Monday, June 30, 2008

Team Voice Challenge for July 2008 #7

> 10 minute light jog/fast walk warmup
> Repeat this set 3 times:
> 30 seconds mountain climbers
> 30 fast squats
> 50 bicycle crunches
> 10 pushups
> 10 minutes sprints- 30 seconds fast as you can, 30
> seconds walking
> Repeat this set 3 times:
> 10 chair dips
> 30 seconds jumping jacks
> 20 alternating lunges
> 30 seconds jump rope
> 10 minutes hill sprints- incline 6.0, fast as you
> can
> 30 sec/30 sec walking
> Thursday/Saturday Workout:
> Repeat set 3 times:
> 20 burpies-
> 30 seconds scissor kicks-
> 15 close-grip pushups (same as pushups, only instead
> of hands being shoulder-width apart, have hands
> close
> together
> Cardio Circuit: Repeat 3 times
> 1 minute jump roping
> 1 minute squat jumps-
> 1 minute butt kicks
> 1 minute high knees in place-
> 1 minute mountain climbers
> Repeat 3 times:
> 10 chair dips
> 30 crunches
> 30 reverse crunches (bring knees to your chest)
> 10 minute run, at a steady pace that you can

This is what I have been doing. And I have noticed I am getting better.Tomorrow is the new workout for the next 2 weeks. Alot of my training is going to be on the dreadmill. Since the humidity has become so high, I am unable to maintain an running pace. So training for running is strictly indoors.I will be putting in my miles, walking outside so I will stay acclimated to the outside weather.
Isabeau asked me yesterday what I want from her as a trainer for next month. I first didn't have an answer except for I want to get through the 2 mile wall.And her to keep helping me to loose the weight. Well long after that I thought of what I wanted from her as a trainer. I am waiting for a response. And I will let the cat out of the bag once I hear from her.

Team Voice Challenge for the Month of July is really easy. I am letting you pick your challenge for the month. And you report to everyone on the boards how you are doing,on a weekly basis. And if you want me to be there for tough love, let me know I can. I want you all to kick me in the butt if I slide.Send me a hey you!!! How is it today?? I make myself available 24/7 on yahoo. So if you need I am there. If I take a while to get back to you I am At work.
My goal for this month is to break the 2 mile wall. Running non stop.150 Push ups.Weigh 199!register for the RFTT 10k. Next week will be one month I have not had a cookie!!!!Or french fries!!!! So what is your goal this month?? Next month is whip cracking time for Mileage.Serious mileage. No rest mileage. See the video in the right hand side. I am planning to go see them run here in Clearwater in Nov. I want to know how he made the wheel chair.{hint}

OK so what is you challenge going to be???

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Final Totals For The Month

Before I get into my final weigh in for this month I have to say I had a bad mental day on Friday. I didn't do anything on Friday. I slept on and off all day. No exercise, I didn't even make my calories for the day.I made 962.out of 1400-1500.

Weigh in. Got up, went over and stood on the scale and I took a deep breathe and looked down. I thought it was off. So I adjusted the scale,made sure it was zero out.Got back on it and looked again. Sweet!!! I lost a pound and a half. So the total for the month is 9.5 pounds. I do not know what that is in stone. Maybe JB can tell me. Holy Cats!!! In a month !!! You can not wipe the smile off my face at work yesterday. Still can't.
I did my work out last night. I came closer to making my numbers. 1900 out of 2000.

Sine I am home while the gym is open.I have to go do my intervals. Chris go over to you Tube and type in Burpies and it will pull up all exercises for it. When Isabeau adds in new exercises, she sends me links from You tube to go with them.

We were talking last night, and we are thinking about buying a dreadmill. I don't want to pay more to go to a gym that is open later on weekends and they have a 30 minutes limit. So I will be shopping around. And I am looking for a bike stand so I can ride my bike in the house on the stormy days.

