Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Did 3!!

I haven't posted in a couple days it has been a bit busy here.

Here is the menu for today.
Breakfast: 7:30a
light english muffin :100
Extra Lean turkey bacon {1}: 20
cheese: 70
oj 8 oz: 50
total: 240
snack 10a
greek yogurt: with half cup of berries and 1 tbsp of garnola: 150
pita chips: 3: 60
total: 211
lunch: 2p
2 turkey dods sliced : 90
bread 2 slices:80
cheese: 70
salad 2cups:30
fat free dressing:15
mustard: 5
total: 290
Dinner: 6p
yellow rice 1 c: 190
seasoned corn and black beans 2/3 c : 100
turkey sausage: 50
steamed califlower : 1/2 c: 24
total: 402
G2: 70
Snack: greek yogurt with fruit: 150
grand total: 1440
This is my new workout set by Isabeau.
10 minutes light jogging, 0 incline: speed 4.4,mile .70, calorie 106
10 minutes light jog, 3incline: started out at 4.4 then I went down to 3.9 at 2 min., then I went down to 3.5 at 6 min,for the rest. .62 mile,74 calorie
10 minutes, 0 incline, with 30 second sprints, speed 5.5,I did the whole thing with out slowing down.
10 minutes, light jog, 0 incline: started at speed 4.4, went to 3.9 at 2 min., and I sped walked the rest. My legs felt light jelly, but I was so excited!!!
shoulder press: 20 x3 at 20 lbs.
fast squats 30 x3
alternating lunges 20 x 3
bicycle crunches: 30 x 3
push ups : 3 I did 3!!!!!!
I also did the tri dips 10 x3
holding plank 30 seconds x 2
25 jumping jacks

Do you see I did push ups!!! I did 3!!! Holy Cats!!! I am soooooo happy!!!
Ok well gotta run work in the Am.


Princess Fee said...

Way to go! Go Rae, Go Rae!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

3 pushups is great! Really! You said the other day that you were only doing 1, right? Persistence, patience, and repetition. You'll be crackin' 'em out by the dozen in no time.

Also, agree that it's almost tougher to slow down when running at a certain pace, almost feels like your working harder, right?

Keep up the great workouts! Looking forward to reading more :-)

Basil said...

Nice Job Rae!! Sounds like your hand injury has really come a long way. I'm so happy for you!!

DebWDW said...

Congrats on the push-ups!