of A Million Miles ,look to the left and you will see it is getting up there. Also I thought I would put up a list of All Members of Team Voice. You will find it on the right there with Rae's Disney Page.

If you are planning to do any local races {HINT ,HINT} please let me or Deb know. So we can be there for you via internet!!! IM, mobile for support!!!

Team Full Speed Ahead!!!!


Princess Fee said...

Whilst I haven't been watching my weight particularly I'm going to try my best with this challenge - thanks for giving me a kick up the backside!

Am watching the War of the Worlds, too, with baited breath! And great training from you too, Rae!!

I've got a local race on Sunday, then possibly next Thursday, but we shall see with that one. Just 5ks but I figure they're great experience!

Rae! said...

This Sunday a 5k ,great!! Keep me posted!!

Chris said...

Stroller - 12 miles (2.1 tonight) ;-)

No races on my calendar till the end of July (10 miler in Rhode Island), but I'm looking to pick up a 10k if I can between now and then.