Small person has a birthday next week. She wants to go to Disney, but yet she wants to stay home and have a party so she can be with all her friends.We both worked this weekend so we can be off Friday- Sunday. SO she has to make up her mind what she wants to do. Tuesday is actually the day but, the weekend is easier to get off.

I will put out the Challenge for this month on Tuesday. And I will be getting my new work out too. My goal for this month is to try like h, e, double hockey sticks to get to 199. So I am going to work harder. And to break the wall and run my 2 mile route, non stop.

OK Team Voice!!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!! Byron, we all are here for you!!!

push ups: 67
weight -9.5
miles: 48.67 running miles.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Workout For The Month

Well this is it. I have one last work out for this month. I better make it count. I weigh in on Saturday early morning before I head out to work.
I did some exercises tonight I didn't think I could do. I was slow but I did them. Like burpies.Or squat jumps. close grip push ups. She wants 15 all I could do was 3. Still I did them. I can not jump rope knees just will not let me do it. I did 10 minutes on the dreadmill nonstop and I did .78 mile. Not bad. 13:38 mile. Tonight I felt like I could have ran more. My breathing was in tune and everything. This is even after a 12 hour day!!

Challenge for next month I have a couple ideas to add in. If you have any ideas let me know. We can add it in.
Listen to the show for some important Team News.
Well now we will be down to 5 months. Nervous yet?? Excited??? Oh I can not wait!!! That will also put me at 3 months till the 10k. :) Can't wait!!! But we have to. Grrrr....

Ok have a good day!!!
Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just a quick update. I did my new workout for the last week of the month. My right knee on the outside is hurting. So I have been wearing my brace and ice. I hope to have at least drop one pound on Saturday.
I have to say the Hungry Girl cook book is great!!! I found a pasta alternative,and it is pretty good. Plus I picked up the Biggest Looser cook book, great recipes in that too. So no reruns in meals for a while.
Calorie intake today was 1407.
And during my workout I have to do push ups.Well it is 10 x 3. But I have to do it in order. Well I did 10!!!!! In the first set. My son was rooting me on, and he got so excited when I did them. Then it came to do them again, well guess what!!!!! I did 10 again!!!! And here comes the last set. I did 10 again!!! Holy Cats I did 30 today!!! My son was so excited he had to have a high five. Then he surprised me and goes PRIDE!!!
Holy Cats!!!! I was so surprised he did that. I really needed that. :)
Oh yes I did my sprints at 5.7 and 6.0 speed today!!! I forgot my pencil so I didn't get all my mile markers tonight. And my gym was crowded!!!! That was a first.

Hey everyone!!! go over and give the Phat Disney Geek a big shout out!!!! He is a part of Team Voice and needs some Team support!!!!


I did 30!!! Sweet!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Monday { Updated}

Chris congrats on the half!!! What a great time!!! I hope you learn how your body is going to do. I want to give a really big shout out to Jonathan. He did a little over 5 miles!!!!! That is awesome!!! Keep it up!!! And you know what it doesn't matter who wins the mileage challenge, it is still a win win for everyone.

Well I am headed out to the gym and I am going to get on the dread mill and just run, run till I can not run any more.Well I did this out side and did the front half of the street with 1.43 runs, and the back half into the wind at one minute runs and did the 2.0 miles in 28 minutes!! Shaved off 2 min!! It is one of my trainers assignments. Then when I have to walk write the time down. Then I will be doing my intervals after that. Here is what I have been working on.
1. 5 minute warm up at 3.2,incline 5.0 : did this with no problem
2. 10 minutes light jog,incline 0 : ran the entire time .78
3.3 minutes light jog, incline 4,at same pace: 4.5 and one 30 second break
4.3 minutes light jog, incline 6: 4.3 with one 30 second break,.20
5. 3 minutes light jog,incline 8,slow pace a little: 3.9, one 45 second break, .19
6.10 minute sprints, as fast as you can, 30 seconds at a time,incline 8: 4 @ 4.3, and 5 @ 3.9, missed one due to my daughter falling off the TM
7.10 minute light jog,incline 0:7 min. 3.4, 3 min. 4.5
bicycle crunches,30 x 3
push ups 15 x 3

It is not easy ,but I can do it and it doesn't hurt so bad.
There is some Team Voice news that will be announced on AATM. SO stay tuned and listen to the show.

