Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a Day!!!!

Late day today and come home to a mess. No one here, E not sleeping to be ready for work tonight.
Yes work all night ,plus he worked all day today. :( Kids do not understand and they take it up a level,I won't sleep well, this is the way it is going to be through next week.:( I worry about him driving on next to no sleep. :(

I am tired long day of complaining. People come in to the hospital to receive help and get well.Instead they just stay in bed and complain. :< Then the ones that weigh 500-600 pounds want to know why the become so fat,and why they need this stomach surgery,and they want to know why we can't hold them up?!?! Hello 500 pounds,you should have stopped eating!!!!!My waist is the size of your arm and you want to know why I can't hold you up??????? {scream} { are you kidding me?!?} :0 plus Holiday season, that brings out the people that want to kill themselves. OH my the fun begins!!!!

Then you get the almighty family that knows all. The ones that think we are dumb.we are the ones who went to school for the education,and some have Masters and bachelor's degrees. Then if the family member codes,and we can not bring them back,oh boy, the screaming and the yelling,and then I have to come home to I do not do enough. :( Ungrateful kids.{ not all the time} That starts a new ball rolling.{ugh}{ deep breath}

So I just needed to vent.{thank you for reading}

No walking tonight.I am sore from the gym and work. I have to do 2 miles tomorrow no matter what.

B: oatmeal, OJ
coffee on ride to work
B: bagel with light cream cheese,fat free yogurt 1c,ice tea.
D: some baked fires with cheese,salad. Ice tea
S: cup hot tea with honey

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice!


caballerofan said...

Hi there,

Sometimes a person just needs to vent. I have done that at work a few times. Let's just say I did not gain any points for doing so.
Personally I don't mind. Go ahead and let off some steam.

I have heard that it is easy to spot America's overseas, because as a culture we tend to be overweight.

Did you happen to catch Inside Edition last night?

They had a young girl on the show that was taken away from her mother, because at age 8 she weighed over 400lbs. I Could hardly wait for them to show the mother.
Yep, overweight.

The girl was placed in a foster home and has lost most of that weight through diet and exercise. According to the story she is back home now. Mom looks the same. I'm worried about that child. One can only hope and pray that her mom will find the motivation to bring a lasting lifestyle change into their home, that will benefit them both.

I am thankful that we have this little support community going. I have been so inspired by Jonathan, Byron,and yourself.
Your support has been wonderful.

We'll get through it, one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae. The work sounds very stressful. I admire you for doing your job and helping all those people.

I'm sure that sick people and their families are not always the nicest people since they are also very stressed.

I guess it makes it extra important for you to find something magical in your life to help reduce the stress.

For me, I know that working out and eating well helps a lot. As well as planning my next trip to you know where. ;-)

They may not be able to say it, but THANK YOU for taking care of them and helping so many people everyday.

I have found you to be an incredibly loving and giving person. It makes you very special. :-)

Joggerblogger said...

Sounds like a rough day - it's good to vent. I know that my blog (and all the people that read it) have helped me through one the roughest periods in my life.

I hope that E gets to work and back safe - must be a worry. He is a top guy :-D and I echo what Kate says about you.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady... take it easy... remeber there is always sunshine after the dark night so sleep easy and rest assured that you will wake to a brighter, nicer and cheerful day... :)