Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just a quick update. I did my new workout for the last week of the month. My right knee on the outside is hurting. So I have been wearing my brace and ice. I hope to have at least drop one pound on Saturday.
I have to say the Hungry Girl cook book is great!!! I found a pasta alternative,and it is pretty good. Plus I picked up the Biggest Looser cook book, great recipes in that too. So no reruns in meals for a while.
Calorie intake today was 1407.
And during my workout I have to do push ups.Well it is 10 x 3. But I have to do it in order. Well I did 10!!!!! In the first set. My son was rooting me on, and he got so excited when I did them. Then it came to do them again, well guess what!!!!! I did 10 again!!!! And here comes the last set. I did 10 again!!! Holy Cats I did 30 today!!! My son was so excited he had to have a high five. Then he surprised me and goes PRIDE!!!
Holy Cats!!!! I was so surprised he did that. I really needed that. :)
Oh yes I did my sprints at 5.7 and 6.0 speed today!!! I forgot my pencil so I didn't get all my mile markers tonight. And my gym was crowded!!!! That was a first.

Hey everyone!!! go over and give the Phat Disney Geek a big shout out!!!! He is a part of Team Voice and needs some Team support!!!!


I did 30!!! Sweet!!!!


Chris said...

PRIDE for sure! Congrats Rae! Yeeeah! Watch out now, the whole push up thing gets addictive!

Awesome on the speed work as well! Now that you know you CAN do're going to want to keep doing it. Did that to myself when I dropped my goal on average mile time to 9:30 from 10:30....I did it and was like..."that's not so bad" Was all in my head I think...

Keep up the great work, love reading your blog day in/day out to hear the constant success!

MikeF. said...

PRIDE!!!! Keep moving forward!

caballerofan said...


Too cool.

Nice work!

DebWDW said...

Wow, 30 AND 6.0 on the dreadmill?!! 6.0!!!!