I rode my bike last night and did a fast 6 miles. We did it in 30 minutes. Had to fast, so we wouldn't get caught in a thunder storm.
It has been raining here everyday. Thunder storms, high winds. And it forces me in doors for all my exercise. :(

Saturday was a sad day for the NHRA. They lost a great driver.

I will update later! And post the name of the driver.I do not want to spell it wrong.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weighed In

Yesterday was weigh in day. Well I weighed in and I am up one pound. I do not know how or why but I am.
Isabeau said week 3 is the hardest. I believe her. I spoke to her on Friday. It will now be official that I will be running the Race for the Taste 10k. Most of my work is going to be on the dread mill.And once a week I am to see how long I can run non stop.On the days I can not get in the gym I can put in my miles.Like today, the gym closes early, I am at work.
Yesterday was a rest day. My floor closed at work and all the beds and people we had to move made my legs sore. Today I am one on one today. Sitting not on my feet.
Intake yesterday is 1978. Close as I could get to 2000.
I do not know if I will be doing any running during the half. I can speed walk.
So this week was plus one.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

Isabeau has made my intervals a whole lot more intense. I am going to give it a try. My right knee is a bit unhappy today. I may have to wear my brace.
Food intake was good. 1485.

My next short term goal is going to be running the Race For The Taste 10k. Yep I said running. That means my pace will be slower then E and he will run this race at his pace. SO he will finish way before me, But I will finish, and hopefully not at the end of the pack. Now my daughter wants to run too. Her pace is like mine at the moment.
So now we have to register for it. I will do that next week. That is 2 weekends before we go back to the World for nearly 10 days!!!!

IS anyone planning on going to Mouse Fest? Then the big day is coming. The full marathon is now 65% full.
OK we need to plan a meet on Saturday. Matt wants to plan one for packet pick up.
Why on Saturday,it is E's birthday. Same day as the half. :)
I do believe we will be there from Wednesday evening to Monday. I don't care what we do who we hang out with because we go the the World all the time. Oh yes my Dad will be there for the race. I can't believe it!!! And part of the October trip. Holy Cats!!

So how long are you going to be there??
We all should meet up do a safari one too..

Did you see what is coming out on Blu ray?? October Sleeping Beauty, and Nightmare Before Christmas!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Is In Your Frig??

I have been doing some research and I want to pass it on to everyone.

How many calories do you need??
weight calories
150 1050
160 1120
170 1190
180 1260
190 1330
200 1400
210 1470
220 1470
230 1610
240 1680
250 1750
260 1820
270 1890
280 1960
290 2030
300 2100

Here is a couple of recipes I have added in to my daily diet. Instead of sweets, I have this.

Peanut Butter Breakfast Banana Split
1 small ripe banana{ about 6'long}
1 tbsp reduced fat, artificially flavored sweetened Boston cream pie flavored yogurt.{WW is good}
2tbsp crunchy high fiber, low sugar cereal{ like grape nuts}

1. Place the banana halves in a small bowl or dish or shallow bowl, with cut sides facing inwards.
2.Spread peanut butter evenly over open banana. Spoon yogurt in the middle ,and top with cereal. Serve immediately.
1 serving, per serving 294 calories, 8 g protein, 7 g fats, 2g sat. fats, 3 mg chol., 5g fiber, 241mg sodium.

