Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Team Voice

Thanks Jeff!!! That is so cool!!!! If you go over and look in the show notes at All About The Mouse you will see a picture of me and E. We had on our shirts!!!!!

I was asked yesterday How To join Team Voice. Before I answer that question I want to introduce the original mouseketeers. Jonathan, Me, Kate and Jeff.

How to join.
Well that is a very good question Michelle.
1.Be Committed to life changing exercise,take on some of the challenges we create.{so far I am in last place in the last challenge}
2. Blogging even leaving comments is awesome
3. The love for Disney. Don't forget where it all started. It started with a mouse,and a man with a dream. Kinda like Jonathan. He wants to change his life style with exercise and weight loss,maintain it,do some really cool Disney things,and grant a wish or two along the way.
Any money that we raise will go to Jonathan, in turn he sends it to Lou over at www.,and it goes to Make A wish to send a child with a terminally ill child to Disney.
4. The Main goal is the 2009 half Marathon at Disney.

I believe that is what brought all of us together. The man, and a mouse and a dream.
Does that sum it up? Any thing any one would like to add?? Please do.

Today was steady busy at work. My legs are sore so no training today.My right calf/shin/knee is not to happy today. Tomorrow we will be going to a local running shop to be fitted for shoes.

I did 2.5 miles yesterday in 38: 05:45.How is that??? I put in 2 runs and did all speed walking after that{ that goofy walking}. E now believes I can do way better at speed walking than running.I was able to control my breathing and keep my pace. {big grin} So now that is what I will be working on. Speed walking.

B: bagel (2),egg whites(1),super greens (2)
coffee on way to work
B: oatmeal(2),yogurt,(2),cocoa(2)
L: turkey blt wrap,blue chips,2 sugar free cookies,I do not know the points I will find out.
D: turkey wrap Will find out.

I will join Weight Watchers in Jan.08. Still looking in to the personal trainer, to help get me kick started. I have a green light from the doctor,and I have bought a garmin forerunner 50. It will track everything I do,and gps.

One week from Friday We will be at Disney meeting everyone at Ak!!!!! I am so excited!!!!
and we will be having our first Team Voice gathering,Awesome!!!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:
I've always maintained that you can't just coast, if you do, you go backwards. It's just a slow way of liquidating... Let's do anything to get some action, you see?

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Team Voice 09'

Oh yes and 2008 is the last year for the Minnie Marathon weekend. :(


caballerofan said...

Speed walking is a great choice. If you go back and listen to Mike Scopas first visit on AATM he says that many people do the half by speed walking. His point was that some people find it more comfortable. He also mentioned that some people speed walk faster than others jog. So if you can do that and maintain the pace requirements cool. The point is do what ever works best for you. Perhaps later you will put jogging back in the mix. Perhaps not. Either way it's ok.

Just keep swimming just keep swimming.

mgreene said...

I think you'll enjoy the Garmin. Especially the function that keeps track of pace. I wouldn't give up on the running. My suggestion would be to get off the hard asphalt (and sidewalks, which are much worse) and get onto trails! Not only is the impact much less, but the uneven terrain strengthens all your lower extremities (calves, ankles, etc.) This is why I think Jonathan is going to have a problem by doing so much treadmill running in an essentially "lab" environment. I have done 60+ minutes on treadmills before - man I was bored out of my mind! I'd rather run in the rain or cold (snowy tundra?) than do that.

Rae! said...

I am going to do the speed walking for now.I am not giving up on the running. I want to run,but I am doing what doesn't hurt right now. E and his Dad use to speed walk 8.5 minute miles.

To do trails here I will have to look on line and see which parks have them that are not paved.

Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the miles :-D

The time is counting down quickly for you, wished we could meet up with you all in AK!

Have a great weekend.