This is very tasty. And it takes care of the sweet tooth.
Here is another one.
Lox Of Muscle crips
2 tbsp fat free cream cheese{WW is already portioned out}
2 tsp fresh chopped dill
1/2 oz of salmon, finely chopped
2 fat free ryKrisp crackers
2 tsp finely chopped red onion
1. In a small bowl,combine cream cheese and dill, mix well. Gently stir in salmon.
2.Spread half of salmon mixture evenly over each cracker. Transfer to plate, and sprinkle with half of onion over each cracker. And enjoy.
serving size 1, per serving: 95 calories, 8g protein, 13g carbs, 1 fat gram, trace sat.fat, 6 mg chol.,3g fiber, 507 mg sodium.

I use less sodium salmon. Great mid afternoon snack.
I got these out of my Prevention Magazine with the Biggest Looser recipes.
I have more I will post later.

Also what we have been doing that helps is menu plan. We plan ahead what we are going to buy. Then when we get it all home we have been separating it, measuring it out, put the marinade on it, and then freeze it. It is a no brainer. It takes a little longer to put things away but it is well worth it. We have also been prepping you salads ahead of time and have it ready for the week. All of it. Who has that kind of time .Well make it. And you will be thankful you did. Plus label it.

It takes 18 days to start a habit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Work Out Plan #2

Here is what I have been doing for week #2 from my trainer.
1. 10 minutes,lightly jogging, 0 incline
2. 10 minutes, lightly jogging,3.0 incline
3. 10 minutes of Fast run for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 on side of treadmill.
4. 10 minutes lightly jogging, 0 incline.
Shoulder press
push ups 15
fast squats
alternating lunges
bicycle crunches
holding plank 30 seconds
tricep dips on chair
20 jumping jacks
mountain climber
30 x 3
for my weight I have been on a 1400-1500 calorie intake. That is Sunday - Friday.
Saturday is my 2000 calorie day. Let me say it is not easy to get all the calories in. A review of my old journal shows I was not eating enough for the body to burn the fat and get the metabolism up. Well it is working. I still use my WW eating habits and I have swore off cookies and Mac and cheese. I eat every three hours or as close as I can get. I feel better, I have more energy,and I am starting to run.

I am worried about the next trip to the World. How do I keep track?? That is the burning question I will be asking Isabeau on Friday when I get to talk to her. On my space Julie also from the biggest looser season #4 had a great blog post today on eating out. So this is my next challenge. To learn how to eat out.
And I am waiting on this week's work out. She said she was going to make it more intense.{ It all ready is}And Isabeau said week #3 is the hard week to dump weight. We will see.

So the miles I have been posting in the right hand corner, I have actually run those miles!!!!! Holy Cats!!! I still can't believe I do 5 push ups.:) 5!!!!

Today's training intervals I wasn't doing so well. I am wore out from work and I just couldn't do as well.We are unusually busy this time of the year. I hardly had time to sit down today. So my training was off.

5 push ups!!!! Cats!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

How Am I Doing?

So As it says how Am I doing?? Are you were you want to be for training?? Are you training at all?? Think about it.

Well I am doing good. I am not so sore as I was last week. I am waiting for my new Work out challenge from Isabeau. Hi girl!!!! Isabeau has been a great compass for me the last three weeks. And I want to thank her for this. She has gave me tools to use to to loose weight, get the arm stronger. And I am running intervals. Don't faint Mike. :)

Today calories 1485.
Lunges 20 x 2
tri dips 10 x3
bicycle crunches 20 x 2
jumping jacks 20 x 2
holding plank 30 seconds x 2
push ups 5

Well the drama here is high. And I wish it would go away. It is time consuming. :(
I am getting the itch to go to the WORLD.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Here is today's babble.
Breakfast 10:30a
oj: 50
turkey bacon x2 : 20
1 egg white: 30
total: 280
snack: 12p
grek yogurt
fresh berries
gronola: 150
Lunch: 2p
slice of home made pizza: 165
snack: 4:45p
cheese stick ww: 65
almonds 14: 55
total: 120
after workout G2: 70
Dinner: 7:30p
grilled turkey burger 3 oz: 110
cheese: 70
Parm. peppered sweet potato fries: 249
bruschetta eggplant: 79
total: 508
Snack: greek yogurt:
fresh berries
granoloa: 150
grand total: 1445
work out:
10 min. with no incline
speed 4.4 for the first 4 min.
the last 6 min., at 4.5
miles: .73
10 min. with 3.0 incline
speed 4.4 x3, speed 3.5 x2
miles: 65
10 minutes fast 30 seconds on and off
speed: 5.6
miles: .93
10 min., no incline:
speed 4.4 x3
speed 3.5 x3
miles: .63
Just adding the little extra made my legs feel like jelly.
I am having a hard time with the last 10. But I have noticed I am making progress.
I have some discomfort in my left calf today. The knees seem to be good today. Even after working out.
shoulder press with free weights 5 lbs: 20 x2
bicycle crunches: 20 x 2
lunges: 20 x 2
push ups: 5, Yes I typed 5!!!! I did 5 push up!!!! Holy Cats!!!!
squats: 20 x2
holding plank : 30 seconds x 2
jumping jacks 20 x 2
I have to work 12 hours tomorrow so It will depend on how the body is feeling if I do the treadmill after work.

This is what I have been doing. I didn't do the treadmill intervals on Saturday my right knee wasn't happy.
I think I have the bugs worked out of my home office pc and I can finish some of my open ended projects.

I have mailed out the frames from earlier in the year that I owe those who completes the challenge. I need an address.? Trying to catch up on the podcast.
Back to work in the am.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Loosing Again!!!!

There has been a laps in blogging again. I have been busy with work and working out.Kids!!!!

Thursday calorie count is 1355
Friday count is 1435
I have been doing the intervals Isabeau gave me. I am able to jog more in the incline ones, and the last ten I can jog more. My muscles are a bit sore, and my right knee is a little stiff. I feel great.

Today was my weigh in. I had to take a double take. I even got off the scale and got back on and had E come read it. It was shocking as all get out.
Last week I was 214, today I am 208!!! 6 more!! Holy cats!!! I mean Holy Cats!!!!!!

This morning My Mom did the Mile walk for the Blind. And had a pancake breakfast. She did the 1.75 in 30 minutes!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!! This is my Mom's first ever walk. With all her medical needs and stuff the Doctor gave her the ok and she did it!!!!

How is everyone doing?? I have to catch up. I am even behind in a show!!
Deb I hope you are having fun this weekend. I will send you the e-mail!!!

All right gotta do some reading here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Did 3!!

I haven't posted in a couple days it has been a bit busy here.

Here is the menu for today.
Breakfast: 7:30a
light english muffin :100
Extra Lean turkey bacon {1}: 20
cheese: 70
oj 8 oz: 50
total: 240
snack 10a
greek yogurt: with half cup of berries and 1 tbsp of garnola: 150
pita chips: 3: 60
total: 211
lunch: 2p
2 turkey dods sliced : 90
bread 2 slices:80
cheese: 70
salad 2cups:30
fat free dressing:15
mustard: 5
total: 290
Dinner: 6p
yellow rice 1 c: 190
seasoned corn and black beans 2/3 c : 100
turkey sausage: 50
steamed califlower : 1/2 c: 24
total: 402
G2: 70
Snack: greek yogurt with fruit: 150
grand total: 1440
This is my new workout set by Isabeau.
10 minutes light jogging, 0 incline: speed 4.4,mile .70, calorie 106
10 minutes light jog, 3incline: started out at 4.4 then I went down to 3.9 at 2 min., then I went down to 3.5 at 6 min,for the rest. .62 mile,74 calorie
10 minutes, 0 incline, with 30 second sprints, speed 5.5,I did the whole thing with out slowing down.
10 minutes, light jog, 0 incline: started at speed 4.4, went to 3.9 at 2 min., and I sped walked the rest. My legs felt light jelly, but I was so excited!!!
shoulder press: 20 x3 at 20 lbs.
fast squats 30 x3
alternating lunges 20 x 3
bicycle crunches: 30 x 3
push ups : 3 I did 3!!!!!!
I also did the tri dips 10 x3
holding plank 30 seconds x 2
25 jumping jacks

Do you see I did push ups!!! I did 3!!! Holy Cats!!! I am soooooo happy!!!
Ok well gotta run work in the Am.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Real Short

This is going to be short. I am at work!
I took a rest day Sunday.My body was so sore and I have a blister on the end of my middle toe.
Tonight is my first chat night with Isabeau.
Fernado I am so surprised you picked me! Holy Cats! I will get back to you on those questions.

Ok gotta run!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Am A Looser

No post yesterday. I fell asleep. we we so busy at work. I did some of the exercisees My trainer Isabeau gave me to do. I didn't even get in the food journal and stuff at all till tonight.

I weighed in yesterday.Ready?? Wanna know.......... I lost 3 pounds!!!!! In a week!!! I never done that before.I like this. E has been looking back over my older food journals from this year, and he said I wasn't eating as much as I am now. We have been more creative with our meals too.

Next week is going to be a busy week at work. We are up for our Magnet status review and they have been stressing everyone out. I will be able to get some over time. Maybe. That will make us #1 in the state.

Today was my 2000 day. I did 2027. I would be 183 short, or go 27 over. Isabeau said she rather be over not under.

We did 6.1 miles in 1:37:45. we picked up from the 1:44 we did the first time. :) We had a group of 4 tonight .My daughter and her friend went.My daughter wants to do the Princess half. I did my lunges,mountain climbers, tri dips, holding plank, squats,jumping jacks. Almost a full push up!! :) Girly ones. Almost. :)

Gotta get some sleep.

Deb I hope you are having fun at the World!!! Hug Mickey for me!!!!
Update: I fell asleep last night before I could drink my protein shake so I was 183 calories short yesterday!!! oops!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June a What???

Training today goes like this.
dread mill: today I started running intervals.I did three running intervals in the first mile.And in the second mile I did only two, and I raced walked the third interval. My breathing was taking over. In 30 minutes I did 2.0. Then I went and did 20 minutes on the star trac. Where it works the upper body. I did 10 minutes pushing and 10 pulling on random hills. Then I did the ab. curl at 90 lbs,100 times, and the abdominal 30 lbs, 2 sets of 25. And then I did the glute trainer,20 lbs, 10 each leg. later I did the lunges,and the tricep dips, and I did a wall push up,and I tried the girly push up again.I think My mind is keeping me from doing it. Then after dinner we went out and di 4.1 miles in 1:03:37.

Work in the Am. Then I have to get home change and go to the gym, since they close early.I have to weigh in Saturday morning before I go to work. eeeek!!! I am worried that I haven't lost anything. We all will see. Then I have to do 2000 calories on Saturday.That's a lot.
Today's intake was 1455. I didn't go over or under!!!!

Deb have a safe trip!! Lucky girl you. Disney bound.I will try to get up there for the last weekend you are there.

We have another new member form Dis Friends. Zen Disney!!! Welcome!!!
Gotta get some sleep!!!

Training Home Front

I got my first e-training assignment today.
The work out part is kinda hard. Alot of it has to do with squatting and lunges and stuff like that. My knees are a little bit on fire, and I kinda did a push up. Close to it. E helped me get my arms where I needed them, and I was able to hold my self up. That was it. Hey it is a start. The right arm with the cursed carpal tunnel is a lot weaker that what it use to be. But this is progress for me. I can remember when I could hold my car keys in that hand. :) Isabeau also gives a mental assignment too. and when you sit down to think about it, you don't realize how long it has been, and where it started. This is going to be a real different journey. On Monday evening we have a chat session set up to do.9p. After work and just after I get home from work.

This is what I did today
push up: held myself up
crunches: 3 x15
jumping jacks: 30 x 2
fast squat: I had to go slow, and balance myself off the wall since I have a limited squat. {damn knees} 15 out of 25
alternating lunges: 10 I can not go to low or the knees complain.
mountain climbing: 30 x 2 with time in between them.
30 second holding plank: the first one was 10 seconds, and the second one was 15 seconds.
tricep dips on a chair 10. I didn't think I was going to be able to do these but I did. 10 x 2 with time in between.
My goal is to do a full push up.

I will do this all again for another 30 minutes. the goal for this week is to do 3 hours of exercise.
Tomorrow I will hit the gym and do some interval running on the tread mill. E thinks I can work up to running the entire Race for the taste and keep pace. So that is my new short goal for a race.
And today's calorie intake was 1365. I was under, but I was full and do not want anything else.
We weigh in on Saturday, and then I can have 2000 calories on Saturday too. :) To bad I will be at work.

Hi Isabeau and thanks fort taking me on. :) Yep she is from the Biggest Looser. She is the young lady who want s to pay it forward. Her web site is If you have my space she is on there too. Just like the rest of them.

Ok Team Voice this counts as Juneathon requirement. I didn't do any miles today, But I still kept moving. I do believe that is JB's requirement.

Team Voice Many Goals,One Voice!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Junathon In Full Swing

There has been some add ons to the Monthly challenge. Deb suggested to add weight loss. The lighter we get the faster we all will go. She is right on this. So Women for this challenge weigh loss is 4 pounds,men 8 pounds. What is it going to hurt to be a looser??? LOL

I have added up the miles in the War of the Worlds here The Voice is at 8.57 miles, Stroller is at 9.9 miles to date. Jonathan I want 5 on Wednesday. :)

Training for me on the home front,
Program: variety
Time: 30
Miles: 2.08
Calories: 341

Program; random hills
Time: 20
Miles: 6.08

My calorie intake today is 1774. Oops I went over today. Isabeau said over is better. But I miss counted earlier and I went way over. I am waiting for my week One training. I started today.

I have been updating the Year Of A Million Miles ,look to the left and you will see it is getting up there. Also I thought I would put up a list of All Members of Team Voice. You will find it on the right there with Rae's Disney Page.

If you are planning to do any local races {HINT ,HINT} please let me or Deb know. So we can be there for you via internet!!! IM, mobile for support!!!

Team Full Speed Ahead!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Team Voice Challenge #6 2008

Ok I have been crunching numbers to make this challenge for everyone to do.

So for those first time runners : I mean fresh off the couch.
Pick a 1/2 mile route. Start walking it. walk it till you can have a full conversation. Then add in 30 second run, then walk for 2 minutes. Repeat, till you do the 1/2 mile. If you feel comfortable add a half mile the next week.

And Please make sure you have been fitted for shoes. This will help keep you from getting injury.

Now for the rest of us. Since this is June and the most of us know where we are with endurance and speed,and mileage.
Four days a week, or three days a week short runs/walks should be 4-6 miles.
4 Days a week:
4 miles =16
6 miles =24,
long run once a week: 10 miles
Total for the WEEK is
4 miles =26
6 miles =34
And on your off day you need to do some type of low impact cardio. Bike, elliptical.
Sit up and push up challenge let's take it up too 2000. Yep I typed 2000, not a typo.

It is time to get the longer runs in and become comfortable in them{over the next couple months}.It is going to be hard, but to keep a good pace we must start now being serious about getting to the finish line of the Races we all are going to be doing this Jan.09'

There is not going to be a Grand Gathering in Jan. 09'. They want to much information from all of us to do this. So we need to pick a spot and have a meet or dinner or do a ride.

And there is a lot of new and up coming things going on....

I did 2.0 miles yesterday in 30:27:19.
My calorie in take was 1484.

Team Voice you are the awesome!!